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Topic #2025331
amIsane - Howie and Jan sitting at dining table NT 0 Replies #2025331 9:46AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025354
amIsane - JAN asks H if they are going to go after Kay. H says no, they are gonna go after James. NT 1 Replies #2025354 9:48AM 29/07/2005
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BBmaKee - Maggie has been in the dr...came out and they all got dressed and are waiting to start food competion. #2025418 9:55AM 29/07/2005
Maggie is still getting dressed. It seems they are all still waiting for maggie.
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Topic #2025411
amIsane - Shot of outside. Food comp name is "matching Munchies" NT 2 Replies #2025411 9:55AM 29/07/2005
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BBmaKee - They will play as a group. NT #2025445 9:57AM 29/07/2005
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amIsane - Magg comes out. food comp about to begin NT #2025423 9:56AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025451
luvthemfish - BB Producer : we're gonna make it look like you guys chose your positions (busted ya bb) NT 0 Replies #2025451 9:58AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025481
Anonymous - BB telling maggie what to say, HGs have to pretend/act lots of stuff.. so fixed!! :-P NT 0 Replies #2025481 10:01AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025633
ktan - Game set-up in the food comp 0 Replies #2025633 10:14AM 29/07/2005
Set seems like a knock-off of "Match Game"

Host Maggie wearing a plaid suit with a classic microphone in hand.

Top row: Janelle, James, Ivette
Bottow row: Rachel, Beau, Jennifer

The panelists are trying to match answers with: Sarah, Kaysar, April, Howie (who are dressed in appropriate retro wear)

Each of the six panelists play individually for a day of the week. The four HGs write down a food-related answer to a fill-in-the-blank question given to each of the six HGs on the panel. At least two of the four members must match that panelist to win food for that day.

For the 7th day, one contestant will also play for a bonus prize: "Something you've been looking for."

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Topic #2025801
Scooterrific - Question 1 3 Replies #2025801 10:26AM 29/07/2005
Pete is so obsessed with food he tried to tie his shoes with___________.
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LadyeJayne - They also got the word "string" before the blank. NT #2025864 10:31AM 29/07/2005
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ktan - They match two with "cheese" giving the HGs food for Saturday. NT #2025815 10:27AM 29/07/2005
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ktan - Sarah and Kaysar matched "cheese", while April and Howie said "Beans" NT #2026115 11:01AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025855
ktan - Playing for Sunday: The grocery clerk was so hands on one customer complained that he tried to grab her _________ 0 Replies #2025855 10:30AM 29/07/2005
Sarah and Kaysar wrote "Melons."

"Buns" get two matches from April and Howie, winning Sunday for Beau.
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Topic #2025869
ktan - Monday: Jennifer : Dumb Doris was so dumb she flew to France to get French ______ 1 Replies #2025869 10:31AM 29/07/2005
Sarah and Kaysar wrote "Bread."

"Fries" gets two matches from April and Howie and they win Sunday!
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Scooterrific - Jennifer matched April and Howie NT #2025901 10:35AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2025898
ktan - Tuesday: Janelle: You know you're in first class when the stewardess offers chocolate-covered ______ 0 Replies #2025898 10:35AM 29/07/2005
Janelle: "Strawberry"

Sarah: Sundae
Kaysar: Sundae
April: Strawberry
Howie: Strawberry

Food for Tuesday!
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Topic #2025931
ktan - Wednesday: James: The frustrated baker blamed his girlfriend when his _____ refused to rise. 0 Replies #2025931 10:38AM 29/07/2005
James, struggling to come up with an answer: "Bread"

Sarah: Dough
Kaysar: Dough
April: Bread
Howie: Bread

Food on Wednesday!
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Topic #2025985
ktan - Thursday: Ivette: Donna said, "My husband the pastry chef is getting a bit near-sighted. Last night he went outside and tried to ______ the dog." 0 Replies #2025985 10:44AM 29/07/2005
Ivette is stumped, but eventually comes up with: "Bake"

Sarah: Bake
Kaysar: Cook
April: Bake
Howie: Cook

Food for Thursday!
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Topic #2025997
ktan - Now playing for Friday (bonus), but there's confusion whether it means this Friday or next, so we get FISH. NT 0 Replies #2025997 10:46AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026025
ktan - Jennifer plays for Friday: The chef's cooking class was so boring, one student fell asleep in his apple ______ 0 Replies #2026025 10:50AM 29/07/2005
(Guess that means today including the bonus)

Jennifer: "Pie"

Sarah: Cobbler
Kaysar: Pie
April: Cobbler
Howie: Pie

The HGs win Friday and eat food for an entire week!
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Topic #2026077
ktan - Bonus is choosing two numbers to safe combo: 46 and 57 are revealed. NT 0 Replies #2026077 10:56AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026144
joannie - Food comp is over. HG milling about shady part of BY. NT 0 Replies #2026144 11:05AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026157
babyd - James with Iv Beau and Rachel again, sound from different feed NT 0 Replies #2026157 11:06AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026187
joannie - Maggie: "So we're all going straight to the safe?" 0 Replies #2026187 11:09AM 29/07/2005
Resounding YES. Waiting for BB to let them back into the house.
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Topic #2026212
joannie - Lockdown is over. HG bolt for the GR. "Wait for everybody!" NT 0 Replies #2026212 11:13AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026220
Anonymous - Jennifer and Janelle are trying to unlock the bottom right safe. NT 0 Replies #2026220 11:14AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026282
joannie - Safecracking is unsuccessful. April says, "Seven seas, right?" 1 Replies #2026282 11:19AM 29/07/2005
Someone else says, "try nine." We have a brief FISH, and when we come back, they are at the map counting the seas again.
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TheAntiHamster - There were multiple "Thanks BB!" after the fish, and talk about how they never would have gotten the seas without BB. #2026288 11:20AM 29/07/2005
So BB probably told them there are 17 seas.
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Topic #2026339
joannie - While everyone else is in the GR trying to crack the safe, 4 Replies #2026339 11:24AM 29/07/2005
Ivette is lying on the orange couch pouting. Her new best friend James comes out to see what's wrong.

James: "You okay?"
I: "I just can't deal with it. Jennifer is being so damn selfish...blah...blah...blah..."

[ed. note. I don't really know what went on between her and Jenn.]

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CougarSpy - Ivette lying on Couch, James with her. J – Are you all right? (most of the conversation about Jennifer) #2026642 11:48AM 29/07/2005
J – Are you all right?
I – I can’t deal with her…me me me…
I – I can’t believe Jennifer was going to pull…

I – What is, what is…I know I’m not making it up...I don’t know if people don’t want to deal with it or pick their battles…I can’t deal with her selfish behavior all day long. Jennifer and [something about Sarah being …code and Jennifer taking something…] you are even the one that said it about does Sarah have to be ??? out in the code

I – She is absolutely exhausting, absolutely exhausting, I can’t participate sometimes because it’s me me me me…you know…it’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing ever…ever. You know. If the something comes out…great…I can’t sit there in the [?] and why don’t they let you go over there and do the code.
J – I was saying every person in the room should get a chance, because obviously it’s not working out…

[Ivette still lying on couch, James walks away…and then comes back ]

J - ….Relax, they are going to tell us when they get there..
I – You know what I’m saying; it’s like the whole thing…???? I refuse to sit there…<mocking Jennifer, "I’ll do it, I’ll do it….>
J – When you get HOH you can get her out.
I – Hopefully…hopefully…I don’t care to win the million dollars…want her out before I leave…

[some words may be wrong or missing…I had the Quad feeds and another convo was going on]
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Anonymous - I heard her say Jennifer :/ NT #2026468 11:32AM 29/07/2005
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Karenell - She was complaining about Janelle taking over at the safe, that Jennifer should have had a chance because Jennifer was the one who won the 'bonus' #2027303 12:50PM 29/07/2005
question during the food comp that gave them the remaining numbers of the safe.

Essentially, Ivette was complaining that Janelle thinks only of herself, pushing herself into the limelight by taking over opening the safe when she hadn't won the right to do so.
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howies_undies - Janelle, not Jennifer. NT #2026390 11:27AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026359
ILoveJanie - Fish on all for feeds NT 0 Replies #2026359 11:25AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026388
Anonymous - Kaysar got the safe open!!! NT 0 Replies #2026388 11:27AM 29/07/2005
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Topic #2026413
JillinTx - 1st Gold safe open 2 Replies #2026413 11:29AM 29/07/2005
PBJ sandwich for each HG, but has a special power. If they get the special PBJ they will have a special "PJB Pass" and will never have to eat PBJ again. At each food comp they can choose to give the pass to another HG or keep it. Then Fish
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JillinTx - Janelle got it!!1 NT #2026444 11:31AM 29/07/2005
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JillinTx - at the end of the week, the "power" goes back to the original owner. NT #2026430 11:30AM 29/07/2005
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