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Topic #8866475
CruiseCritic - Sheila washes hands and goes back to boatroom - gets into bed, turns her light back off 0 Replies #8866475 11:18AM 20/04/2008
and under the covers.......
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Topic #8866523
CruiseCritic - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8866523 11:22AM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8866525
Laura - flames all feeds NT 0 Replies #8866525 11:22AM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8866748
echo - ryan and sheila up in kitchen getting coffee, ryan tells sheila that 0 Replies #8866748 11:44AM 20/04/2008
the sound was messed in his room last night and he kept bitch into his mic, then tried several times to get into dr, he thinks they were all sleeping
sheila also says the boys were up again all night

ryans bitchin they were told they are goin on an all day lock down and ryans bitchin about it, sheila tells him to relax

ryans gonna sleep all day

adams up in kitchen now

sharon changin batteries

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Topic #8866775
echo - sheilas req adam make them all a great breakfast like yesterday 0 Replies #8866775 11:46AM 20/04/2008
ryan outside in the sun w coffee, (lock down to start soon) planes heard over head

sharon in wc brushing teeth

sheila now in wc too

ryan outside on lounger sipping his cup of joe, relaxin in the sun while he can

sheila now in shower

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Topic #8866801
echo - ryans quite outside alone, adam joins in wc washing hands 0 Replies #8866801 11:48AM 20/04/2008
heads outside to join ryan

ryans laughin
adam says ***** her man , saying sheila was bitchin and called her a ***** bitch, ***** her dude , shes goin home in 3 days, lighten up ...adam goes back inside
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Topic #8866846
echo - the girls in wc talk about the guys being up late and very loud 0 Replies #8866846 11:54AM 20/04/2008
they woke sharon up, sheila says those 2 are a nightmare

ryans quiet alone outside
cant see adam now on feeds

adam back outside sayin they are both talkin mad ***** on me dude

adam has joe and lays on lounger next to ryan
adam says sheilas goin home bro
ryan says shes a constant ***** talker

adam says everything doesnt revolve around sheila, ryan says why does she think like that dude

sharon comes outside to join boys

they bitch about all day long inside lockdown
sharons wondering what they will be doin
sharon joins ryan on the lounger
ryan says we have already had lucxury we arent doin food, so what they hell is goin on
this sucks dude, i hate this dude, no grill dude
adam said they are starting dr in 20 mins
sharon wonders when pov cerm is , usually at 11 or 12
(ed all three are very confused)
sharons guesses maybe tomorrow is pov cerm

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Topic #8866881
echo - adam all day dude, ryan yep wtf dude? ryan guessing they will be building 0 Replies #8866881 11:57AM 20/04/2008
for some crazy ***** for wed
sheila still in shower
sharon thinks if they hear bangin and clangin they know they are building something big

sharons gonna get ready once lockdown starts
they reflect on alex droppin down on the floor to do crunches in the middle of a convo

sheila out in robe with towel on her head
they discuss the wake up tunes in by

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Topic #8866897
echo - adam says they are gonna be stuck in the a/c house without sunlight 0 Replies #8866897 11:58AM 20/04/2008
(ed julie said at the beginning of this season there was no ac in the house this season)

adam says great time for bible study later

bb announces indoor locked down

the boys bitch as they head inside
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Topic #8866900
Laura - BB Hg'S please go inside this is a lockdown NT 0 Replies #8866900 11:59AM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8866918
echo - ryan up in hoh, says he needs to shave his balls (ed lmao) 0 Replies #8866918 12:01PM 20/04/2008
sheila in wc downstairs hair wet noone else on feeds
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Topic #8866946
echo - sheila puttin on makeup, ryan blowin his nose numerous times as 0 Replies #8866946 12:04PM 20/04/2008
he stares in hoh wc mirror, he shaves

sharon back in wc ready to shower, sheila says adam is ***** idiot and shes sick of it
adam joins ryan in hoh says he hates sheila
ryan doesnt she realize ur the only vote, shes gone mad, adam says its her hormones, ryans sick of all her excuses

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Topic #8866980
echo - ryan shavin as he and adam chat, ryan wants to know if her reported the robbery 0 Replies #8866980 12:06PM 20/04/2008
last night, adam thinks someone stole smokes from him

they make fun of sheila bitchin about adam makin them breakfast
adam says im gonne cont to be a dickhead dude
hes tired of her attitude
ryan says sheila will cry

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Topic #8867023
echo - the boys talk about missing espn, ryan says he misses espn way MORE then jen 0 Replies #8867023 12:09PM 20/04/2008
ryan shows his huge bag of jerky to adam, says jen hooked him up with treats

adam says only 10 more days dude

ryan pointing out the treats that remind him of jen
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Topic #8867047
echo - ryan tells adam that jens dad works as a sales rep for keebler 0 Replies #8867047 12:11PM 20/04/2008
adam says sheila was bitchin about him calliun her a bitch and he says if u act like that i will call you that
he also tells ryan her actions are makin it easier for him to kick her ass out
ryan says your outta here
adam req they have a cracker cheese party later ryan agrees
adam goes down to see if they are bangin outside ryan still shavin
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Topic #8867063
Laura - Ryan just said shelia is the queen Bit@h 0 Replies #8867063 12:12PM 20/04/2008
adam said its making it easier for me to get shelia out
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Topic #8867078
echo - adam pops into wc for amin, sheila still puttin on makeup 0 Replies #8867078 12:14PM 20/04/2008
sharon says she needs 3 more secs in shower
adam says no worries take ur time
adam brushes teeth
all quiet now except the water running
ryan alone in hoh wc still
sharon out of shower in towel
adam horks in sink(ed ewww)

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Topic #8867095
echo - adam gettin into shower, sheila blowdryin hair, sharon in bra 0 Replies #8867095 12:16PM 20/04/2008
and towel on hair and shorts on
ryan in hoh wc shavin his neck and cheeks

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Topic #8867109
Laura - ryan shaving in hoh....shelia blow drying hair, adam trying to get something out of 0 Replies #8867109 12:18PM 20/04/2008
cabinet and shelia said cant you say excuse me...adam said excuse me he got a towel and wash cloth adam taking shower now...sharon just finished not to long ago with her shower she getting ready now
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Topic #8867164
Laura - flames on all feeds NT 0 Replies #8867164 12:21PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8867180
Laura - feeds back on sharon and shelia getting ready....ryan go to the DR NT 0 Replies #8867180 12:23PM 20/04/2008
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Topic #8867194
echo - sheila bitchin to sharon about adam, adams out of shower and wc now, 0 Replies #8867194 12:24PM 20/04/2008
she says shes not shackled to adam anymore and is not kissin his ass for his vote
she will not put up with his crap no more
sharon curlin eye lashes, as sheila says adam satrted the day off callin her a bitch
we get flames
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Topic #8867336
echo - sharon still blowdryin hair, ryan came in and peeked into mirror at 0 Replies #8867336 12:34PM 20/04/2008
bb crew, all feeds now on sheila in her br glasses on lookin at her mug
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Topic #8867376
echo - boys in kitchen, adam cuttin strawberries , puttin cream chees in a bowl 0 Replies #8867376 12:37PM 20/04/2008
ryan says should we add sugar ?...mash it dude
adam says its a custom blend, first time for everything

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Topic #8867454
echo - they pile the strawberry cream cheese onto bagels 0 Replies #8867454 12:42PM 20/04/2008
adam washin dishes
ryan guesses theres no pov meetin since they are on all day indoor lock down
adam says that was good little treat ryan agree
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