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Sheila finished putting towels away and is brushing teeth now. boys still exercising... no ciggies, dog.. adam says. NT - saskwatch
8:40PM 22/04/2008

Adam/Ryan in BY, planning tomorrow, Adam promises to throw the comp but if by some fluke he wins he promises to take Ryan NT - WVpdles
9:01PM 22/04/2008
Adam - I'm gonna bomb the comp, bomb it. Ryan - I'm gonna try my hardest. Just as long as we're picking each other, just worried about incase. - WVpdles
9:03PM 22/04/2008

Sheila/Ryan/Adam chatting about what has happened during the game since it started. NT - crateriko
9:22PM 22/04/2008

In the past 20 minutes,.. we've seen Adams butt as he was getting in the shower - JLPrinzess
9:46PM 22/04/2008

Adam to Sheila talking about he and Ryan being bros: "We're stronger than Will and Mike Boogie, my darling" NT - cannotsleep
9:46PM 22/04/2008

Sheila says the DR was asking her why she's so defeated, she knows there's no need to campaign because of the "bros." Sheila says she needs - cannotsleep
10:09PM 22/04/2008

Ryan, Adam Sheila talking about jen and Parker being paired together. How Jen thought she was queen "B/$hit" NT - Ashleee
10:10PM 22/04/2008

Ryan running in the backyard-inside Sheila is campaigning to Adam for her to stay if he wins - Ashleee
10:13PM 22/04/2008

Sheila says she is not guilt trippin Adam NT - Ashleee
10:14PM 22/04/2008

Adam shows sheila on the memory wall that Sheila has the 500,000 in the bag - Ashleee
10:16PM 22/04/2008
sheila - my life is a charity NT - WVpdles
10:18PM 22/04/2008

Adam says he wants the 1/2 mill for his charity. - Ashleee
10:18PM 22/04/2008

Sheila doesn't need any fuckin9 charity from Adam.... NT - Ashleee
10:19PM 22/04/2008

sheila begging BB for tylenol PM NT - WVpdles
10:21PM 22/04/2008

Ryan goes to Sheila and asks if she's okay. She's getting teary and says she knows the boys are going to pick each other. - dustytissue
10:28PM 22/04/2008

Sheila in Spa room talking to Ryan and he says that Adam is more deserving to be in F2 with him. NT - Ashleee
10:28PM 22/04/2008

Ryan tells Adam that he told Sheila he is going to bring him instead of her if he wins NT - Ashleee
10:32PM 22/04/2008

Adam to Ryan: She knows you're taking me? Ryan says he pretty much told her. Adam says "Good, thank you." NT - dustytissue
10:33PM 22/04/2008

Adam reading bible asks Sheila is she took her Ty PM? NT - Ashleee
10:33PM 22/04/2008

Sheila saying she feel's like a begger to Adam he tells her not to feel like that. NT - Ashleee
10:35PM 22/04/2008
Sheila says she's not putting pressure on Adam, but you're my only hope NT - WVpdles
10:36PM 22/04/2008

Sheila talking about how her son is rooting her on for being so close - Ashleee
10:38PM 22/04/2008

Adam tells Sheila he was just telling her his options. Sheila tells Adam not to make her feel guilty for asking. - dustytissue
10:40PM 22/04/2008

Sheila tells Adam he doesn't know how the jury feels, they could be mad. He doesn't know how they're voting. Tells him to go with his gut. - dustytissue
10:41PM 22/04/2008

Sheila says she played a damn good game and the viewers have seen it. "I don't know what they're showing but I know what I've done." Says she - dustytissue
10:46PM 22/04/2008

Sheila & Adam she they don't owe eachother nothing NT - Ashleee
10:47PM 22/04/2008

She tells him they don't owe anything to each other."I'm out of the game. Just don't get cocky b/c you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow." NT - dustytissue
10:48PM 22/04/2008

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