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Topic #2058376
Awesome_Possum - Maggie and April might not like James 0 Replies #2058376 12:01AM 02/08/2005
Kaysar revealed to April Jame's plan to use the Golden POV to get Sarah out. M and A think that if James would put his partner out, he might not be the most loyal person.

Maggie seems to think that if James gets HOH that she might be nominated. April thinks she will too.

Ivette doesn't seem to grasp the importance of this and while Maggie and April are distracted is using the opportunity to scarf down Maggie's HOH goodies by the handful.

Earlier, the HOH group agreed that they are the "fun" group and the others are "boring." This issue was debated with James earlier, who took the opposing view.

In the boring part of the house, Howie is making gross comments about Janelle.
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Topic #2058392
sportsgrrl - HOH room finally pointing out to Ivette that she may be talking about Eric a TAD too much NT 1 Replies #2058392 12:03AM 02/08/2005
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ElBarto - And comparing things to Eric NT #2058403 12:05AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058442
Caribou - April starts to tell Ivette that she has made April very sad the past few days. Upon seeing Ivette's face at being told this news, April turned it 0 Replies #2058442 12:11AM 02/08/2005
around to Ivette being too hung up on Crappy for ALL of them and if anyone had reason to be that upset, it would be Maggie. At that Maggie jumped in and said she's not competing and April said, while stuffing her face with candy or something, "i know i know i know"

Ivette apologizes to HOH group for getting upset so much and April still yakking at her.

Finally we get feeds on BY too! Switching...
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Topic #2058445
Caribou - Kaysar group in and at hottub, except Rachel who has gone to bed and is sleeping. Now FISH NT 0 Replies #2058445 12:12AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058455
Awesome_Possum - April is calling Ivette out 0 Replies #2058455 12:13AM 02/08/2005
April feels that Ivette has not been considerate enough of her feelings lately. Some incident in the kitchen where Ivette was not attentive enough to her. April's analysis is that Ivette was attached to Eric, but since he left Ivette has less of a connection to the HOH group.

Ivette has a sincere explanation for all of it, but it doesn't seem to be going over very well.
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Topic #2058505
Minx - HOH group is telling what they don't like about each other.... 0 Replies #2058505 12:24AM 02/08/2005
Ivette talks too much about Eric
Jennifer has no self esteem (but seems to think she does)
April has a big mouth and is the house gossip
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Topic #2058550
Caribou - S6 in BY talking about Live Feeds 0 Replies #2058550 12:32AM 02/08/2005
They can hear us, it's split screens, etc. Janelle surprised we can hear her and that it's in colour.

Sarah believes her ex is watching her every move.
Janelle asks if they think Mike is watching live feeds and they say yes. She apologizes for putting on a few pounds. Yells out hi to Mike. Howie says he'll sleep with Janie in bed.
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Topic #2058579
Caribou - HOH groups truth session about each other ending up being a mini- Ivette bashing, with Ivette right there taking it in 0 Replies #2058579 12:37AM 02/08/2005
Jennifer stood up to Ivette and said she knew from the first couple of day that Ivette couldnt' stand her, several people told her so. Ivette tries to deny. Jennifer speaks firmly and says "I can be insecure about my relationship with DAn but that doesnt' mean i'm an insecure person in life" Ivette shuts up.

April tells Ivette she's hurtful in her speech and too Eric obsessed.
Ivette shuts up.

Ivette's face looks not too happy and somewhat hurt and surprised. For every statement, she takes time to think of a denial or twist to reject the claims, offers it up, and gets shot down. they all see through her.

After 10-20 minutes of this (maybe more) Maggie announces she always feels overwhelmed with them all because she's used to being the centre of attention and ruling. Maggie laughs a little after saying this but it's pretty obvious this is a true statement.

Then everyone goes to Ivette, who has tucked herself into her sleeping bag on the floor of HOH and group hugs her.

All in all, a good truthful eye opener for Ivette about her negative and judgmental behaviours and attitudes.
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Topic #2058582
TheAntiHamster - Kay in high, feminine voice: I'm so prissy.... my name is Janelle.... hee hee hee! NT 0 Replies #2058582 12:37AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058593
Caribou - HOH group reading Nicoderm patch instructions. All sitting on floor around Ivette. They say keep this away from janelle. NT 0 Replies #2058593 12:39AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058638
Caribou - Kay and Howie alone beside hottub. Talking about james and sarah lying to them tonight 0 Replies #2058638 12:46AM 02/08/2005
Kaysar and Howie comment that now they they know about those two, none of their lies work. Kaysar ticked that Sarah told him tonight that April hates him. Howie and Kay agree they know for a fact that April loves him. Kaysar says when Sarah was speaking, she gave no details and kept looking down, clearly lying. Trying to stir up trouble.

Bit before this, they talk about Howie's pain. He's got a pinched nerve somewhere and says he'll be fine in a couple days. He had this problem a few months ago so he's not worried about it.
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Topic #2058655
Caribou - Howie can tell now when James is lying because he gets too happy about it. 0 Replies #2058655 12:49AM 02/08/2005
Kaysar now comments about all the times they told him April was lying to him. Kaysar says he thought back to their convos and she didn't - she is a mess but a lot of the things she was not lying about. Howie now thinks james is a horrible actor, going on about Maggie being a cop. Howie says James made that up to cover why he was in that room.

Howie - hopefully RAchel, Janelle or I will win HOH this week and he goes home

Kaysar - make sure on his way out he knows i was onto his ass
Howie - if i get veto, i'll make a huge speech to him.

Then Howie says even if someone else has veto, when they put James up, Howie is going to stand up and make a speech just as an individual and out James - that he lies, deceives.
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Topic #2058660
Caribou - Sarah arrives in BY and Howie immediately switched to Boobie admiration mode. Very impressive act. Kaysar told him to stop it. 0 Replies #2058660 12:51AM 02/08/2005
Sarah out there getting clothes or something so Kaysar and Howie not talking at all.

Janelle is in the shower. Once she's done, Kay and Howie are taking their nightly shower together. James must be in bed in GR.
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Topic #2058664
jimdkc - Howie to Sarah: You're not wearing panties? 0 Replies #2058664 12:52AM 02/08/2005
Sarah: What???!!!
H: I don't see any lines!
S: I don't own any panties where you would see lines!
H: THONG!!!???
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Topic #2058693
Caribou - Howie and Kay back outside by the pool talking again about Sarah and James and why she was out there just now 0 Replies #2058693 1:01AM 02/08/2005
Sarah came outside to fold April's clothes. They find that stupid and obvious that she was there to listen to them. Howie saw James come from around the corner somewhere with Ivette too. They just can't stand those two now (Sarah and james).

(ed.note. they're hiding it very well - janelle, howie and kaysar)
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Topic #2058703
Caribou - Howie and Kay have no clue how to work the pool cleaner. They're frustrated with it and trying to guess how it works. NT 0 Replies #2058703 1:04AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058725
Caribou - HOH room has lights off and Maggie was at the door listening to Jan, Howie, Kay in kitchen 0 Replies #2058725 1:15AM 02/08/2005
K/H/J just joking around so Maggie's not getting anything. HOH also has spycam on the kitchen.

Maggie commented that James and Sarah keep coming up to HOH and she thinks it's because they're trying to pysch out Kaysar and the rest.
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Topic #2058731
Caribou - Maggie says to her group that Kay etc. were whispering (they weren't, they were not speaking at that time) 0 Replies #2058731 1:18AM 02/08/2005
Ivette wants to do her floor spying thing in case they come back to kitchen. Beau goes downstairs to go listen/see what they're doing.

Howie and janelle back in kitchen but just joking around. Ivette in spy position upstairs and camera is pointed right at her so she keeps waving it off. LOL Cameraman won't move it.
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Topic #2058742
Caribou - Howie, Janelle and Kaysar in bathroom play flirting and laughing and having fun. HOH room is watching them like hawks on spycam 0 Replies #2058742 1:22AM 02/08/2005
Beau has rejoined S6 crowd in bathroom. They joke with him too.

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Topic #2058768
Caribou - HOH crowd watches Janelle lay on LR lounge reading Beau's bible. Beau says she wanted to read it but didn't think he was lending it out. 0 Replies #2058768 1:32AM 02/08/2005
HOH group decides James must have talked smack about Beau and said he never lets anyone read his bible.

Now they discuss temperature in HOH room. It's 72 - too cold for Beau. April turned it down to 68 because it's too hot otherwise she says. This puts them onto RAchel when she was HOH the room was so hot. Now they criticize Rachel for being like an old lady and very particular. Ivette is all over this of course. Maggie admits she also asks for food in mornings and that Eric was very particular too. Ivette doesn't acknowledge this and keeps mimicking Rachel. They note that Rachel sets out dinner time every morning, meal times, what they'll have etc. Nobody likes that it seems.

They say Rachel instigates without instigating. That Rachel gets others to make complaints so she doesn't have to. Ivette "really?!" April and Ivette are doing most of this bashing.

Now they're onto Howie and Janelle never doing dishes. And now Ivette mimicking the play convo Janelle and Howie had in the kitchen. Ivette was irritated earlier because Jennifer copied Janelle perfectly; Ivette said it was better than her and that's saying something.

Now they're back to Rachel. I'm switching feeds, this is juvenile.
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Topic #2058770
Caribou - F1/F2: Janelle laying on LR lounge reading bible still. F3/F4: HOH criticizing various S6 people NT 0 Replies #2058770 1:35AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058786
Caribou - Maggie sleeps naked and has for 8 yrs. Shes' not liking sleeping in clothes. Finally shut spycam off NT 0 Replies #2058786 1:41AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058856
Saedron - April admits interning for Dan Rather and then FISH NT 0 Replies #2058856 2:09AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2058954
thadjosh76 - Everybody is asleep NT 0 Replies #2058954 3:22AM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2059003
straightdave - Maggie is doing her strange humming snore, HMMmmm.....HMmmmm....HMmmm..... NT 2 Replies #2059003 4:57AM 02/08/2005
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straightdave - And someone in the GR snoreing VERY loudly #2059008 5:03AM 02/08/2005
It's not Howie hewas moving around while the snoreing is going on
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straightdave - OH my, It was Janelle who was so loud NT #2059023 5:09AM 02/08/2005
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