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Topic #2032269
mosiegirl4 - Beau says to Kaysar *come here lover* 0 Replies #2032269 9:18PM 29/07/2005
and Kaysar says *I'm not gay Beau*, and Beau says *yes you are!*..
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Topic #2032282
mosiegirl4 - Rachel talks to Maggie about the veto competition.. 0 Replies #2032282 9:21PM 29/07/2005
Maggie says as long as you and Howie are not up on the block, you are happy.. Eric and I have friends here.

Rachel says she would never use the veto, she says to Maggie that she can count on them not to use it.

Maggie asks Rachel, how does Howie and Janelle feel about Kaysar and James being on the block. Rachel says she doesn't think they would use the veto
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Topic #2032289
mosiegirl4 - Maggie assures Rachel, that if the Veto is used, Maggie won't put Rachel up on the block NT 0 Replies #2032289 9:22PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032294
mosiegirl4 - Maggie says she feels Rachel is a very strategic player.. 0 Replies #2032294 9:24PM 29/07/2005
Rachel says she feels that Maggie is a much better player than she is.

Rachel is asking Maggie if Maggie will be picking her to compete with her in the Veto competition.. she's asking Rachel who does RAchel think Kaysar and James are going to pick to compete with them in the Veto comp. Then Rachel leaves and maggie asks her to send up Jennifer.
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Topic #2032301
mosiegirl4 - Rachel says to Jennifer that Maggie wants to see Jennifer.. 0 Replies #2032301 9:25PM 29/07/2005
and Jennifer is outside, sitting down, and says *well, I'm not ready now!* and doesn't get up right away to go see Maggie..she stays sitting down.
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Topic #2032376
mosiegirl4 - Beau is talking about Howie's butt.. 2 Replies #2032376 9:34PM 29/07/2005
And Howie is saying that Beau has liquid courage.. Beau says no, he's always like that.

Howie says he and Beau would be more *compatible* if they were both drinking.. Howie saying it would take away the intimidation..

Howie saying Beau looks so hot in jeans, he wants to give him cuddles, and a massage, rub him down..
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howies_undies - He was saying Rachel was hot in jeans and told HER that he would rub her down and cuddle her. NT #2032380 9:35PM 29/07/2005
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citanul - He wanted to cuddle Rachel - he said Rachel looks good in jeans. NT #2032379 9:35PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032391
citanul - James to Howie: I just called you Eric. That's worse than farting. NT 0 Replies #2032391 9:38PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032421
PSister - James told Howie that he still had Ivette's support. NT 0 Replies #2032421 9:43PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032480
citanul - Ivette called to DR NT 0 Replies #2032480 9:50PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032525
citanul - James to Howie: Howie, you torment that woman every day of your life (Rachel), and she wants you so bad. 0 Replies #2032525 10:00PM 29/07/2005
Kay: You think she's interested in him?
James: Oh yeah. You can tell.

Before this:

Howie: You have such a nice butt.
Rachel: Thank-you!
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Topic #2032551
citanul - Beau to mag: I want that veto so bad. 0 Replies #2032551 10:04PM 29/07/2005
B: You know, life's a bitch. I'm going to be right in his face: "Boo-Yeah!"

M: Why did he do that to you last week? What's his justification?

Doorbell rings.

Mag to Jenn: You are such a sneaky bastard. I didn't even see you come up.


Jenn: Sarah is crying right now in the shower, because April asked her...
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Topic #2032755
citanul - Kay: "It's just like the real world." James: "Yeah, cops f**k you." Janelle: "YEAH!!" (LOL!!!) NT 0 Replies #2032755 10:32PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032774
Disneyisme - James is outside with Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and Sarah, James is telling them 0 Replies #2032774 10:34PM 29/07/2005
that BB wants to see 'good' drama. James says "the thing is this is 'her' week. She doesn't care about being here. She wants to enact her vengeance, so she can run home to Eric and say 'ha ha, look what I did for you - I got rid of James or Kaysar'."

He says "then they will sit there and watch these people in the DR crying 'omg, I miss my Eric, I miss my Maggie', then at the sequester house we'll have to listen to 'I wish Eric and Maggie were here'."

Janelle "I'm glad they are f'in gone."
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Topic #2032789
Disneyisme - James is insisting that Maggie is a cop. He says he was watching her 'techniques' 0 Replies #2032789 10:36PM 29/07/2005
this morning...talking about either the 'read technique' or being forceful. He is providing scenarios for this, like tougher jail time if they don't cave.
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Topic #2032823
Disneyisme - Howie "well if we take Maggie out of the game, I feel confident I could run the house." They laugh. NT 0 Replies #2032823 10:39PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032827
Disneyisme - James and Sarah are in the bathroom, he seems stressed, Sarah says to him 0 Replies #2032827 10:41PM 29/07/2005
"you don't know how bad I want this tomorrow." James very sternly says "show me, don't tell me." She walked off to get water.
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Topic #2032859
Disneyisme - Now Rachel walks in while James is washing his face and she says 0 Replies #2032859 10:45PM 29/07/2005
"you are right, I did ask her to compete with me, so I may have to play if she asks me to." James says, "I gotta hand it to her, she's evil. I almost admire her because she's good and she's efficient."
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Topic #2032887
SassyPrncess - Crappette's have Ivette hiding on upstairs landing........ 0 Replies #2032887 10:48PM 29/07/2005
lying outside the HoH door, flat on her stomach, trying to listen to any conversation going on by the S6 in the kitchen. Beau is standing guard by the HoH door, from the inside, in case a S6 member comes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Maggie, April, Jenn, Beau are giggling menancingly watching Ivette spying and using the spy cam to keep her cover.
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Topic #2032926
Disneyisme - James is telling them in the GR how ironic it is that Ivette told him earlier 0 Replies #2032926 10:53PM 29/07/2005
that the two sides of the house are so different. She had said to him 'did you see us hide in the HOH all the time?' James says "and where are they right now?" Kaysar says Ivette doesn't think before she opens her mouth.
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Topic #2032933
SassyPrncess - Ivette: "I know we're not supposed to bring religion into this but...... 0 Replies #2032933 10:55PM 29/07/2005
Kaysar hasn't prayed at all lately." She goes on about how he used to "tote that rug around" and how he hasn't brought it out at all.

M: He doesn't set his 5 o'clock alarm clock anymore?
I: No! Trust me, I know.
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Topic #2032957
Disneyisme - James and Kaysar were talking politics, a real sleeper for me. Now James says 4 Replies #2032957 10:59PM 29/07/2005
"who knows, the people we think aren't so smart in here might be really smart." Howie is out to use the WC and Kay says he wants a shower, they leave the GR.
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Mltv - Howie frowns durring the whole talk by james. Kaysar points out bush is not too smart and James changes the subject. NT #2033997 6:12AM 30/07/2005
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Denise - Quick note that seems to be missing from the update: The conversation was actually very lighthearted and #2034357 8:54AM 30/07/2005
during the conversations Howie was laughing and saying it's a filibuster, the entire conversation was lighthearted on all sides, the conversation was fun not anger filled.
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Mltv - As I saw it James made the filibuster comment. NT #2034584 9:55AM 30/07/2005
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Mltv - Then kaysar says isnt that just like a republican to change the subject. NT #2034002 6:14AM 30/07/2005
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Topic #2032959
citanul - Kaysar: Let's go Howie, time for us to shower. James: You guys shower together? Kay: No, there's a plastic sheet that separates us. NT 0 Replies #2032959 10:59PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2032966
armyjackson - Ok I'm a gay guy, (redneck construction worker) Beau IS UBERGAY 1 Replies #2032966 11:01PM 29/07/2005
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armyjackson - Beau is discussing the different types of gay #2032972 11:02PM 29/07/2005
Gay, Really Gay, Super Gay, Uber Gay

He's saying he's just Really Gay....... lol
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Topic #2032971
Disneyisme - James and Kay are still in the GR..Kaysar says "this sucks a**." James 1 Replies #2032971 11:01PM 29/07/2005
says 'this is a reality check, that's all it is." Kay says once the game is over he will give James the uncensored version of how he thinks this game parallels into reality, but he can't tell him everything right now.
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Disneyisme - Ivette comes in and says "I just wanted to say goodnight.." Kaysar looks at James and says #2032987 11:04PM 29/07/2005
"so I could go out there right now and tell her how beautiful she looks and that my being saved from eviction will help world peace, and she would...." feeds switched.
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Topic #2033008
buffalojill - rachael told Kay... if she asks me to play and I win, i can't use it NT 0 Replies #2033008 11:07PM 29/07/2005
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