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Topic #2064549
drummer_inblack - Rach & Howie in the bathroom 0 Replies #2064549 11:49PM 02/08/2005
Rachel's blowing her nose after crying, and, eew, Howie's going to the bathroom, audio and all.
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Topic #2064563
callmejenn - Racheal and Howie walk to the WC...Racheal cleaning up, Howie blowing his nose... 0 Replies #2064563 11:50PM 02/08/2005
Still don't know why Racheal was crying.

How is now peeing with the door open...Racheal finds this slightly amusing and disgusting at the same time.

Howie farts...it apparantley stinks.

Racheal is going to bed, Howie kisses and hugs her goodnight and of course makes a comment about her boobies.
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Topic #2064576
Caribou - Ivette very unsympathetic to Rachel (who is crying). Jenn too. April cares tho. Maggie says it's because Rachel can't relate to them. 1 Replies #2064576 11:52PM 02/08/2005
April now says it's because she's left out of them, their major group.

Ivette now saying Rachel came in as a hardass, she chose to be in a house with 13 people.

April reasoning why Rachel might be crying.. something about hottub. RAch and Kay were in hottub talking about how Rach flipped out about Vanilla Extract... April doesn't finish. They all watch the spycam.

Ivette - she's always frazzled. she's got a great body but she's just always frazzled.

Maggie wonders why Howie won't let her work on his back - she won't offer but he won't ask either.

Now April continues the Kay/Rach convo...apparently Rach said it wasn't about the vanilla extract, but her flipout was about "a bigger picture"

Maggie - I told her "i think you have a crush on james" and i honestly wasn't being mean but she said "oh no he's not my type"
April - why would you have said that knowing he has a g/f?
Maggie - thats' why i was tellign her I'm sorry about Sarah. it was 2 days after we all came out about our partners
April - its' been a week
Maggie - i was really trying to be compassionate, not hurtful

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Anonymous - more of Ivette and Jennifer trashing Rachel's crying #2064861 12:40AM 03/08/2005
April expresses sympathy and Ivette mumbled something
April says: "but she still has feelings
Jennifer: well she wasn't crying earlier, she just wants attention from Howie
April: we all cry, I've cried
Jenn: yeah but she was fine a few minutes ago, why would she be crying?

(Jenni was fake crying that Howie hurting her feelings the other day)

Howie and RAchel go to bathroom area.. thank goodness Iv and Jennifer can't see her now
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Topic #2064583
Zazny - K: Howie, since tomorrow you're gonna be on your best behavior, we're gonna call you "Howard" NT 0 Replies #2064583 11:53PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064584
callmejenn - Kaysar and Janelle are still walking laps in BY. Have been doing that for quite awhile now. 0 Replies #2064584 11:53PM 02/08/2005
Howie is outsude with them now.

Janelle tells Howie that she has been working out for him.

Tells Janelle that she has nice boobs, great tits, thighs are awesome...etc.

Howie is trying to get all his vulgarness out now because in 8 mins he has to stop for an entire 24 hours.
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Topic #2064586
drummer_inblack - Kaysar (in the BY w/ Jan & How): "Howie, since you'll be on your best behavior with the bet tomorrow, we're gonna call you Howard." NT 0 Replies #2064586 11:53PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064595
Zazny - Jan and Howie plan to study chair counts, foosball player counts, etc NT 0 Replies #2064595 11:55PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064601
callmejenn - K/J/H are now going over BY trivia...22 men on fusball, 5 lawnchairs. NT 0 Replies #2064601 11:56PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064607
Caribou - April thinks Rachel had a crush on Mike. Nobody agrees. April recounts a couple of times she said he was really cute. Now they're wondering what 1 Replies #2064607 11:57PM 02/08/2005
happened today to upset Rachel so much.

April says she offered to Rachel to join HOH and Rachel declined.

iveette - she doesn't loosen up, she stresses about things
Jenn - thats' just her personality
Ivette - if she's not gonna loosen up you shouldn't come into something like this
April - she was enjoying Kaysar massaging her very very very much!

April - Kaysar doesn't push his religion anymore either. I think he got that really f'n quick. Everyone was saying everything against it so I think he threw it out the door. (they all think Kay used his religion initially and has tossed it now)

April - Kay asked Rach what was one of her pet peeves and she said people who cut across parking lots. that's boring
Ivette finds this to be more fuel for her bashing Rachel

April - Kaysar was talking to us in Arabic and all that

April - remember when Rachel had HOH and Mike was in bed here and pretending to be asleep?
They go to town on this... now they see where everyone is. They see someone coming up to HOH they think. Now they're tracking where S5 people go and where they are.
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Anonymous - re inside post about Kaysar's religion, Ivette also said he doesn't even pray now NT #2064878 12:47AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064617
Caribou - 3 on the floor in makeshift bed in HOH - Ivette, Jenn in middle, then Beau. Jenn has her shirt pulled way up and is running her fingers all over her 0 Replies #2064617 11:59PM 02/08/2005
stomach. Going on at least 5 minutes now

(ed.note. I just find this weird to do, especially in front of a group of people as they're talking)
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Topic #2064619
Caribou - Now HOH group bashing how S5 doesn't clean up after themselves in kitchen. NT 0 Replies #2064619 11:59PM 02/08/2005
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