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Sheila wonders if Sharon threw the last POV. They don't think so except some HOHs. Not the glass box but the numbers one. LD is over. NT - dustytissue
6:48PM 22/04/2008

They see tape marks on the table and say something's going down tomorrow. - dustytissue
6:49PM 22/04/2008

Ryan goes up to Adam and murmurs something. Adam: I promise you dude. Ryan: I got you 100% dude, no question. NT - dustytissue
6:55PM 22/04/2008

Feeds on Sheila cleaning in the kitchen and Adam reading the bible. NT - dustytissue
6:59PM 22/04/2008

Sheila still doing dishes and the bible boys are on the hide-a-beds reading NT - BopthoR
7:09PM 22/04/2008

Ryan says they took out 3 alliances--the sexy 6, pull out, and the girls club. NT - dustytissue
7:10PM 22/04/2008

Ryan says we took out the sexy six, the pullout club and the girls club... adam says we deserve it dude.. no more what ifs dude. NT - saskwatch
7:11PM 22/04/2008

ryan says it's unbelievable what we've accomplished... adam says team pullout was a bitch.. ryan says girls couldn't compete with us. NT - saskwatch
7:12PM 22/04/2008

Ryan: Look where we're lounging dude. Team Pullout territory. NT - dustytissue
7:12PM 22/04/2008

Adam says you lay on the couch you gotta go.. ryan says look where we're laying man... NT - saskwatch
7:12PM 22/04/2008

Boys laughing about slop pass sharon left. Ryan says what an idiot.. you get it and don't use it. NT - saskwatch
7:13PM 22/04/2008

Adam says Sheila what happened to the womens murder club. Sheila says that was Josh's club.. not mine. Ry says "f'n idiot. Sheila says she was - saskwatch
7:14PM 22/04/2008

Adam asks "Sheila! What happened to the Women's Murder Club?" Sheila said Joshua made it up and she thought it was a stupid name. - dustytissue
7:14PM 22/04/2008

Sheila was the longest on slop this season... 3 weeks in total. NT - saskwatch
7:20PM 22/04/2008

Sheila wants to take the slop pass card as a souvenir. She also wants the flat iron. A/R say Sharon was stupid for not using the slop pass. NT - dustytissue
7:21PM 22/04/2008

Ryan: You guys should make out tonight. Adam tells her to give him a 'handy'. Sheila says I'll give you a hand alright, to sock ya. NT - dustytissue
7:23PM 22/04/2008

ryan asks sheila if girls like it when guys go down on em.. she says she doesn't know - saskwatch
7:33PM 22/04/2008

Ryan says when Nat lied to Team Pink.. that ticked Josh off... and that's when everyone turned on TP. NT - saskwatch
7:34PM 22/04/2008

Ryan believes Sheila that Nat didn't have their backs that she would have went with whoever. NT - saskwatch
7:34PM 22/04/2008

Adam says an imposter plant (in bb house) is $99- who'd pay a hundred bucks for an imposter plant? NT - saskwatch
7:35PM 22/04/2008

ryan talking about how pretty weed plants are. Sheila says she's going to bed early tonight. Adam puts on his sexy voice.. Sheila going to bed - saskwatch
7:37PM 22/04/2008

Now talking about things missing from house. Ryan says he broke the picture... Ry says James - saskwatch
7:39PM 22/04/2008

Ryan says Nat made too many fake premonitions. He said he was so mad at Sharon yesterday and her scenarios... she thot she had it all figured out.. - saskwatch
7:42PM 22/04/2008

Ryan told Nat DR was f'n with her and the 8's didn't mean nothing. She was stupid he says. He told her straight up. NT - saskwatch
7:43PM 22/04/2008

Sheila says she just went along with Nat's counting things and Nat believing she was psychic. NT - saskwatch
7:44PM 22/04/2008

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