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Topic #1901569
SassyPrncess - James says he used to be a personal trainer! NT 0 Replies #1901569 11:56AM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901572
amIsane - Howie imitating BB again 0 Replies #1901572 11:57AM 12/07/2005
Howie "Jani, please put out for Howie"
Howie "Jani, please strip tease for Howie"
Howie " Jenn, please stick out a boobie for Howie"
(He said a few others but can not remember them all. He then says"This never gets old"(as in doing the Howie version of BB impressions)
Kayser(Howies pronunciation) is in kitchen with him as he does these.
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Topic #1901575
Dreamer - April talking to Eric in the BY: This is so gross what I'm about to tell you~ 0 Replies #1901575 11:58AM 12/07/2005
April: But since you are married I'll tell you.OMG there is this one piece of equipment in the gym that gives me the BIG "O". It's the ones to where you hang ~ you hang like this, you hang your arms (April showing Eric) and you do these (with her legs) . .OMG . . .if you ever see me in a gym going back and forth on 'em, you know why

Eric: Does it stimulate your bean or what?

April: OMG it does me . . I mean beyond

Eric: Are you serious? You like have an orgasm in the gym?

April: Yeah

Eric: No way

April: I mean not like a full one but I'll get there

Eric: It gets you ready to go .. huh? You get home and it like lets go Matt

April: I get there . because you are working like the pelvic area

Eric: Okay I really didn't need to know that and I don't want to see you do them here

April: Well they don't have anything for me to do it here but I would be all up on it

Eric: Thank god!

PS~ better late than never

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Topic #1901586
SassyPrncess - Eric & Mike are chatting & laughing like everything is ok. NT 0 Replies #1901586 12:00PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901676
Vartanlvr - Kaysar immitating BB...Howie please give Kaysar a massage! NT 0 Replies #1901676 12:18PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901726
JessicaRabbit - Someone is digging dead FISH out of the tank. NT 0 Replies #1901726 12:27PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901808
HectorOfTroy - discussion of famous murderers during lockdown 0 Replies #1901808 12:43PM 12/07/2005
the Hg's talk about Jean Benet's parents, Scott Peterson, the Texas Chainsaw murderer, etc. and James chimes in with Ted Kennedy.
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Topic #1901847
amIsane - Lockdown over, after about a minute after everyone inside...FISH NT 0 Replies #1901847 12:51PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901869
amIsane - 4 Feeds on kitchen w/ E, James, Beau, Howie, Jenn, Sarah, Kay, and another female. Can hear others in background NT 0 Replies #1901869 12:55PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901870
amIsane - Howie after April says something "Wow, I am moving to wacko Texas" NT 0 Replies #1901870 12:56PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901885
amIsane - For the last couple of minute Howie has been calling everyone a poo head ie. "You're a poo head" NT 0 Replies #1901885 12:58PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1901893
amIsane - Eric has a son and daughter 7 and 8 yrs old. 8 yr old will be 9 in a couple of months. His kids are 15 months apart NT 1 Replies #1901893 1:00PM 12/07/2005
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amIsane - His wife has been preg. 3 times, the first she miscarried. NT #1901899 1:01PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902037
notastro - James is asking Beua about a job as a paid escort, says he doesn't 0 Replies #1902037 1:25PM 12/07/2005
even mind hanging with dudes. Beau tells him he would not even have to put out, just kiss them and look good. "arm candy"
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Topic #1902044
amIsane - James, Beau and Kay in the multi-bed bedrm 0 Replies #1902044 1:27PM 12/07/2005
They are trying to figure out what to do today. Laying around or sitting on their @ss.(lol) Eric coming in and out of rm.

Eric finger is hurt. Dropped weights on it.
They are talking about weights and lifting.
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Topic #1902069
amIsane - James brother lives in N.C.... restores like vintage cars and resells them. Like a Richard Petty race car and such. NT 2 Replies #1902069 1:32PM 12/07/2005
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amIsane - He helped a video game(his brother)company in designing(??) #1902086 1:35PM 12/07/2005
pit station. Sounds like James and his brother do not get along to well. His brother stopped talking to his mom after his parents separation. His dad lives in Ohio, his mom in Virginia. James brother blames his mom for the separation.
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amIsane - James brother is 10 months younger than James NT #1902098 1:36PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902107
amIsane - James to Beau "I tell you, if she gets more than one vote...someone gets hung" (ed. He does a slicing w/finger on the neck when he says this) NT 0 Replies #1902107 1:38PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902125
SassyPrncess - James kisses Eric's butt.... 0 Replies #1902125 1:40PM 12/07/2005
James: I think we'd (Ivette & James) drop weights on our heads. (If Eric was evicted).
Beau: Oh, no kidding. I'd die.

(Can you say kiss a*s? LOL I am sure we'll hear all about it when Eric & Maggie chat privately.)
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Topic #1902135
amIsane - Eric and Beau lying on beds..Kay is sitting on a bed. They are bored and all is quiet NT 0 Replies #1902135 1:42PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902152
SassyPrncess - Eric on Kaysar.... 0 Replies #1902152 1:45PM 12/07/2005
Eric is talking to Beau about Kaysar...

Eric: He has no life experience. He's like a little kid.
Beau: Yah.
Eric: I wouldn't trust him.
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Topic #1902170
SassyPrncess - James & Kaysar pow-wow in bathroom about Janelle 0 Replies #1902170 1:50PM 12/07/2005
James: (Janelle) wants to get rid of all the guys. I have to put her up.

Kaysar: She came up to me with some good information.

James: If Janelle wins HoH she'd put up Eric. So any of the strong people will go.

Kaysar: If I get HoH I am going to put up Ivette and Beau- no matter what.
James: Remember the Power of Veto. If you're smart you put Beau up against somebody else. (starts the 6-finger strategy with Beau).

Kaysar: (On Eric) He's trying to pit you and Michael against each other. "You know what I don't trust James a bit," Eric said.

Kaysar: (Eric said) "I am sure lots of people know each other."
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Topic #1902180
amIsane - James and Kaysar conspire in the bathroom 1 Replies #1902180 1:52PM 12/07/2005
B "He has changed, he has had it easy this week"
E (missed this)
E"He has been hanging with Janelle and them"
B(missed this)

Eric"Exactly, he is just a kid, he has no life experience...he will learn the hard way"

I missed alot of this, but they immediately start talking after Kay left the room.

Feed switchs to Kay and James in Bathrm.
James says she(??) wants to get rid of all guys.
(missed alot)
J "If Janelle would get HOH, she could put up Eric"
Kay " I am going to tell you, that if I get HOH, I am going to put up Beau"
J "But you have to remember the POV"
Kay telling J about a convo he had w/ Eric. That E was trying to pit Mike against J, and that E told Kay that he only trusts James a little.
He is now telling James about Kay telling Eric about pairs and Eric blowing it off. Kay says to J that Eric said that James and Jan went to same school, if anyone know each other, they do.
(ed. I missed ALOT of what was said between these two, They talked faster than I could type. sorry)
Kay has left anf james in the shower shaving looks like his chest and stomach(??)
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Hypnotoad - more conversation. They were really going at it #1902195 1:55PM 12/07/2005
kaysar tells james that eric accused james and janelle from being in the same modeling agency--maybe being partners

and kaysar says eric downplayed the "ivette beau alliance"

james gets paranoid and says lets talk later, kaysar goes to the bathroom, james starts shaving fast.
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Topic #1902196
amIsane - Howie "BB knows what good looking women are. They just do not know what $luts look like" NT 1 Replies #1902196 1:55PM 12/07/2005
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amIsane - Howie "I am either going to hook up with Jenny, Janelle or Sarah" NT #1902200 1:56PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902204
SassyPrncess - Howie: We need more promiscuous women here! 0 Replies #1902204 1:57PM 12/07/2005
Howie: I'll always hook up if I can. I'll always try that's for sure.
Howie: I am either going to hook up with Jenny, Janelle or Sarah.

James: As soon as they bring in some hot girls he'll think about it (hooking up).

Howie tells Kaysar that he only dates white woman, not A-Rabs.
Kaysar: Now you're making stuff up.

Howie admits he is part Jewish.

Ashlea: I go to church.
Howie: You go to pray for the guys?
Ashlea: Yah, people like you.
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Topic #1902209
ISmileICrazy - All four feed on BY.. sunbathing, Howie and James walking around - NT 0 Replies #1902209 1:59PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902255
Jewel - rachel and maggie in the kitchen whispering 0 Replies #1902255 2:17PM 12/07/2005
they go over to the memory wall and maggie starts pulling the keys out to show rachel who she's talking about

she's not worried about: k, b (i like), e (i want to keep fora while, s, r, one of us, not worried about j(james?)

keep i, and april, not worried about j

then ivette comes in...

ed note: does she not like anyone?
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