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S in front of shower; A cooking waffles and R in DR NT - saskwatch
10:46AM 22/04/2008

Sheila in wc with back to Adam, in bra and panties and Adam in wc washing hands and peeking again. Adam back to k NT - saskwatch
10:47AM 22/04/2008

R out of DR says doing goodbyes today. NT - saskwatch
10:49AM 22/04/2008

Adam is scraping mutilated waffles off the cooker. lol NT - cindytexas
10:50AM 22/04/2008

Ry says he had to say gb to Adam and Big Sheil again. - saskwatch
10:51AM 22/04/2008

Adam ?'s whether R really said gbs. R says Y do U think that is. NT - saskwatch
10:51AM 22/04/2008

Sheila is in the shower. Ryan and Adam in KT. Adam making breakfast. NT - BBFanChelle
10:52AM 22/04/2008

Adam says other side of waffle is better. R asks if that's S waffle and they both laff. Adam says I guess so NT - saskwatch
10:52AM 22/04/2008

Adam says "throw it out, this biotch" (waffle maker) Ryan says he's done with goodbyes .. last gb NT - saskwatch
10:53AM 22/04/2008

Band and waffle talk ... i;e diff b/w wafffles and pancake; Adam says more milk. More Sheila comp ability bashing - saskwatch
10:56AM 22/04/2008

Sheila, still in wc.. More waffle talk. A says, strawberries in batter makes it. NT - saskwatch
10:57AM 22/04/2008

Adam doing "beebees". and feeding them. adam says they don't like him much they're afraid of mo cheeks. ry says sheila did u forget to feed them. - saskwatch
10:59AM 22/04/2008

S says A's waffles turned out better than the slop waffles. NT - saskwatch
11:00AM 22/04/2008

Guys belching... "good stuff" "not bad at all" Ryan going to do some situps and pushups. NT - saskwatch
11:00AM 22/04/2008

S says R is addicted. Didn't catch to what. R says thanks sheila, didn't think I'd pick up a new addiction in bb house. NT - saskwatch
11:01AM 22/04/2008

Ryan was thanking Sheila for his new-found addiction to coffee NT - JayNation
11:02AM 22/04/2008

Adam says Hank is on vacay. Ryan made up Hank as Ballers chill name. S asks who's goiing out today in comp. Mo or Hank. Adam doesn't know. - saskwatch
11:03AM 22/04/2008

Adam says well Sheila, one of us is leaving... me, you or Ryan. R says u don't get to celebrate F3 very long. NT - saskwatch
11:04AM 22/04/2008

A goes thru scenario leading to F2 and says to S, "Stay packed lady!" NT - saskwatch
11:05AM 22/04/2008

R says you have to thank A for yesterday S. She says I know. S says she knew that R would keep noms same when he wouldn't look her in the eyes and - saskwatch
11:07AM 22/04/2008

S loves the whole 70's clothing look which is why she shops at thrift stores. S asks whether guys - saskwatch
11:10AM 22/04/2008

S surprised they haven't come on and said something about the comp. Ryan doing dishes. R asks if she means if BB will let us know whats going on - saskwatch
11:15AM 22/04/2008

Adam and Sheila whispering. Sheila says the fact that you convinced him is amazing. Adam says I told you. They both think R is a good dude. NT - saskwatch
11:16AM 22/04/2008

S says people have literally throw their partners under the bus... James didn't even give Chels a pity vote. Adam to DR. He says Bye Sheila.. She - saskwatch
11:17AM 22/04/2008

Adam in DR. Ryan in toilet. Sheila puttering in kitchen NT - saskwatch
11:19AM 22/04/2008

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