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HGs all in bed. All seem a little restless. NT - SouthernBelladonna
12:14AM 22/04/2008

Sheila and Ryan in bed asleep, while Adam is doing something in bathroom NT - sakya23
12:46AM 22/04/2008

All HGs in bed asleep. (I'm off to bed too.) NT - BBFanChelle
1:01AM 22/04/2008

HG'S Asleep On All Feeds NT - Laura
4:40AM 22/04/2008

Feed 1 Adam and Ryan Sleeping ...Adam Moving Around Alot...Feed 2 A Reflection In The Mirror Of Adam...Feeds 3 and 4 Shelia Sleeping NT - Laura
5:02AM 22/04/2008

Ryan/Adam asleep in pink BR, Sheila in boat room, sound asleep, completely spread eagle!! (funny) NT - DanaRose
6:25AM 22/04/2008

All Hg's still sleeping. NT - ihapn2bafan
7:49AM 22/04/2008

sheila up getting coffee NT - spunkymonkey
8:49AM 22/04/2008

Sheila's in bed, looks like she's back asleep. NT - DanaRose
8:51AM 22/04/2008

All HG's still asleep NT - gkl
9:49AM 22/04/2008

Flames, HGs may be getting wake up call NT - DanaRose
10:02AM 22/04/2008

HGs awake in KT. NT - Dr0n3
10:22AM 22/04/2008

Feeds back. Sheila in KT drinking coffee. Adam + Ryan in PB in bed talking. NT - lexi
10:23AM 22/04/2008

BB: "Adam... Ryan I said.... then Adam says "I said, everyday I'm hustlin" Adam is pumped. NT - lexi
10:25AM 22/04/2008

Ryan + Adam laughing at Adam's pants (lol) NT - lexi
10:30AM 22/04/2008

Sheila getting in the shower. Ryan brushing his teeth. Adam in KT getting some cereal. NT - lexi
10:32AM 22/04/2008

Adam in KT making strawberry pancakes. NT - Dr0n3
10:33AM 22/04/2008

Sheila in extra good mood. (Probably because R/A kept her over Sharon.) NT - Dr0n3
10:36AM 22/04/2008

Adam telling Ryan + Sheila that his dad gave him the pants he's wearing. they're from the 70's. ryan calls them mocheeks (lol) NT - lexi
10:37AM 22/04/2008

Adam says he was saving his pants for a special ocassion and today is one... Mo Cheeks style. NT - saskwatch
10:38AM 22/04/2008

Adam talking about orgy dream with asian hookers. NT - Dr0n3
10:40AM 22/04/2008

Adam asks Sheila if she wants a wafffle.. she accepts, one of his "magical" waffles. Adam says he has most - saskwatch
10:41AM 22/04/2008

Sheila talking about waffle maker and how hers seeped out of the side of it.. maybe from too much oil. Asks Adam if he used one before. - saskwatch
10:43AM 22/04/2008

More waffle talk - saskwatch
10:45AM 22/04/2008

Adam says today is a big day. Sheila says yeah it is.. go easy on me buddy. NT - saskwatch
10:46AM 22/04/2008

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