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Janelle, James, Jennifer, and Ashlea are in the gold room discussing Beau. - LadyeJayne
3:26PM 09/07/2005

There seems to be an allience between - Anonymous
3:43PM 09/07/2005
The Other Was Sarah ;) NT - Anonymous
3:59PM 09/07/2005

4 feeds on Howie eating - asking Ivette is it safe to go to the HOH bathroom. NT - Quench
3:52PM 09/07/2005

All feeds on Kaysar and Eric talking. James joined them. Discussing POV competition. - Caribou
3:59PM 09/07/2005

Kaysar just said he taught Michael everything he knows about foosball NT - Caribou
4:00PM 09/07/2005
Kaysar: I Conditioned Him to Play That Way NT - valentine
4:01PM 09/07/2005

Little yellow rubber duck toy in the yard. They're calling it "Devil Ducky" because it has black horns on it. Nobody knows where it came from. NT - Caribou
4:02PM 09/07/2005
Danielle left it behind NT - Quench
4:03PM 09/07/2005

James to Kaysar "Ok who's the hottest girl here?" - Caribou
4:08PM 09/07/2005

Howie Plans religious service for sunday morning. Kaysar explains ramadan to james NT - Mltv
4:08PM 09/07/2005

James just asked kaysar how long the Muslim services go. Kaysar said - Rabbit
4:11PM 09/07/2005

Eric, Kaysar, James discussing coffee. - Caribou
4:15PM 09/07/2005

Ivette asks howie if she looks like a "carpet muncher". "Do I look like a carpet muncher?" NT - Mltv
4:15PM 09/07/2005

howie: hey ivette, would you do some carpet munching to get (a job?)..ivette said - Rabbit
4:16PM 09/07/2005
Ivette is now getting worked up cause she's the only one who gets asked the carpet munching questions. April says: - Rabbit
4:20PM 09/07/2005

Howie asks Ivette did you do any - Quench
4:17PM 09/07/2005

Eric is sitting directly across from April and Ivette outside and he asks April to adjust - Disneyisme
4:20PM 09/07/2005

howie - my gaydar didn't go off - Quench
4:21PM 09/07/2005

Howie is talking about the swingers club he has been to, sharing some graphic - Disneyisme
4:23PM 09/07/2005

Eric and Kaysar are having a very private chat. Eric is telling Kaysar - Disneyisme
4:27PM 09/07/2005

Kaysar and Eric strategizing by the lounge chairs - Quench
4:27PM 09/07/2005

Ashlea was outside on the hammock by herself. No one was sitting with her or talking to her. Now she's gone inside to the gold room and went to bed - Caribou
4:31PM 09/07/2005

Beau was in bed while maggie and eric were conspiring "eric> i got ivette dont worry" NT - Hypnotoad
4:35PM 09/07/2005

Eric and Maggie have been whispering - so low - but Maggie is saying that Beau - Disneyisme
4:36PM 09/07/2005

Eric and Maggie confirm they are a pair. They're worried someone overheard them talking previously. Eric just kept telling Maggie "we got to keep our - Caribou
4:36PM 09/07/2005

Eric and Maggie were talking in the bedroom about keeping feelers out and Maggie was concerned about - Rabbit
4:36PM 09/07/2005

Maggie called to DR. Kaysar and Janelle in kitchen. He's at the sink washing stuff, she's eating at the bar. - Caribou
4:40PM 09/07/2005

james & eric talking in BR about pairs. they both told each other that neither one is paired up with anyone NT - Rabbit
4:41PM 09/07/2005
James told Eric that he thinks Beau and Ivette are a pair NT - SouthernBelladonna
4:42PM 09/07/2005

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