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Saw quick shot of backyard, looks like obstacle, with bars like in a cube with yellow stands? i might be totally off, they showed it for 0.3 secs NT - Anonymous
11:24AM 09/07/2005

Michael, Eric, Sarah & Rachel in the LR - Suzan
11:44AM 09/07/2005

LR group is discussing what kind of comp. it could be. Rachel - Suzan
11:45AM 09/07/2005

April joins them. They are talking about Howie liking Star Wars and that there was - Suzan
11:49AM 09/07/2005

HG in LR are having an discussion on English vs. Spanish. Nouns, verbs - Suzan
11:52AM 09/07/2005

Fish tank.....veto must be starting! NT - KnightAngel
12:05PM 09/07/2005

Beau is dancing up a storm - ImNotJane
12:06PM 09/07/2005
Yep...Beau had been quite animated...just before we went to FISH, someone said he looked like - KittyKitty
12:06PM 09/07/2005

Fish NT - Suzan
12:17PM 09/07/2005

FISH NT - curtiskin
12:20PM 09/07/2005

Still on the fish, but you can see there are people, houseguests??, walking around in the house NT - edinboro
1:01PM 09/07/2005

Someone put a wand in the tank and was trying to....(catch fish?) NT - Aeropostale676
1:25PM 09/07/2005

Blue net enters fish tank. NT - Alby
1:25PM 09/07/2005

Whoa... nice big closeup of a hand... wonder what he's doing with the wand... NT - Anonymous
1:28PM 09/07/2005

HG's definitely back in house.......walking around like crazy behind tank! NT - AlexaRae
1:29PM 09/07/2005

Do Not Think So--Saw Net In Tank--Do House Guest Clean The Tank As Well? Fish Just fed. - Anonymous
1:32PM 09/07/2005

Yellow fishies still playing. NT - joannie
1:35PM 09/07/2005

Still Fish NT - Link
2:11PM 09/07/2005

Feeds are back (finally!) NT - Anonymous
2:31PM 09/07/2005

Feeds back! NT - AlexaRae
2:31PM 09/07/2005

HG back Kaysar won veto NT - Anonymous
2:31PM 09/07/2005

They're back and in the shower NT - nojobny
2:31PM 09/07/2005

Another fish sick? - straightdave
2:31PM 09/07/2005

Rachel got POV NT - Rabbit
2:31PM 09/07/2005
sounds like it was endurance..that it was hot out there. Ivette says she'd never sit down that close to the end. James said people have different - Rabbit
2:33PM 09/07/2005

Oooh, and Rachel got the Veto! NT - Anonymous
2:31PM 09/07/2005

HG are complaing how long the V comp was and how hot it was. Ivette says if it was her she would - nojobny
2:35PM 09/07/2005

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