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BB heard me. Mike flashed on camera. He's in lounge chair beside Rachel and Kaysar - Caribou
8:00PM 09/07/2005
No, James is beside Rachel. Feeds a pain, BAD camera people. I'm out for a bit. NT - Caribou
8:03PM 09/07/2005

Talk of Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes = Fish NT - Tyburn
8:03PM 09/07/2005

House Guests talk about movies they like - Tambo
8:04PM 09/07/2005

Howie's college career - Tambo
8:07PM 09/07/2005

all 4 feeds different (wow) HG's all outside. NT - Panda4
8:08PM 09/07/2005

Jennifer follows Howie in the kitchen to talk.BB: Jennifer please put on your microphone! NT - Panda4
8:14PM 09/07/2005

Jennifer is back in the house waiting for Howie to get out of WC, so - Panda4
8:19PM 09/07/2005

Rachel is doing stretches in the kitchen, getting ready for a walk with some of the girls. NT - Panda4
8:20PM 09/07/2005

April asked Rachel how the water pressure in the Gold Room shower is - Tambo
8:24PM 09/07/2005

James, Sarah, Janelle and April are in the kitchen tallking about the lack of M & M's - Disneyisme
8:48PM 09/07/2005

April in BY saying that this year's cast is "hotter"....and She, Kaysar and Howie are saying their ratings will be better than other seasons. NT - AlexaRae
8:53PM 09/07/2005

Howie walking laps around the yard, April out there smoking, Michael smoking - Disneyisme
8:54PM 09/07/2005

Michael and Ivette just finished showering in the main bathroom. Seperate. NT - Panda4
9:09PM 09/07/2005

James lying on Hammock with Jennifer sitting on it. Howie lifting weights behind them. NT - Panda4
9:10PM 09/07/2005
Jennifer has now decided to lay on the hammock with James. NT - Panda4
9:11PM 09/07/2005
James tells Jen he can't wait for Ashlea to go. "I just can't stand her!" NT - Augustkm
9:17PM 09/07/2005

April, Janelle and Rachel in hottub. NT - Panda4
9:13PM 09/07/2005

Jen said her brother played football for Harvard and he is now a vascular surgeon. NT - AlexaRae
9:14PM 09/07/2005

Maggie and Eric had a convo in the bedroom that seems to upset her a lot - RealitySwan
9:29PM 09/07/2005

Eric & Maggie are confirmed pair - Leath
9:30PM 09/07/2005

A James and Sarah Moment. Whispering in Bathroom, and then... - STella668
9:34PM 09/07/2005
Sarah & James - reverina
9:40PM 09/07/2005

Howie is wearing gray bikini underwear (sort of like a speedo). He struts a little and then gets into the hottub. NT - Alby
9:42PM 09/07/2005

James explaining to Beau how to rid the world of AIDS NT - curtiskin
10:04PM 09/07/2005

FISH NT - KWren11
10:05PM 09/07/2005

Beau saying his friend has a T-shirt company called College Drop-out an the owners are from another reality show.. - Pook61
10:12PM 09/07/2005

beau and eric in BR talking think april there to - Toni
10:12PM 09/07/2005

Beau also knows the owner of Bed Head.... NT - AnnieB
10:15PM 09/07/2005

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