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Topic #8911185
saskwatch - Sheila finished putting towels away and is brushing teeth now. boys still exercising... no ciggies, dog.. adam says. NT 0 Replies #8911185 8:40PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8911504
WVpdles - Adam/Ryan in BY, planning tomorrow, Adam promises to throw the comp but if by some fluke he wins he promises to take Ryan NT 1 Replies #8911504 9:01PM 22/04/2008
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WVpdles - Adam - I'm gonna bomb the comp, bomb it. Ryan - I'm gonna try my hardest. Just as long as we're picking each other, just worried about incase. #8911519 9:03PM 22/04/2008
Adam - I'm fully willing to say sorry babe but i'm picking my bro.
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Topic #8911786
crateriko - Sheila/Ryan/Adam chatting about what has happened during the game since it started. NT 0 Replies #8911786 9:22PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912116
JLPrinzess - In the past 20 minutes,.. we've seen Adams butt as he was getting in the shower 0 Replies #8912116 9:46PM 22/04/2008
ryan folded clothes and took them into the boat room. Adam showered.

Someone (maybe dr) asked Sheila if she was defeated.

Adam also picked Sheila up.

BB: Ryan put on your mic
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Topic #8912117
cannotsleep - Adam to Sheila talking about he and Ryan being bros: "We're stronger than Will and Mike Boogie, my darling" NT 0 Replies #8912117 9:46PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912303
cannotsleep - Sheila says the DR was asking her why she's so defeated, she knows there's no need to campaign because of the "bros." Sheila says she needs 0 Replies #8912303 10:09PM 22/04/2008
some Tylenol PM with the bros trying to get up on her. Adam and Ryan making references saying 2 dicks one chick... Sheila says no.

They've figured out that Sunday is the finale. But they don't think there was a show tonight.

Sheila says giving birth was a lot easier than this experience, 4 hours natural, no drugs. She says this is the most stress she has ever been under in her life. Now saying they think she'll be heading to New York tomorrow, first-class. Sheila saying first class is totally worth it. You get food, bigger seats, etc.

Sheila keeps talking about leaving, and Ryan says Baller probably looks more in these mirrors than anyone else.

Now Sheila says she knows a lot more about basketball than they think she does, they'll find out later, now saying she dated the son of the owner of an NBA team... flames. Ryan says you would've been set up, part owner of the Lakers... flames again.

Sheila says I can't talk about anyone, I get in trouble. I can only talk about Jorge (ed. Georg, her ex-boyfriend who is a Finnish rock star). Adam says Sheila has been with some big names. Now Adam says what a great time it is to go out with him, that Adam has fun.

Ryan is going to hang out in L.A. for a few days after. Does not want to hang out with Sharon though, because of her stories, then says but Sharon's a nice girl. Sheila says Jen will be there and they'll have fun. Adam says that he and Ryan can crash on Sheila's couch, that Jorge will love that.

Ryan says whatever happens Sheila, your career is jump-started. Adam says she will have a huge fan club, and they say she has inspired women across the country. Sheila says she will go down in history as the oldest woman that has ever been on Big Brother. She does have that.

She says they were the most dysfunctional cast ever, because of the couples. Sheila denying that she and Adam stayed together. Discussing which HGs would throw their partners under the bus.

Adam says Allison over thought this game, Ryan says she ruined his game. Ryan says he did have the whole Jen thing, but that Allison really messed everything up, that he had to work so hard because Allison ruined everything.
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Topic #8912317
Ashleee - Ryan, Adam Sheila talking about jen and Parker being paired together. How Jen thought she was queen "B/$hit" NT 0 Replies #8912317 10:10PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912355
Ashleee - Ryan running in the backyard-inside Sheila is campaigning to Adam for her to stay if he wins 0 Replies #8912355 10:13PM 22/04/2008
She throws in the single mom card and brings up Ryan winning a luxury competition. Sheila said that Ryan has 20yrs. to make the amount of money she is about to. She says that she deserves to be here as much as ryan does and she states that she may not have won as much stuff as Ryan but she has done other things (ed.what?)
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Topic #8912372
Ashleee - Sheila says she is not guilt trippin Adam NT 0 Replies #8912372 10:14PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912393
Ashleee - Adam shows sheila on the memory wall that Sheila has the 500,000 in the bag 1 Replies #8912393 10:16PM 22/04/2008
Matt will vote for Sheila and all of TP members. Sheila does not believe it. He pretty much states that he is not going to take her.
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WVpdles - sheila - my life is a charity NT #8912424 10:18PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912430
Ashleee - Adam says he wants the 1/2 mill for his charity. 0 Replies #8912430 10:18PM 22/04/2008
things are getting heated. Sheila really making her single mom case. Sounds really believable.
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Topic #8912450
Ashleee - Sheila doesn't need any fuckin9 charity from Adam.... NT 0 Replies #8912450 10:19PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912476
WVpdles - sheila begging BB for tylenol PM NT 0 Replies #8912476 10:21PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912628
dustytissue - Ryan goes to Sheila and asks if she's okay. She's getting teary and says she knows the boys are going to pick each other. 0 Replies #8912628 10:28PM 22/04/2008
Sheila says "Now Adam says he's going to pick you", that he came to achieve his goal which was to get half a million for the autistic kids.

Adam comes in and says Sheila says don't come in to yell at me. Adam says he's not. Sheila asks to have a conversation alone with Ryan. She asks him to step out and he leaves.

Ryan tells her he feels Adam is deserving, not saying you're not deserving, we've been cool but I've worked with Adam the whole game. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you.
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Topic #8912633
Ashleee - Sheila in Spa room talking to Ryan and he says that Adam is more deserving to be in F2 with him. NT 0 Replies #8912633 10:28PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912710
Ashleee - Ryan tells Adam that he told Sheila he is going to bring him instead of her if he wins NT 0 Replies #8912710 10:32PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912728
dustytissue - Adam to Ryan: She knows you're taking me? Ryan says he pretty much told her. Adam says "Good, thank you." NT 0 Replies #8912728 10:33PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912739
Ashleee - Adam reading bible asks Sheila is she took her Ty PM? NT 0 Replies #8912739 10:33PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912775
Ashleee - Sheila saying she feel's like a begger to Adam he tells her not to feel like that. NT 1 Replies #8912775 10:35PM 22/04/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila says she's not putting pressure on Adam, but you're my only hope NT #8912798 10:36PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8912837
Ashleee - Sheila talking about how her son is rooting her on for being so close 0 Replies #8912837 10:38PM 22/04/2008
She say's She would not have done the show if he was 4. She hopes to be and inspiration to other 45 yr. old women. Adam says he feels bad for them being in a rutt w/ no self asteem. A- you will get lots of letters of thanks. S-no ill get man hate letters.
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Topic #8912860
dustytissue - Adam tells Sheila he was just telling her his options. Sheila tells Adam not to make her feel guilty for asking. 0 Replies #8912860 10:40PM 22/04/2008
Sheila: You are going to do what's best for you. She says she feels like a beggar and she doesn't want to feel that way. Adam says he doesn't mean to make her feel like that.

They hug and Adam says sorry, "It's hard, it's emotional, y'know what I mean."

Sheila: You don't have to do anything, I just don't want you to treat me like 'you're throwing this single mom card at me'.

She just wants to change her son's life. "My son's probably freaking out that I'm this close to it. My family will understand and say you kicked ass." She says she's done things she can't redo, she would if she could, it's the hardest thing she's done.

Sheila says she might have gotten hate mail from males about how badly she treated Adam. She says nobody saw how he treated her behind closed doors called her f'in b*tch.

Sheila tells him she doesn't hate him, she'll still have a relationship with him outside this house.
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Topic #8912889
dustytissue - Sheila tells Adam he doesn't know how the jury feels, they could be mad. He doesn't know how they're voting. Tells him to go with his gut. 0 Replies #8912889 10:41PM 22/04/2008
She says she's not going to beg, she's not a beggar.

She said no one supported her with her son, she worked two jobs, had every job you can think of.
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Topic #8912989
dustytissue - Sheila says she played a damn good game and the viewers have seen it. "I don't know what they're showing but I know what I've done." Says she 0 Replies #8912989 10:46PM 22/04/2008
played with her heart and gut.

She says she's not a charity case and doesn't want anything handed to her. "If you're going to pick me because I'm a charity case, don't do it. Do it if it's what your heart and gut tells you." She tells him she has told him everything, she has been honest with him.

Sheila says Sharon played a really good game, went up on the block and didn't blink or complain once. "Thank God she won a luxury comp."
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Topic #8913011
Ashleee - Sheila & Adam she they don't owe eachother nothing NT 0 Replies #8913011 10:47PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913022
dustytissue - She tells him they don't owe anything to each other."I'm out of the game. Just don't get cocky b/c you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow." NT 0 Replies #8913022 10:48PM 22/04/2008
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