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Topic #8902066
saskwatch - S in front of shower; A cooking waffles and R in DR NT 0 Replies #8902066 10:46AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902082
saskwatch - Sheila in wc with back to Adam, in bra and panties and Adam in wc washing hands and peeking again. Adam back to k NT 0 Replies #8902082 10:47AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902134
saskwatch - R out of DR says doing goodbyes today. NT 0 Replies #8902134 10:49AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902139
cindytexas - Adam is scraping mutilated waffles off the cooker. lol NT 0 Replies #8902139 10:50AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902144
saskwatch - Ry says he had to say gb to Adam and Big Sheil again. 0 Replies #8902144 10:51AM 22/04/2008
And that Adam will have to do the same. Both boys now saying how she's out.
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Topic #8902156
saskwatch - Adam ?'s whether R really said gbs. R says Y do U think that is. NT 0 Replies #8902156 10:51AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902169
BBFanChelle - Sheila is in the shower. Ryan and Adam in KT. Adam making breakfast. NT 0 Replies #8902169 10:52AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902173
saskwatch - Adam says other side of waffle is better. R asks if that's S waffle and they both laff. Adam says I guess so NT 0 Replies #8902173 10:52AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902184
saskwatch - Adam says "throw it out, this biotch" (waffle maker) Ryan says he's done with goodbyes .. last gb NT 0 Replies #8902184 10:53AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902230
saskwatch - Band and waffle talk ... i;e diff b/w wafffles and pancake; Adam says more milk. More Sheila comp ability bashing 0 Replies #8902230 10:56AM 22/04/2008
Sheila asks how waffles come out.. they say good. adam says yours don't look so hot, but they're good. Tells S Ryan just said final gbs. She says thanks, appreciate it. Adam says Wed is final eviction, he thinks and Sunday, they'll know who wins
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Topic #8902256
saskwatch - Sheila, still in wc.. More waffle talk. A says, strawberries in batter makes it. NT 0 Replies #8902256 10:57AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902276
saskwatch - Adam doing "beebees". and feeding them. adam says they don't like him much they're afraid of mo cheeks. ry says sheila did u forget to feed them. 0 Replies #8902276 10:59AM 22/04/2008
she says yeah.
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Topic #8902285
saskwatch - S says A's waffles turned out better than the slop waffles. NT 0 Replies #8902285 11:00AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902293
saskwatch - Guys belching... "good stuff" "not bad at all" Ryan going to do some situps and pushups. NT 0 Replies #8902293 11:00AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902303
saskwatch - S says R is addicted. Didn't catch to what. R says thanks sheila, didn't think I'd pick up a new addiction in bb house. NT 0 Replies #8902303 11:01AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902316
JayNation - Ryan was thanking Sheila for his new-found addiction to coffee NT 0 Replies #8902316 11:02AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902332
saskwatch - Adam says Hank is on vacay. Ryan made up Hank as Ballers chill name. S asks who's goiing out today in comp. Mo or Hank. Adam doesn't know. 0 Replies #8902332 11:03AM 22/04/2008
S says waffles are good. A now saying Alex didn't make great waffles. S says he had to cook for 14 people. A says that's the Italian in him.
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Topic #8902343
saskwatch - Adam says well Sheila, one of us is leaving... me, you or Ryan. R says u don't get to celebrate F3 very long. NT 0 Replies #8902343 11:04AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902351
saskwatch - A goes thru scenario leading to F2 and says to S, "Stay packed lady!" NT 0 Replies #8902351 11:05AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902372
saskwatch - R says you have to thank A for yesterday S. She says I know. S says she knew that R would keep noms same when he wouldn't look her in the eyes and 0 Replies #8902372 11:07AM 22/04/2008
her fate laid in Adams hands. S says well I thank you to R cuz you could have changed things. Says I love you Rybread.
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Topic #8902421
saskwatch - S loves the whole 70's clothing look which is why she shops at thrift stores. S asks whether guys 0 Replies #8902421 11:10AM 22/04/2008
think James will have a pink tuxedo and mohawk at the wrap party. Says she can totally see him in it. A says where's he going to get it. R sarcasm, "I don't think so, dude!"
More Alex bashing.. Sheila says they're jealous. Sheila says it has been 3 months guys.. and I am human. ry says he thinks s must be a nympho on the outside. S says you'll never know Ryan. (LOL)
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Topic #8902486
saskwatch - S surprised they haven't come on and said something about the comp. Ryan doing dishes. R asks if she means if BB will let us know whats going on 0 Replies #8902486 11:15AM 22/04/2008
today. S says she didn't sleep well, cuz she was shocked they kept her. Asks R if S was shocked at her eviction.. he says he thinks so.
Adam says you must say your goodbyes 1st Bronson cuz you're guaranteed.
Ry asks if Mo cheeks just got gangsta in the toilet.. cuz he has to go in there.
Sheila says Sharon was convinced she was staying. She was happy and dancing around. Ryan says she's like that all the time.. Sheila says that not usually, sharon is usually really quiet before eviction. Ryan says, "Sorry Hoops"
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Topic #8902506
saskwatch - Adam and Sheila whispering. Sheila says the fact that you convinced him is amazing. Adam says I told you. They both think R is a good dude. NT 0 Replies #8902506 11:16AM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8902529
saskwatch - S says people have literally throw their partners under the bus... James didn't even give Chels a pity vote. Adam to DR. He says Bye Sheila.. She 0 Replies #8902529 11:17AM 22/04/2008
says bye, give me lots of love - in his gb message, I think.
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Topic #8902558
saskwatch - Adam in DR. Ryan in toilet. Sheila puttering in kitchen NT 0 Replies #8902558 11:19AM 22/04/2008
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