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FISH again NT - Anonymous
2:36PM 09/07/2005

April Thinks there is a show tonight and maybe the eviction will be pre-recorded and aired Thursday. - Anonymous
2:41PM 09/07/2005

Kay seems really worn out after POV. He may have a sight limp. The camera was focused on him sitting at the table holding his head. NT - nojobny
2:41PM 09/07/2005

Houseguests are all over the house. Kaysar is sitting at the - Suzan
2:42PM 09/07/2005

The game - JoeyBoston
2:44PM 09/07/2005

Houseguests are talking about - Anonymous
2:45PM 09/07/2005

Everyone in the LR is contributing to the conversation. Someone said "I wouldn't have given up". - Suzan
2:46PM 09/07/2005

Apparently Rachel picked Maggie to play for her. They were an "awesome" team. NT - joannie
2:46PM 09/07/2005

Someone is - Anonymous
2:47PM 09/07/2005

Janelle and Ashlea go into the Gold Room. "So, what do we do now?" NT - joannie
2:49PM 09/07/2005
Janelle kinda infers that ashlea will lose against kaysar. Ashlea says "Who said so?" Jan says nobody. NT - Mltv
2:50PM 09/07/2005

Ash: |What about Jennifer? Jenifer's shady. She goes from group to group." NT - joannie
2:52PM 09/07/2005

Janelle suggesting that she ask Rachel to put her up so Kaysar will go home - Quench
2:52PM 09/07/2005

Jan: "Kaysar's gonna wonder why I voted for you to stay." - joannie
2:54PM 09/07/2005

Beau enters the Gold Room. Janelle: "Hi, Beau. I'm just putting on lotion." NT - joannie
2:58PM 09/07/2005

Janelle and Ashlea talk about upcomming events. Kaysar and Michael talk about pov (long) - Hypnotoad
3:00PM 09/07/2005

Beau saying there are 14 ppl and they are in the house for 11 weeks - Quench
3:01PM 09/07/2005

Kay, Mike, and Jen in the bathroom. Jen puts lipstick on Kaysar. NT - joannie
3:04PM 09/07/2005

Ivette, Michael, Sarah talking about how Jennifer has tried out for BB 4 times... - smashedskittles
3:14PM 09/07/2005

Michael, Sarah & Ivette talking about the other HGs: - Rabbit
3:17PM 09/07/2005

Michael: Janelle Obviously Wants to Be the Next Playboy Playmate - valentine
3:19PM 09/07/2005

Janelle Jen, and James talking about Beau and someone (think Ivette) - Quench
3:21PM 09/07/2005

Janelle Dishes on Beau - valentine
3:23PM 09/07/2005

BB housequest lockdown is over NT - Toni
3:23PM 09/07/2005

Graphic Instructions from James - valentine
3:25PM 09/07/2005

Ivette tells Sarah that the HGs are going to throw the HOH game so she can have it and have the luxury of - Rabbit
3:26PM 09/07/2005

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