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Topic #2028366
TheAntiHamster - Maggie: Kaysar will never try to penetrate me, ever. James will! James will try to go through the backdoor. He'll try to go Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2028366 2:27PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028417
Maryellen - April is saying she was emotional because people were talking about her friends (meaning Maggie, Beau, etc...) NT 0 Replies #2028417 2:31PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028426
Maryellen - Maggie: I see James as more of a threat than Kayser becuase Kayser cannot penetrate this group. NT 0 Replies #2028426 2:31PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028437
Maryellen - April: We should tell Rachel that she has to make a decision what side she is on. Maggie :she here with Howie, so regardless she owes him. NT 0 Replies #2028437 2:32PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028498
Maryellen - April: I love y'all so much. This is fantastic. (to Maggie and Beau) NT 0 Replies #2028498 2:37PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028859
Disneyisme - Howie and James are outside, I've come in late here, but Howie is telling James that he really wanted 0 Replies #2028859 3:03PM 29/07/2005
Maggie to go. James says "and she has one challenge where she excelled, that's all it took to send one of us home." Howie says "I give her all the credit in the world though, there was so much pressure on her bro. We had the ball on the board and we still had two players coming in after her. I like those odds. I'd take those odds any day of the week or in any sport."
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Topic #2028876
Disneyisme - James says if Sarah has to compete with him in the veto she will be a mess, she buckles under pressure. NT 0 Replies #2028876 3:05PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028909
joannie - Maggie: "Tonight will become a gathering of data." NT 1 Replies #2028909 3:07PM 29/07/2005
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Panda4 - Maggie then said disperse and collect data with her mouth pursed up and shaking her head yes. (UGH/EEEWWW) NT #2028943 3:13PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028918
Mareenie - Beau says I think if we vote out James, Kay won't avenge James leaving. 0 Replies #2028918 3:08PM 29/07/2005
James will need to pick Sarah for POV competition, because she will be the only one to take him off the block. Mags says, if he doesn't pick her it will blow her mind because if he picks her and she takes him off, then she can't be put on the block.

If James gets off the block they will vote Kay off. The HOH group thinks that Sarah is wishy washy. April says that knowing we are "good" people if James leaves, Sarah will come to their side. Mags feels that she is safer with Kay than with James.

They think Sarah is trying to get in with them because they (Sar & Jam) been pushed out of the other group. April told her that the minute they lost James trust is the minute Kay won HOH and James ran after him and sold the rest of them out.

More and more of April and Beau convincing Mags to put up James & Kay. (I don't think she needs any convincing) April says that Kayar never says anything in front of her, because he knows she's on the "other side" Blah, blah, blah James, Sarah, then April says, blah blah blah. <sigh>

April thinks the order of the keys makes a statement. She thinks it would mess with them to mix up the keys. they know they are safe, so it doesn't matter how they are pulled out.

Mags says why doesnt' she say something at the nomination ceremony to see how it gets spun by the others. Wants them to help her think of something in the speech that will work to their advantage.

April says she should say something to make it sound about people think they are on a team, but they arent necessarily are on the team. Keep them second guessing one another. Let them think that they each talked to Mags to stay in. Mags says she'll say....When I got HOH I thought this house was clearly divided and I was extremely surprised what was propositioned to me by the "other team" here are your keys.
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Topic #2028926
Disneyisme - Sarah has come outside with food, James went in and Howie says to Sarah 0 Replies #2028926 3:09PM 29/07/2005
I woke up with a pounding headache, I had this dream last night, that the only people in the house were me, Kay, Janelle, James, and Rachel, then I woke up to the nightmare" Sarah says "so I wasn't even in the house?" Howie stutters "oh yea, yea, you were in the house."
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Topic #2028958
Disneyisme - Howie is telling Sarah & Rachel "I mean I like Maggie, nothing against her, but 0 Replies #2028958 3:14PM 29/07/2005
from day one I knew she was a strong player." Howie says people take everything personal around here, they don't play strategically. They say they will be on lockdown soon for an hour...so Howie, if you gotta 'go', Rachel says "you better go now."
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Topic #2028962
Kaynelle - Howie: I forgot we had food again! NT 0 Replies #2028962 3:15PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028993
Disneyisme - Rachel is telling Howie that she thinks if James leaves that Sarah 0 Replies #2028993 3:19PM 29/07/2005
will want out too. Howie agrees that "emotionally that's the path she will want to take, maybe I can talk to her." Rachel says that James won't want to go to sequester without her...Howie says "big deal, it's not the end of the world, people go off to war..he needs to suck it up." Howie says "she is worried that he will cheat on her." Rachel says "I doubt that."
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Topic #2029008
CruiseCritic - F1-APril walking thru house F2- Howie and rach at table in BY and FISH NT 0 Replies #2029008 3:21PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029017
Disneyisme - Howie and Rachel really hate the drama. Rachel especially hated the whole 0 Replies #2029017 3:22PM 29/07/2005
Maggie and Eric drama and Ivette being so emotionally attached. Rachel says "do you really think that Eric wouldn't have kicked her butt out as soon as he could?"
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Topic #2029022
Kaynelle - howie and rachel 0 Replies #2029022 3:22PM 29/07/2005
Howie and Rachel talking about Janelle:

Rachel: Talk about image! Look at Janelle. "She always flies first class." Who cares?

Howie: Oh, I've talked to her. She's smart. She works hard for her money. I'm sure America is falling in love w/her right now.

Rache: She's a nice girl, don't get me wrong.

Rache: I'm worried about Sarah. I don't know if she can stick it out if James goes.

Howie: they won't want to go to sequester w/out each other. What's the deal? A couple months w/out eachother? It's the people who go out to war for months at a time that have real problems. She's worried he'll cheat on her.

Rachel: This is gross. This is April's toe nail clippings on the ground.

How: 12 out of 14 people will have their time to walk out of this house.

Rach: It's the drama between Eric and Maggie-- making sure Maggie's the last one by the door to say goodbye. I have to go back to Iv. Is she so naive to think he wouldn't have ever sold her out?

How: Plenty of bumps on the road. There is 100% chance that Iv and Mag will not be in this house next week.
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Topic #2029046
CruiseCritic - Shot of empty LR and empty kitchen table 0 Replies #2029046 3:24PM 29/07/2005
Maggie, Jen, Beau and someone laying down in HoH room. talking about it being quiet and everyone else in backyard. Maggie saying it is still going to be 5 against 5 no matter what.
Saying sarah wont know whether to go with james or ivette...???
(is she planning to put Ivette up?)
No other action on feeds except for HoH bunch...cannot tell who is sleeping on bed that Jen and Beau are on....
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Topic #2029055
CruiseCritic - Maggie says "If James stays, I am toast" NT 0 Replies #2029055 3:25PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029086
Mareenie - Beau, Jenn & Mags in HOH room, Iv sleeping on HOH bed. 0 Replies #2029086 3:28PM 29/07/2005
Mags can't believe they haven't called everyone into the DR yet. They ask Jenn (pretending to BB) Do you feel safe having Maggie as the HOH. Jen says...F' yes I do. (lol)

Mags says Howie and Rach are totally strategic players. No emotion.

Mags says she hopes that she can vote (in the end) for one of you guys (Jenn, Beau, Iv, April).

They can't figure out how many 1,000's are in a million!?!?!?

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Topic #2029093
ihateeric - Crap 5 talk about splitting money among their group if one of them win NT 0 Replies #2029093 3:29PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029094
carly - Maggie thinks they can split the money - she says "I hope one of you 0 Replies #2029094 3:29PM 29/07/2005
guys win." "Cuz I know I'm going to get some of the money. Like maybe $10,000. What's 10k when you have a million." "Maybe we should talk about that?"
Now they're talking about how to split the money when one of them wins.
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Topic #2029106
CruiseCritic - Maggie talking to Beau and Jen in HoH room and strategizing 1 Replies #2029106 3:30PM 29/07/2005
and she just says "Cappy, I wish he was here" now silence for a moment. She now says Eric said to her, when he is gone then GAME IS ON.
talking about getting 10K somehow. Now talking about getting the million. looks like Ivette laying in bed in HoH. they are now talkign about money and a percentage of the million you would get....
bothing else on any feeds. still empty LR and Kitchen on F1 and F2 and HoH room ..now wonderign where April is. tlaking about a split of the money??? a percentage to share. maggie would only win 500K talking about not having her share.. sounds like the binch of the are talking about splitting the pot between themselves...even if a pair wins
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thatgirI - Also saying that she will half her 500k with Eric NT #2029110 3:30PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029119
CruiseCritic - talking about the final five.... 1 Replies #2029119 3:31PM 29/07/2005
and giving the participants 2K each. Maggie sasy she would have to trust everyone 100% before making a dela on giving away a piece of the pie and FISH
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CruiseCritic - OOOPS giving them 25K each NT #2029132 3:31PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029135
PlayinDead - Maggie just said "you will have to promise to give me so much??? 1 Replies #2029135 3:32PM 29/07/2005
for me to throw it" and then fish
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PlayinDead - Jeny asked her is she would be willing to throw if NT #2029160 3:34PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2029147
Mareenie - Mags is going pee and they are going to go downstairs and wants to figure out what she's going to say at Noms ceremony. NT 0 Replies #2029147 3:33PM 29/07/2005
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