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Topic #1902682
Wayne321 - Ivette, Maggie and April in the BR 0 Replies #1902682 4:01PM 12/07/2005
I: The only reason why they would wanna pick me off is because I cant stant Janelle.

I: We should never have told Mike our conversation.

(Someone comes in the BR and April puts her head down to look like she is going asleep. Meanwhile, Ivette and Maggie continue their conversation)

Ivette is now talking about Amy from BB3 and how many times she was on the block.

Maggie is trying to slur her words so the person who is in the other bed cant understand her. Stop it Maggie, because I cant understand you either!

I: You just know from instincts. (?)

April says something about Rachel

They all agree on something.

M: Oh, that would be a very tricky week.

M: Actually, it wouldnt because I know who I would vote off.

Ivette is speaking to Ashlea about her illness. Ivette is telling her to ask BB for some cough medicine.

Ashlea says she didnt get no sleep at all last night because of her cough.

Ivette comments that she didnt hear her cough once.

I: We have to kill ourselves to win HoH. (to Maggie and April, although Ashlea is still in the room in her bed)

Hmm, Ivette and Maggie seem really close and I seem to remember Maggie telling Eric that she really likes Ivette, last night. I wonder if Ivette will let Maggie in on her secret. (that she is gay)
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Topic #1902699
Wayne321 - More Ivette, Maggie and April. 0 Replies #1902699 4:03PM 12/07/2005
I: One thing I hate is shady people, you dont understand.

M: I do understand.

(Ivette leaves the room and the camera pans in on Ashlea, who is in bed listening to everything which is getting said in the BR.)
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Topic #1902715
Wayne321 - Beau and Howie in the BY 0 Replies #1902715 4:09PM 12/07/2005
H: Alcohol brings people closer together.

B: Whatever

Beau farts

H: They are worse than Sarah's.

H: Did you toot Sarah?

S: Girls dont fart they toot (?)

H: Do you carry your cell phone with you at all times?

B: I have three cell phones.

H: One for buisness and one for pleasure?

B says something about owning a sidekick.

B says he is going inside

H: See ya buddy.

B: Later.

(Beau leaves and goes inside the house and asks someone if they are still making tuna.)
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Topic #1902752
Alby - Eric threatens Kaysar saying that he is hanging around too much with J, A, M. And that he better be careful becase he is on the block. NT 0 Replies #1902752 4:16PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902760
Zazny - Eric and Kaysar 0 Replies #1902760 4:18PM 12/07/2005
B: It's gonna be ***** up if Michael or Kaysar put me up cuz I've been saving them this whole time.

E: I'm gonna let Kaysar know that my vote can change.

Goes to Kaysar

E: There's a rumor going around that if M wins HOH, he'll put up Ivette and Beau
K: He would have the same reasons I do...I want to stay out of the mess, honestly.
E: You're in with them 24/7.
K: Do you want me to stay away from them?
E: You want to hang around people who are waiting to vote for you. I have everyone lined up that the vote will be 10 to 1. It's obviously you've aligned yourself with Janelle, Michael, and Howie. I told you I was going to be straight up with you. You're being grouped in with them. You were there when they targeted Ivette and Beau. You're going to be grouped in with that idea.
I honestly don't know I'm safe with Michael because I know he's pissed at me.
K: Why is he pissed with you? I don't know any of this, why doesn't anybody tell me?
E: I told him he was making women uncomfortable blah blah

...women they feel uncomfortable with sexual advances. But this is a game you have to stay in a house with. With Howie it wasn't a big deal, but Michael is hanging on to it. I don't know if he'd put up me to be honest with you. He's ***** tighter than a drum with Janelle now. Do not bring it up with michael! He has anger with me, but don't bring it up. Let that be.
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Topic #1902789
erniebert - Howie hits on Beau in the BY earlier 0 Replies #1902789 4:21PM 12/07/2005
Not an exact transcript, but as close as I can remember...

They were discussing who they would want to keep around until the final four. Howie says he'll keep the girl who is willing to lay on her back and service him.
Beau laughs.
Howie- There's gotta be one here, it's the law of large numbers. There will be one girl who will be willing to give me some action.
*Beau sits quietly as Howie continues to talk
Howie- It would be a shame to you, me, and all of america if we were the big brother 6 hook up.
B- What???
Howie- It would be a shame to you, me, and all of america if we were the big brother hook up.
B- Oh, I wouldn't hook up with you.
H- You wouldn't?
B- No
H- Hey, you never know, you get some liquor in you, you're all dressed up and dancing. This house makes you crazy, and you make your move on me.
B- I never make the first move, I'm always pursued.
H- You never know, everyone has that time when they step it up (or something like that)

Then Beau farts
H- Did you fart?
B- Yes
H- how cute
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Topic #1902799
Wayne321 - Beau and Eric in the BY - and then Eric and Kaysar 0 Replies #1902799 4:21PM 12/07/2005
E: if thats the case im gonna let him know the votes may change.

B: It was Jan (or Jen's) idea.

Eric goes and speaks to Kaysar

E: is it true that if Michael wins HoH that he is gonna put up Ivette and Beau?

K: I just wanna stay out of this dude and sleep.

E: I am just telling you that you are cooped in with them and your on the block right now.

E: I am just telling you that you better be careful, I have everybody lined up and that vote should go 10-1 right now. I know you have aligned yourself with Jen and Michael and I dont know how. I told you I was gonna be straight up with you and thats what I am doing. (more like threatening him.)

E: People overheard that conversation.

K: Which one?

E: about putting up Ivette and Beau.

K: I am over that whole idea altogether.

E: I dont even know if I am safe with Michael, there was this thing yesterday.

K: Why doesnt anyone ever tell me this sh*t.

Eric then tells Kaysar about the whole thing with Jennifer crying yesterday.

E: If you piss someone off, you have an enemy for the rest of the game.

E: I havent been able to speak to Michael since last night because I could tell he was pissed with him, I dont even know if he would put me up. He is tight with Janelle right now.

K: I talked to him about the same issue.

E: Dont mention it to Michael.

K: I wont.

K: Even that Beau thing, Im over it.

E: I am just telling you these people are clearly...

K: I was on edge about the twist and like whats going on, whats going on.

E: Michael has that same idea and I wondered where he got it from.

E: I wouldnt see Ivette hanging out with Beau outside of this house. James yes, but not Beau.

E: Listen, I am not saying Ivette is not classy...

E: He wouldnt be throwing around those names (who Ivette knows) because if he was... he would be screwed.

E: So just think about that.

E: They are not hanging with the same class of people. Ivette is waitressing, and Beau is jet-setting around to other countries.

E: Janelle and James are from the same (?) and they admitted to that in front of other people.

(Eric walks off and goes inside)

(Kaysar puts his head down)
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Topic #1902801
Zazny - Eric tries to say Beau/Ivette is not a pair 0 Replies #1902801 4:22PM 12/07/2005
E: Beau is a different [social] class than Ivette. He's hanging around different people. Did you hear? Sergei Federov! It doesn't add up. He wouldn't throw those names around unless he knew them. He'd have lawsuits lined up. Just think about that!
K: I feel like an idiot for bringing it up
E: They hang around different people. She's a waitress and he's jetsetting around. YOu can tell he's been there from the way he talks
K: I never denied that
E: There's no way those two are together!
E: Janelle and James are from the same modeling agency! And they admitted to that!
K: I don't know...
Eric goes in

[Kaysar wonders where in the heck Alison and Arnie found these people. OK he didn't verbalize that.]
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Topic #1902822
Wayne321 - Eric to James - "Beau wants Kaysar bad, dude." NT 0 Replies #1902822 4:23PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902858
Zazny - Eric, James, Ivette in gold room 0 Replies #1902858 4:28PM 12/07/2005
Eric to James in gold room

E: Beau wants Kaysar bad...
J: You didn't say anything to Kaysar, right?
E: Right.
E: Beau said he had it bad for Kaysar since the moment he entered
J: We can't tell Ivette and Beau things til the last minute because they overreact.
E: Let them use each other up. All we have to do is throw the grenade.
E: Kaysar's probably sh***ting his pants now. [recounts conv]. He's like sh***ting his drawers right now and I want him to!
J: He needs to distance himself from them.
E: He's a mess. Emotional. He can't play this game. He's ***** up you can see it in his face.
J: What will happen when he wins HOH?
E: He'll do what I tell him to do
J: He'll probably put me up!
E: No way. He won't. I'll strike the fear of God in him. I'll tell him you better hope I that I don't get veto...FISH...
(Ivette entered)
I talked to Beau
J: I can't trust April at all! Or Jenny at all! People would throw us to the wolves
I: You don't trust April?
E: We have to make decisions now!
I: We are the final 4 but we need people on our side!
E: I need to know who I can trust!
I: Beau is good. He runs to you or me when he hears something
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Topic #1902882
Zazny - Ivette: Here's an idea 0 Replies #1902882 4:29PM 12/07/2005
I: Let's break up that group and get Michael alone, and get rid of Kaysar. He was telling me out there that K's religion and he can't lie and he can't ...what in God brought you in the game if you are going to go against what you believe in. If you get rid of K, Michael has no guys on his side! And Ashlea will be indebted to us for saving her!

J: We know they're (Ash/Jan) a team. They can't last this week. If one wins, then one of us four will go
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Topic #1902906
Wayne321 - Eric - From now on it's just me, you (James), you, (Ivette, and Beau NT 0 Replies #1902906 4:31PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902934
reverendmediocre - Eric just told James there is NO way Kaysar would put him up if he wins HOH.. 0 Replies #1902934 4:33PM 12/07/2005
.. because "I'll tell him, either I better win POV or when we get out of here you better have eyes in the back of your head...." FISH

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Topic #1902964
imnotpunk - James/Iv/Eric: We need to get rid of Michael next week NT 0 Replies #1902964 4:36PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902970
Wayne321 - Great Session between E, J and I - The Highlights... 1 Replies #1902970 4:37PM 12/07/2005
Ivette is gunning to get Kaysar out instead of Ashlea, James doesnt want this to happen though.

James asked Ivette what she thinks of Maggie (in front of Eric) and Ivette said that Maggie speaks to her.

Eric said to I and J that from now on it's just us (Ivette, James, Eric and Beau)

Now they are all farting and laughing. How mature of them!
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Wayne321 - They also said that Rachel needs them (I, E and J) because she of her been the first HoH NT #1903012 4:43PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1902980
Zazny - Eric: From this day forward 0 Replies #1902980 4:38PM 12/07/2005
E: From this day forward it's me, James, Ivette, and Beau
J: We can't run to April or Maggie
I: When we talk strategy, it can only be us. We need to keep them with us
E: I need to know what the core is.
E: What about Maggie, are you ok with Maggie?
I: Maggie talks to me
J: Maggie talks to everybody, she's shady!
E: She hasn't said ***** to me
J: There are a lot of people who don't have alligences. If the wrong person gets HOH....
I: [We're strong players] We need to keep HOH's. There is no reason why you shouldn't ...Kaysar has 2 left feet. He hasn't talked to enough people. If it was a game of questions, he couldn't put 2 and 2 together. I know things about people! Kaysar's like "whoo*. Janelle hasn't talked to anybody but those 2 idiots. See what I mean? There is no reason why [we can't sweep HOH]. However in desperate measures, it seems to me that Michael will KILL to win HOH. And I don't want that ***** bastard to win HOH

They all share how Michael hates them all

E (to James): You and I are ***** if Michael wins
I: He freaks me out. I don't like him.
E: [I will ask him] I want to know if I'm safe if he wins HOH
I: He said I'll do whatever I need to do. He'll lie to you
E: Michael needs to be next to go
J: Michael is not on my team
J: Mike vs. Jenny. Nobody will waver on that.
I: I don't want Mike to get the veto! I want him up as a final thing. I don't want him to get angry, you play it safe, Jenny and Janelle up.
J: If I do that, I break the surfboard agreement.
E: Anybody from your side wins, have to put Jennifer and Michael
I: put up Jennifer and Kaysar, then Michael after veto
J: Veto's not guaranteed anymore. What are the chances he could win the veto
I: Strong. If he wants it bad.
J: Ashlea wanted it bad...
I: No she didn't

Eric breaks the tense session by farting.
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Topic #1902993
Wayne321 - LOL, Ivette tells Eric that Maggie is a hippy! NT 0 Replies #1902993 4:40PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903009
Zazny - Gold room on Maggie 0 Replies #1903009 4:42PM 12/07/2005
J: You and Maggie work out all the time
E: We don't talk about the game! All we do is count off sets!
J: I think she and Kaysar are friends. They were talking in the bathroom twice
I: I saw him with Kaysar. She hates that he ran to the other guy.
I: Why wouldn't she save him and try to make him look good
E&J: Because he's safe!
I: When I brought up that idea to get rid of K, she said good you can break up the guys.
J: Maggie's smart...
J: She was just trying to call your bluff
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Topic #1903034
imnotpunk - Ivette/James/Eric talking crap about Michael 0 Replies #1903034 4:46PM 12/07/2005
Ivette: He's got pretty blue eyes but everything else about him freaks me out
James: Howie is good looking though
Ivette: Yeah, and Michael is SCARY.


Ivette: I don't even think he's from Europe to be honest. He doesn't even have an accent...Beau's been around the world and he doesn't flaunt it, you know what I'm saying? ...and Michael keeps saying how his mother should be indebted to his father because he showed her the world.
Eric: I understand waht you're saying but you have to keep your f*cking emotions in check! Ivette, you can't let them see you sweat...you CANNOT let them see you get emotional.
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Topic #1903037
Zazny - Ivette now says Michael is the type of boyfriend who'd beat up his g/f 0 Replies #1903037 4:47PM 12/07/2005
Ivette also says that Howie is better looking than M. M has pretty blue eyes

I: He said his mother is indebted to his father because he showed her the world
E: I've never seen your emotions get the best of you. You have to keep your emotions
J: [Have fun in this]
I: I think I do have fun!
E: YOu cannot let them see you emotional! He knows he's pushing your buttons
I: Michael's a sick *****!
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Topic #1903042
Zazny - I: Everybody likes us because they can see how honest we are! NT 0 Replies #1903042 4:47PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903049
Zazny - I to E: You scare the **** out of Kaysar, or he'll be a little f***er NT 0 Replies #1903049 4:48PM 12/07/2005
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Topic #1903070
Zazny - Ivette aggressive about Kaysar. 0 Replies #1903070 4:51PM 12/07/2005
I: I said to Maggie, your a vegetarian right, You didn't alter who you are for the sake of the game. You didn't change yourself for the sake of this game.

[Says the lesbian in the closet in the game]

J: That's crazy. Fun though
E: It's getting boring though.

I: Kaysar said I'm gonna stay good with everybody, that's why I help in the dishes. I wanted to say motherfucker, you didn't do anything. That's another thing...he's like the sultan here!

J: That's Janelle
E: I am gonna call her out in front of everybody
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Topic #1903097
KinkyLilBlackDress - The Psycho, the Sultan and the Princess. 0 Replies #1903097 4:53PM 12/07/2005
Or, Ivette's names for Mike, Kaysar, and Janelle.
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Topic #1903131
imnotpunk - Michael enters the Gold Room, sh*tfest between Iv/Eric suddenly stops NT 0 Replies #1903131 4:55PM 12/07/2005
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