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Howie: "I'm every woman's type." NT - SouthernBelladonna
12:02AM 09/07/2005
Howie said when he was younger he liked his women older; now that he's older he likes them younger. NT - Caribou
12:07AM 09/07/2005

Ashlea and Jennifer talking about Jennifer's boyfriend. She hasn't seen him in 2 months. NT - Alby
12:09AM 09/07/2005

Kaysar and Janelle playing Chess F4 - Caribou
12:09AM 09/07/2005

Kaysar, Beau, Rachel in HOH - Caribou
12:13AM 09/07/2005

K calls Howie to come into HOH. Howie surprised at the tv. Says "you dirty little bitch" to Rachel (but in fun tone) - Caribou
12:16AM 09/07/2005

Howie asking Kaysar if he has siblings - Caribou
12:27AM 09/07/2005

Howie to Rachel - you're a great HOH - Caribou
12:29AM 09/07/2005

Howie offering Beau sexual favors in return for the great massage. Beau turns him down. NT - Alby
12:31AM 09/07/2005

Rachel worked in pet stores all her life - Caribou
12:33AM 09/07/2005

Rachel declares the word of BB to be "fabulous". Beau agrees NT - Caribou
12:34AM 09/07/2005

Howie - I love being the assistant to the assistant to the assistant HOH NT - Caribou
12:36AM 09/07/2005

Howie to Rachel - when I saw you I thought you were attractive but didn't know the mental state - Caribou
12:37AM 09/07/2005

Rachel tells Howie to stop calling Kaysar a virgin becasue he doesn't know one way or another. - Alby
12:41AM 09/07/2005

F3 - Howie, Rachel, Beau & Kaysar in HOH room - Caribou
12:42AM 09/07/2005

Howie to Beau - asking about sex with religion - Caribou
12:47AM 09/07/2005

k leaves HOH room to get to bed. Howie won't shut up until Rach tells him to. NT - Caribou
12:52AM 09/07/2005

Everyone is in bed. Lights are out. I'm out. NT - Caribou
12:56AM 09/07/2005

April whispering intently to Jennifer on feed2 - Chunga
12:58AM 09/07/2005

April whispering to Jen she would at the end want to be in a house with a mix of men & women, not all men or women. NT - Augustkm
1:02AM 09/07/2005
April complaining on having to eat pb&j. She's annoyed that they didn't get food to start. NT - Chunga
1:04AM 09/07/2005

Ashley complaing about PB&J and the food comp.. - Anonymous
1:04AM 09/07/2005

Kaysar praying - NT - Anonymous
1:06AM 09/07/2005

Ash and Jan were playing possum! - Chunga
1:07AM 09/07/2005

April and Jen go to the washroom and - Anonymous
1:09AM 09/07/2005

Janelle is talking to Ashlea about the possibilities with the POV. She says what she really wants is for someone else to go up & both Ashlea & Kaysar - Augustkm
1:14AM 09/07/2005

April and Jen talking in the washroom - ISmileICrazy
1:14AM 09/07/2005
Now talking about Kaysar.. - ISmileICrazy
1:17AM 09/07/2005

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