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James is "starting to think other people are couples too!" NT - Tyburn
7:12PM 09/07/2005

James and Sarah finally talking strategy...asking her who she would like to keep around NT - Aeropostale676
7:13PM 09/07/2005

James and Sarah on hammock - Caribou
7:15PM 09/07/2005
sarah says when she first saw janelle she thought that she was a drag queen. NT - Toni
7:18PM 09/07/2005

Sarah: When we first met, I thought Janelle was a drag queen. NT - Tyburn
7:18PM 09/07/2005

Sarah thought janelle was a drag queen at first. NT - Mltv
7:18PM 09/07/2005

Sarah says that when she first saw Janelle she thought she was a drag queen. NT - Alby
7:18PM 09/07/2005

James to Sarah - we need to work on separate people - Caribou
7:19PM 09/07/2005

Feed sound splits between Sarah & James on hammock and Janelle with April smoking at table. Hard to hear. NT - Caribou
7:20PM 09/07/2005

BB: April, please go the diary room. James yells out "busted!" - Caribou
7:20PM 09/07/2005

Janelle walks over to James and Sarah; sits on grass as they lay on hammock NT - Caribou
7:21PM 09/07/2005

Janelle leaves to go inside. Sarah and James get up to go inside - Caribou
7:23PM 09/07/2005

Big group at dining table. They put a sandal on the lazy susan centre of the table. They're spinning it. Some sort of game - Caribou
7:25PM 09/07/2005
They spin it to determine who gets to sleep in the Gold room each night. Howie and James won tonight. NT - Sunflake
7:27PM 09/07/2005

Feeds switch to outside. James and Sarah back on hammock outside. Rachel comes outside - Caribou
7:29PM 09/07/2005
It was Maggie she said was rolling her eyes NT - Anonymous
7:31PM 09/07/2005

Jenn walks in circles in the grass for a bit. Says she's bored, then leaves. - Caribou
7:32PM 09/07/2005

James to Sarah - i really think there might be 7 couples - Caribou
7:34PM 09/07/2005

James - Janelle told me Day 2 it was guys vs. girls - Caribou
7:38PM 09/07/2005

James and Sarah conversation - Tambo
7:40PM 09/07/2005

F1 F2: Hottub people. F3 F4: James and Sarah in hammock. James leaves. "love you beautiful" "Love you" NT - Caribou
7:41PM 09/07/2005

F1 F2: hottub people F3 F4: Howie James Sarah Janelle in kitchen - Caribou
7:46PM 09/07/2005

House Guests discuss veto comp - Tambo
7:50PM 09/07/2005

F2: Kaysar and Rachel on lounges side by side, near hottub. In hottub is Beau, - Caribou
7:53PM 09/07/2005

HT people discuss James. Say he's a freak. Weird kind of teacher. lol NT - Caribou
7:55PM 09/07/2005

Sarah was changing in the shower - BBfanatic
7:56PM 09/07/2005

Earlier, Sarah and James shared a huge kiss in the bathroom while everyone outside NT - Caribou
7:56PM 09/07/2005

Mike strangely absent from everything. At least he hasn't been on feeds in quite a while. NT - Caribou
7:57PM 09/07/2005

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