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R out and S says waffles are good. She's still blown away that she stayed and trying to take it all in. - saskwatch
11:20AM 22/04/2008

R says he knew he was F3 for a little over the week. Says he was def excited when he won comp last night. - saskwatch
11:22AM 22/04/2008

Sheila in wc doing makeup. Not sure where Ryan is. NT - saskwatch
11:22AM 22/04/2008

Sheila going to make more jewellery today... says its fun. NT - saskwatch
11:24AM 22/04/2008

All 4 cams on Sheila drying hair. NT - saskwatch
11:30AM 22/04/2008

All 4 cams on Sharon's bed. Ryan's laying on it and looks like he's reading quote on picture above NT - saskwatch
11:31AM 22/04/2008

Ryan doing situps in front of Sharon's bed. NT - saskwatch
11:34AM 22/04/2008

Ryan doing crunches on floor in red BR. NT - BBFanChelle
11:34AM 22/04/2008

Adam out of DR fake crying.. NT - saskwatch
11:35AM 22/04/2008

Sheila says to Adam.. I know you're going to kick me to the curb, I'm not stupid. Sheila called to DR. Adam says something about his warm,heartfelt - saskwatch
11:39AM 22/04/2008

Ad says they're boys. Ry says, sorry babe. Ad and Ry say they both got Sheila there cuz they could've kept her a long time ago. - saskwatch
11:40AM 22/04/2008

Ryan says we don't owe her nothing.. but we owe each other sumpin tho. NT - saskwatch
11:41AM 22/04/2008

Ryan says sheila prolly heard them talking last night. Adam says or this morning. - saskwatch
11:44AM 22/04/2008

Ryan says he doesn't know where Sheila's outburst came from. She was doing her hair and then came up with this "me against the world mentality" - saskwatch
11:46AM 22/04/2008

Ryans up to 225 situps. wants to get to 300. NT - saskwatch
11:46AM 22/04/2008

Adam says when Sheila puts on her makeup, she's a whole new person. Ryan says she wasn't freaking. Adam says she's getting nervous for the comps. - saskwatch
11:48AM 22/04/2008

Adam isn't going to exercise cuz his stomach hurts. Ryan says Whaaa. Adam says I didn't tell you to start class this early. Ry says that's what - saskwatch
11:50AM 22/04/2008

Boys still bashing Sheila... sorry you're a weak competitor.. etc. etc. NT - saskwatch
11:52AM 22/04/2008

Adam says you gotta go by stats and her mental game is in the toilet.. like picking a horse.. sheila's the slowest 1/4 mile. NT - saskwatch
11:52AM 22/04/2008

Correction to a post around 11:34-ish, Sheila did NOT say she couldn't sleep because she was surprised she kept them, she said that she couldn't sleep - WhatdoIKnow
11:54AM 22/04/2008

Adam tells Sheila in the wc that he'll tell Ryan anything he wants to hear - he's keeping Sheila. NT - augie
12:04PM 22/04/2008

ryan got his suitcase...shelia says im not unpacking now NT - Laura
12:20PM 22/04/2008

adam said to shelia you got to win this.... NT - Laura
12:20PM 22/04/2008

Adam/Sheila in kitchen. Adam goes up to Sheila and says you gotta beat him. She doesn't know if she can do it. NT - dustytissue
12:21PM 22/04/2008

Adam says he wants to win for the kids - he's gotta do this. NT - augie
12:23PM 22/04/2008

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