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Topic #1900130
Wayne321 - Update of Whats Happening on the Cams... 0 Replies #1900130 12:02AM 12/07/2005
Cam 1 shows James, Eric and Beau in the "Gold Room."
Cam 2 shows Ivette and Jennifer also in the "Gold Room."
Cams 3 and 4 show Mike and Janelle chasing each other playfully around the garden.

(Switching to Cam 1 in the Gold Room)
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Topic #1900170
Wayne321 - Gold Room (long) 0 Replies #1900170 12:15AM 12/07/2005
April, think she is discussing Mike, saying he said why dont you men lose a competition so that I can win HoH and kick all your asses out. April then imitates a weird laugh that he did.

Maggie says that anyone but him (Mike) has got to win HoH.

They are speaking about the 6-finger-plan from last year. It seems they are planning to put it into action. Anyone who doesn't know what it is, here are the details....

They put two of their own on the block (or close to their own) and then one of their team wins the Veto, and they take one of their own off the block and put Mike (I think) up, and he will be gone because he cannot win the Veto.

BB tells Rachel to go to the DR.

They all comment about how late it is to be called to the DR.

April does an impression of Beau.

Seems to be yelling in the background, according to Maggie.

Jennifer puts a blanket over Eric and then leaves.

BB asks Eric to put on his microphone.
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Topic #1900182
Wayne321 - Eric: If I win HoH, Michael is going up. NT 0 Replies #1900182 12:19AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900188
SassyPrncess - Janelle talks about anorexic's (Annie's)_ 0 Replies #1900188 12:21AM 12/07/2005
Janelle: That's what I call them (Annie's).
Kaysar: I used to be an Annie. A long time ago.
Howie: Before you got your papers?
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Topic #1900198
SassyPrncess - Eric & Maggie talk strategy in Gold Room (nightvision) 1 Replies #1900198 12:28AM 12/07/2005
Eric: I don't think he's (James) connecting everyone. I think he's backing off of it.

Eric: I think James and Sarah are the only twist.

Maggie: James makes me so nervous when he's talking.
Eric: Listen to this... the vote is going to come out 9-2. Listen to that sneaky SOB.
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Anonymous - More on James' voting/eviction strategy #1900205 12:31AM 12/07/2005
Maggie: Oh f*ck!
Eric: He's a sneaky, sneaky, SOB.

Maggie: Oh my f-ing God, that is sooo manipulative!
Eric: He's good. He's good.
Maggie: I talked about him in the Dairy Room.
Eric: He's a slippery SOB.
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Topic #1900201
Wayne321 - Eric and Maggie in Gold Room. (long) 0 Replies #1900201 12:30AM 12/07/2005
M: Do you think there is some sort of screen in here to watch people?

E: No

Maggie and Eric laughing over her farting.

M: Aren't you supposed to be my best friend in here?

E: I am

M: Well what you telling everyone about me farting for?

M: There is noway to get rid of James because whoever we put up, they are wanted out more than James.

M: Everyone playing to James and Sarah not being together.

E: (someone) slipped out and asked me if there was an allience between me and Ivette.

E: James told me that he thinks Ivette and Beau know each other from before.

M: F****** James

E: James said they all know the same people.

M: Do you think everyone out there is models?

E: No, but I am still worried about that (?) connection.

M: But if that was the connection, they wouldnt have brought it up.

E: I dont think anybody has a clue that we are together.

M: James and Sarah go to the same conversations.

M: Howie and Rachel are brother and sister.

M: Everyone is going back on what they were feeling about James.

E: James and Sarah (cant understand)

E: Kaysar being f****** stupid (unable to understand)

M: James makes me so nervous when he is talking... We do the same thing to each other.

E: James - son of a Bitch

E: If the vote comes out 9-2 then somebody didnt vote the way they were supposed to.

M: James is testing you to see if you will tell me things to see if I will bring them up.

M: He is trying to find out if we are together.

E: He is a son of a bitch, a sneaky, sneaky...

E: I gotta keep him close, Maggie.

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Topic #1900212
SassyPrncess - Eric on Michael drama 0 Replies #1900212 12:32AM 12/07/2005
Eric: He (producer?) said they have security here 24/7. They won't do anything unless there is a real threat.

Eric: "He" said don't fan the flames.

So it looks like the Michael saga is slowing down. Poor Mike.
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Topic #1900251
Wayne321 - Maggie: Im scared of Ivette getting close to James. I actually personally like Ivette. NT 0 Replies #1900251 12:41AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900267
SassyPrncess - Howie sticks close to "the others"... 0 Replies #1900267 12:47AM 12/07/2005
Mike & Janelle are playing chess. Howie is upstairs (watching)with them. Kaysar is getting ready for bed.

{Note: Good Rachel/Howie strategy...divide and conquer. She sticks with popular group alliance & he sticks with anyone remaining.)
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Topic #1900295
SassyPrncess - Howie studies wall of pictures..... 0 Replies #1900295 12:57AM 12/07/2005
Kaysar, Mike & Janelle laugh at him. It's Howie's nightly ritual now to study the picture wall and the house before bed.

Janelle: (from upstairs) What are you looking at the picture wall for?
Howie: (not missing a beat) I was thinking of taking your key and sleeping with it.
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Topic #1900308
Rhoz - Eric and Maggie's comversation dwindles 0 Replies #1900308 1:05AM 12/07/2005
there is a moment of silence then Maggie says; You will wake me up in the morning won't you? Yes, Eric whispers. A slight pause and then Maggie says; Eric, I wouldn't want to be here without you.
They both settle in for the night and there is silence.
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Topic #1900310
realitycheck - Howie, Janelle, and Kaysar upstairs playing chess.... 0 Replies #1900310 1:08AM 12/07/2005
and eating some potato chips. Michael leaves and head offs to bed for the night.
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Topic #1900320
realitycheck - Howie asks Janelle if she has a dildo or vibrator. 0 Replies #1900320 1:19AM 12/07/2005
Janelle replies a little irritated....No.

Chess games continues on between Kaysar and Janelle.

Howie finished eating his chips but remains in loft with them.
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Topic #1900322
Antanisha - Kaysar tells Janelle that she and Howie will be best friends for life, she corrects him and say they will NT 0 Replies #1900322 1:32AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900329
Anonymous - Janelle and Howie thinks that Ivette is a lesbian NT 0 Replies #1900329 2:05AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900330
Anonymous - Kaysar talking about Beau flirting on him. lol NT 0 Replies #1900330 2:19AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900334
Pulk - Kayser tells how a group of the girls have subdued Jennifer 0 Replies #1900334 2:26AM 12/07/2005
K- "They made her (Jenny) cry today, they told her that....you know...you have a B/F, stop slutting (?) yourself around"

Jan - "Who said this?"

K - " A group of girls, they think Eric went and talked to Michael and said stop sexually harrassing people"

Jan - "WTF is there problem? They're crazy"

K - "So Jenny now doesn't really talk to Micheal. Jenny now is super tight with them like she's been brainwashed because she is insecure. She just hangs out with them all day.

J - " I can't believe they made her cry"

Talk turns to Jenny being a possible swing vote and how they could get her onside by telling her she was gonna go on the block.

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Topic #1900336
Chunga - Kaysar in the shower, Howie in the WC, and Janelle off to bed in the HoH room NT 0 Replies #1900336 2:39AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900338
Chunga - A small recap of Kay, Jan, and Howie's conversation 0 Replies #1900338 2:48AM 12/07/2005
They spent a good 30 minutes outside after Jan/Kay got done playing chess. It seems that they're resolved to Ashlea leaving this week. The three of them are a group and they discuss who they would put up if they get HoH. Janelle would put up Ivette and Beau. Kaysar is not so sure of what he would do. Probably Ivette and someone. Howie never answers. The three will remain a group and want to get James and Michael in their block. They are a bit scared of Ivette or Eric getting HoH.
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Topic #1900349
integrity - All 4 feeds show HG sleeping. Looks like they are finally down for the night. NT 0 Replies #1900349 4:06AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900352
valentine - Ashlea Has Issues 0 Replies #1900352 4:23AM 12/07/2005
She has been coughing like crazy. She just went to the WC and did a good job washing her hands.

Her cough does not sound good.

She rummaged around in her basket and came up with an inhaler--I guess she has ashma (sp?). She used it twice, and inspected a prescription bottle of something.

Now, back to bed. No other intelligent signs of life.
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Topic #1900494
pooh5983 - everyone still sleeping NT 0 Replies #1900494 7:03AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900542
curtiskin - seems everybodyis asleep, lazy sluggards NT 0 Replies #1900542 7:30AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900649
Qcoatl - James (I think) up then back to bed NT 0 Replies #1900649 8:17AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1900742
Vartanlvr - Everyone still sleeping ...extremley restless...hello people when you are that restless it's time to get up! NT 0 Replies #1900742 8:42AM 12/07/2005
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