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Topic #2026436
joannie - The safe is opened!!!! 0 Replies #2026436 11:31AM 29/07/2005
A platter of PB&Js is inside. Jenn reads: "Congratulations, HG. You have successfully opened the first Gold Room safe. Your prize is a PBJ sandwich for each HG, but these are not ordinary PB&J. ONE PBJ has a pass inside so that person never has to eat PB&Js again."
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Topic #2026441
Anonymous - Janie got the PB&J Pass NT 0 Replies #2026441 11:31AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026463
joannie - Janelle gets the golden power of PB&J!! NT 0 Replies #2026463 11:32AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026493
BHnoah - Kaysar opened safe & took out a plate of PB&J-- Jennifer started reading a letter 1 Replies #2026493 11:33AM 29/07/2005
saying that one of the PB&J has a pass-- and that the one that gets the special PB&J will never have to eat it again in the house
(Then it went to fish-- saying you could pass it to someone, but that was confusing, but it always goes back to the one who won it after a week-- I'm thinking if the winner of it is on a team that wins food, they can give it to someone for aweek who is on PB&J but that was confusing and we get fish when they talk about that)

Janelle got the special pass-- And never has to eat PB&J again
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Anonymous - Janelle gave also give the pass to someone else #2026532 11:36AM 29/07/2005
after a food competition, she can choose anyone that is on PB&J and give the pass tot hem so that they can eat food too. and after the week is over the pass gets returned to her.
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Topic #2026523
lacycatherine - They just got their food for the week ... lots of screaming and eating in the storage room NT 0 Replies #2026523 11:36AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026529
BHnoah - StorageRoom is open and full of food--- Ivette yelled out "FOOD!!!! 0 Replies #2026529 11:36AM 29/07/2005
and everyone is running in grabbing food
Sarah already has a bannana in her mouth
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Topic #2026667
erniebert - We temporarily get audio of James in Diary Room 0 Replies #2026667 11:50AM 29/07/2005
BB voice is joking that when the hg's go on pb&j so do they. James laughs, then the voice says something like "lets get down to the questions." James says "Ok, I hate you guys,, Maggie........."

Then they figure it out and cut the audio.
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Topic #2026852
babyd - Sarah cornering Iv and trash talking Kay and Jan. NT 0 Replies #2026852 12:07PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026867
Bonita - Sarah begins to cry, Ivette takes her to the WC and all we hear is fish. NT 0 Replies #2026867 12:08PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026871
JillinTx - Sarah is playing the sympathy card to Ivette 0 Replies #2026871 12:08PM 29/07/2005
Sarah tells Ivette that if James goes this week that he won't be in the sequester house and she'll have to spend all that time without him. She's really laying it on thick about how she doesn't want to be in the sequester house for 2 months without him.
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Topic #2027250
TheAntiHamster - James attached by the hip to Ivette. Tells her best move would be to put up Kay and Jan. NT 0 Replies #2027250 12:45PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2027285
babyd - James pointedly tells Iv that he is 0 Replies #2027285 12:49PM 29/07/2005
going to take a nap in the GR. Iv says something about that room and James says what you gonna do " only room to be with Sarah". Then says something about take care of SArah when he is gone. Iv makes a dismissive sound.

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Topic #2027438
Kaynelle - Hoh 0 Replies #2027438 1:00PM 29/07/2005
In the hoh beau, iv and mag

Ivette complaining about how much Kay ate and didn't make anything for anyone else.

Iv talking about how Sarah came crying to her. SHe doesn't think Sarah is a threat therefor there not a great pair. Mag says, "I don't care. I want him out."

Iv: I don't want this to come off like I care about James. I don't. I just think that damn Kay is such a manipulator.

Mag: I don't think I see Kay as a manipulator as James. Kay has never been our friend. James was our friend and then... That to me is a threat.
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Topic #2027451
TheAntiHamster - Ivette talking to Maggie trying to save James. Maggie: "Somehow James has wormed his way into your heart." (to Ivette) NT 1 Replies #2027451 1:01PM 29/07/2005
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Scooterrific - Ivette trying to save James NT #2027478 1:03PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2027562
Kaynelle - Howie and Rachel in the by 0 Replies #2027562 1:10PM 29/07/2005
How: They hate eachother and use eachother...

Rachel: Keep our voices low. I am nervous. I don't think James is right about Maggie... I think she's a nurse.

How: I said from day one she was the strongest player.

Rachel: I am very angry that Eric went... I know what Maggie was looking for out of me.

How: I can't offer her to protect her next week. I just can't do that.
BB wants ratings. That's the way it is. All of sudden one of us is going to get HOH next week.

How: Janelle is the best player. You can't crack her.
Rachel agreeing.

Rach- I think you'll be there in the end. I think you'll be one of the last ones.

Rachel: Don't talk with your hands Howie...
They are turning Eric into some Martyr.

How: He wouldn't hug me... it's a game.

Rach: I find Iv to be a big pain in the rear.

How; They are getting caught up in the emotions. This is a game. I think they are getting that. You don't see Iv and April showing off as much today.

Rach: James said I wouldn't put myself on the line like he does. Of course I'm not. I'm not going to be like him.

How: Yeah, you don't intentionally hurt or annoy people.

(Fast talking hard to keep up!)

Talking about how they both wanted Mag out instead of Crappy.
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Topic #2027631
Kaynelle - Hoh talk about veto 0 Replies #2027631 1:17PM 29/07/2005
April: Rach is really in a grey area

Mag: I guess I'll pull her and Howie up here. If you play, go for it. If you win and use it I will put up your partner.

April: Howie isn't going to do what's right-- he will do what he's told.

Mag: As much as I want Kay out-- if Rach was beside him I wouldn't know who to vote for.

April: We can hope Kay uses Janelle. If she wins veto and takes Kay out...

Mag: Howie goes up?

April: That will motivate Howie to get the veto and not use it.

Talking about missing Crappy.

April: We need to show that we are a strong group. We are pissed Crappy left, but we can't do anything about it. We have to work hard as a group.

Iv continues to bitch about Janelle.
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Topic #2027835
Kaynelle - Sarah kissing up in hoh 0 Replies #2027835 1:40PM 29/07/2005
Sarah to HOH group:

I didn't really know who to trust last week. Kay said that Beau was rallying against James and wanted me up. And the only reason I freaked out was what you said the night before. Beau is saying my name. When James got put up I felt like every one was like "Shhh" when I came around.

Iv Why didn't James get you to play for Veto?

Sar: Prob because he doesn't have Faith in me.

(just misssed some...)

mag; Isn't his priority to think about your needs?

Sar: THey swore they wouldn't put me up.
last night I feel like we are the disposable ones. They shut up as soon as I walk in a room.

Apr: It's horrible feeling. We've all done it.

Sar: I don't want to tell you what to do. It's very improbable that the couples will make it to the end.

Apr: Who do you think James would put up if he got HOH next week. Does he feel betrayed by Kaysar?

Sar: We go to bed and they don't go to bed about an hour after us... we know they are talking about us. I could trust them last week.

Iv: That's what gets me.

Sar: I don't NOT like any one in this house. I just don't know who to trust. I was so scared last week. My ass wasn't even on the line.

Apr: If James would have left last week we would have taken care of you
............you know jan, kay and them would vote out James in a second.

sar: I know! They are the ones staying up late night after night. It sucks they are talking behind our back.

Apri: Kay was coaching every one on how to win. It was pathetic......

Sar: Last night they....they want to keep James and want me to go....They think by keeping him will be keeping a strong player.

Apr: Kay sat there and said, we are the losing team.

Sar: He said we need to stay together as a team. He's trying to be that leader. ..........he sees how strong you are and wants to build another team like you.

They talk about how Howie is completely on Kay's side.

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Topic #2027914
Kaynelle - more sarah kissing up 0 Replies #2027914 1:50PM 29/07/2005
Apr: Has Kay threatened you that if you didn't go by his decisions- the trust would be broken and you'd be the next one up?

Sar: No. He builds people trust.

Iv: I wouldn't even discuss buying a piece of gum with him.

Mag: If I nominate you to go up, who will you pick to play veto with?

Sar: Who would be up with me...

Mags: Let's say it's James

Sar: I know I wouldn't pick Kay or Jan. I would pick someone who wouldn't win it so I would have a better chance at winning it. Prob.. April or Jennifer.
James would do the same thing.
We know if we are up together, I know they won't fight for him. We are the outcasts. They don't care.

Apr: What if James and Kay were up there?

Sar: Probably pick our partners. ...no one else is going to save him.

Iv: Hard thing for me if james made a deal his word is one of those thing that youknowhatimean? If you couldn't trust your friends, then we were never really your friends. I want to believe him now...I don't want to get blindsided by him. What do you do? youunderstandwhati'msaying

Apr: Have you made any promises to them?

Sar: Our loyalty was to get eric out.

Aprl: Kay was trying to deal with us? Did he make a deal w/ you to put up someone he wants? He wanted me to put up my friends, and I'd be gone after 3 weeks...I would never

Sar: I tell you Kay will not let go of Janelle. He will fight to the death for her.

Iv: She'll do anything Kay says.

Apr: I hope you and James are strong enough to not believe every thing Kay says.

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Topic #2027973
callmejenn - Sarah just said "he knows you are going to put up someone from that side". 0 Replies #2027973 1:56PM 29/07/2005
Speaking about what Kaysar said.
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Topic #2028178
Kaynelle - Mags reacts to sar in hoh 1 Replies #2028178 2:13PM 29/07/2005
Ivette stroking Jenn's back and head on the HOH bed.

Talking about anxiety with April

Iv: (Didn't catch all of it) all I care about is that my cappy's gone.

Sar: Cappy is a good guy. I hope he watches the tapes because I want him to know I thought he was a good guy. I'm sorry last week sucked so bad.

Sarah leaves with APril

Mag: She did not get her cue to leave

She's a nice girl, but she came up here with a plan. Every thing she did was to save James.. "Kay was the mastermind." James is the manipulator.

It blows my mind.

She doesn't even realize when James is manipulating her!

Mags: She kept saying, We We We She has sold herself to the other side. She is going to make the other side look how she wants them to look. An hour long speech about how James smells like roses.

Beau: It's Me ME ME..
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Kaynelle - the original plan still on. #2028249 2:19PM 29/07/2005
Mags: Don't tell me Kay is the master mind. He walked off that chess board. If Kay is as controlling as we all think he is he would have never gave that veto to James.

James didn't have a common enemy w/Kay in Eric.... he thought he did.

I'm really lucky I'm with a good group. Not the winning group.. that doesn't matter. The good group.

Now that I'm hoh Sarah comes up here. Right before nominations. I still can't get it through my mind that Kay is more powerful than James.

Beau: So we stick to the orignal plan and get rid of James.
Then if James saves himself Kay goes. Or.... yeah Kay. Because Kay has a plan, a journal a picture... "color by number."

Mag: I don't see Kay influencing any of us 5. I really see James getting through us... if not through sarah than through Ivette.
Ivette has shown no compassion towards Kays... she has towards James. That makes him more dangerous.

(Ivette is sitting right there)

Mag: I'm not trying to separte you two (Beau and Iv) that's for you two to work out.

Jenn: You know what you get when you see Kaysar... you don't know what you get when you look at James.

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Topic #2028253
BHnoah - Maggie-- "I think james is a bigger threat" to jenn, ivette, beau 0 Replies #2028253 2:19PM 29/07/2005
saying that Sarah came up and just kept saying "we" about the s6 and
then saying James is hiding behind what the others did this past week

Maggie is saying james is the mastermind-- saying Kaysar gave up the POV so James would win
If Kaysar was the mastermind you all think-- he wouldn't of given James the chance to get the POV-- And saying James had total confidance in Kaysar and the group

beau saying that we should go with the first plan with James going -- and if James get POV we pup howie or janelle
M:I can't see kaysar getting to us like James could-- we never let our guard down with kaysar

B: then we go with James
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Topic #2028291
Kaynelle - Where do you want your keys? 0 Replies #2028291 2:21PM 29/07/2005
(In the beginning seems to be the majority)

B: Jan's last.

Mag: Who would like to pull out her key?

B: Let Rachel pull out her key. Scare her a little too.

They are sharing maggie's treats.

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Topic #2028320
nojobny - Maggie now asking Ivette, jen and Beau where they want their key in the box 0 Replies #2028320 2:24PM 29/07/2005
Mag: Well it's almost game time. Where do you want your key in the box, the beginning or the end
Iv & Beau: Beginning
Mag: Who do you want to pull out? Where should I put Janelle? At the end... make her squirm

April was not in the room

ed note: I think Beau made a snide remark about April. Was he kidding? Someone else post if you heard what was said.
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Topic #2028321
Rdhedtxn - R telling H that she did not throw HOH...but she did not want it NT 0 Replies #2028321 2:24PM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2028333
Kaynelle - Rachel threw the hoh yes or no? 0 Replies #2028333 2:25PM 29/07/2005
How: Who asked you if you threw the HOH? (to Rachel in BY)

Rache: No one. But, I really didn't want it. I felt strong enough in our position.
I didn't try to lose it, I didn't want it. I didn't throw it though, I want you to know that. I wanted to see Janelle or James get it before us. It would have put us in a better position.

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