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Topic #2061164
babyd - Janelle and James exercising, James asks Jan if 0 Replies #2061164 1:39PM 02/08/2005
she is going to warm up before she starts the treadmill, Jan says I am (while she is going like crazy on treadmill) James asks if Howie is going for IT, Jan says I don't know. James says my plan is still the best. an I know.
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Topic #2061224
Zazny - James and Howie scheduled for haircuts tonight 0 Replies #2061224 1:59PM 02/08/2005
Jam: I hate this scraggly, fratboy look.
A: [You don't need one.] I love it when it's pushed forward
Jam: Does it make me look younger? [to Beau] I asked if you had any appointments open

Howie is scheduled at 5, James is at 6.

The HG's have been leaving the BY one by one to get lunch. Most seem to be in a happy, friendly mood. Beau is still sunning. Howie is in the spa. Rachel is at the table in the BY.

Earlier, Beau laughed as he told Ivette about Maggie tricking Sarah about her profession.
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Topic #2061229
Zazny - Rachel gives Howie an update 0 Replies #2061229 2:01PM 02/08/2005
R: I walked in the house and Maggie and Sarah were chatting away. And James was in the gym. Then Sarah went in the gym [R implying she may have went to go tell him something]. Just do your thing. We're cool. Whatever happens will happen.

B [tanning, a ways off, but his mic is louder than R's]: Am I getting dark...am I getting darker?
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Topic #2061273
Zazny - R: It's funny that everybody's getting along today 0 Replies #2061273 2:17PM 02/08/2005
Rachel and Kaysar in BY patio

K: They all have one purpose...and the person leaving isn't causing drama
R: Eric was probably depicted as an ass. I think he was.
K: He was.
R: You won't be depicted like that. If you leave, you won't be depicted like that, you'll be depicted as someone who just got beat. I'd like to be shown like that I will not go out of here as a jerk.
K: I'll think you'll be depicted as Lisa was
R: That's fine, I take that
K: Sweet, to herself, looking for love, and all she has is Howie
R: Oh gawd. That's the sad part of the story.

Howie gets out of the spa and Rachel doesn't like that he's wearing those undies that don't fit.

Howie's back is hurting him. Rachel tells him to put on some icy-hot.

R: He's such a crack up. Sometimes he can pull out some sincerity from the beyond, his inner-self, and it's shocking.
K: The guy's really sweet, somewhat, if you dig past the fratboy mentality.
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Topic #2061282
Zazny - Maggie joking about Sarah and James 0 Replies #2061282 2:20PM 02/08/2005
to Beau who is sunning in BY

M: It's like you get the Sarah doll when you buy the James doll. It's like a bonus. Nobody would buy the Sarah doll otherwise.
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Topic #2061286
ihateeric - Maggie to Beau "what if they are only acting like they are going along with the plan to take the focus off of them?" NT 0 Replies #2061286 2:23PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061291
Zazny - A bee scares off Beau and Maggie -- they run and scream and head inside NT 0 Replies #2061291 2:26PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061308
ihateeric - Rachel "james probably suspects we arent happy with him" to Kay 0 Replies #2061308 2:29PM 02/08/2005
And the other side just hates him

K- If I were him, he's probably just trying to be sequestered.

James comes outside.
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Topic #2061312
Zazny - R: It *has* been quieter around here [without Eric] 0 Replies #2061312 2:30PM 02/08/2005
K: We got along just fine. We don't need people in here who will split people up. And James is one of them.
R: Yup. James is in a bit of a hole. He probably suspects we're not happy with him right now and he knows the other side hates him, so he's in a damned if he does, damned if he don't situation. Sucks to be him.
Kaysar says something I missed -- check the other update

James comes outside.
J: Whatup sexy lady and Kayyyyysar?
R: We're chillin' like villains and talking about life outside this place
J: There is no life outside this place

Rachel and Kaysar expertly change the subject to their jobs
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Topic #2061329
Zazny - James gives a birthday shout out to "Neech"? He'll be 33; R: "Oh that's old!" NT 0 Replies #2061329 2:33PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061349
Zazny - James: Has anybody in BB history been disliked as much as myself? 0 Replies #2061349 2:38PM 02/08/2005
R: We don't dislike you!

J: My friends now put me up, and my friends then were setting me up.
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Topic #2061360
mountainmama - Rachel just tied James up to the chair outside. Is he asleep? NT 0 Replies #2061360 2:40PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061391
ihateeric - In the HOH room April "james keeps asking me if I like him"... 0 Replies #2061391 2:46PM 02/08/2005
Ivette and April

Ap: I hope the other people go along with it. i think they will, i havent really seen them all talking in the gold room. theyve been seperate. kaysar will talk to me sometime before voting. i wish, i wont unless we all agree, say something that 'if you think james and sarah will vote for janelle to be evicted, watch youre wrong. james could be telling them (otherwise) i dont think it's been brought up. James said make sure Kaysar goes. I just think Kaysar will probably...Whats so ***** up is that James is the one who said put Janelle up and now he's like...he's scared...he wont shut the ***** up about being put up next week either, have you noticed. It's so funny because james starts, it's a pattern, right before HOH he starts talking to me more and more, then depending who gets HOH, he'll either talk or not talk, then goes to HOH wheels and deals, makes promises that are unkept, get off by Veto, acts like he feels bad and go right back to being friend again

Ivette has said nothing so far.

April continues: If he did get HOH, he would put up Howie and Rachel, if he doesnt do what he said he will piss people off more and if he does we can act like "wow, he really followed thru with it"

Ivette: I doubt it.

April: What was that about?

maggie enters.
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Topic #2061396
Zazny - April says James has been asking her "are we ok? are we friends" 0 Replies #2061396 2:47PM 02/08/2005
Feeds come in as she's telling Ivette "if any of ya'll get the Veto, you have to use it."

Ivette says James will be suspicious if Howie picks me.

A: Kaysar will talk to me sometime before voting. I know he will. I wish I could say something that 'if you think James & Sarah are gonna vote for Janelle to be evicted, watch you're wrong' just to give another...you know what I'm saying...James could be telling him...I don't think anyone's talked about it to be honest. James was telling you make sure Kaysar goes. What was his reasoning behind that? Well, to save his ass. I just think Kaysar will probably...what's so ***** up is ...James is the one that said put Janelle up [ed:?], we didn't do that because he said...he's so scared to go up again. he was saying that the eviction chair was his friend. like shut up.

Ivette is munching on m&m's during all this

A: it's like a pattern he does. just before hoh comes, he starts talking to me more and more. then when hoh comes he either talks or doesn't talk, then after nominations he wheels and deals, after noms he acts ok that he's nomm'd, then he wheels and deals deals that won't be kept, then he wins power of veto, then acts like he's sorry. it's this weird pattern. if we get hoh, best scenario is put up howie/rachel. like seriously, best case scenario. if he doesn't do what he said he'd do then he'll piss people off more. if he does, then we can act like wow, you really followed through.

I: yeah but

Maggie in. Ivette out, I think

A: what was that about?
M: Dolphin trainer?
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Topic #2061405
ihateeric - Maggie, April, Ivette make fun of Sarah for believing Maggie is a dolphin trainer and not a nurse. NT 0 Replies #2061405 2:49PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061428
Zazny - As I/M/A/Jen all laugh over fooling Sarah over Mag's profession, Jen makes dolphin noises; M: That's a sheep noise isn't it? NT 0 Replies #2061428 2:53PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061429
ihateeric - Maggie "What is James obsession with my occupation..." 0 Replies #2061429 2:53PM 02/08/2005
April: he wants to feel like he's discovered all the secrets and no one else has.

(Apparently earlier April called James out for lying about everything, his age, his gf, etc.)

April and Maggie rehash the dolphin story AGAIN. Jen makes fun of Sarah's voice.

April: She's probably running to James. Doyouknowwhatimsayin?

Maggie: You guys need to play along with this. In front of Sarah ask questions about dolphins! If james is around act like I'm a lawyer.

Iv: Why dont you ask kaysar what james thinks maggie is?

Ape: He doesnt know.
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Topic #2061439
ihateeric - Ivette to Mags "I think he might be scared of how smart you might be" NT 0 Replies #2061439 2:55PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061448
Anonymous - Maggie: I can be a dolphin trainer or I can be a lawyer, what ever you want me to be NT 0 Replies #2061448 2:57PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061465
ihateeric - Ape: Let's say kaysar is screwing us over... 0 Replies #2061465 2:59PM 02/08/2005
Maggie: Im the reason he's being evicted. I put him up.

Ape: But he knew that.

Mag: he didnt know james would ***** him?

Ape: They agreed to play fair and square and the shook on it. if youve noticed, kaysar has been very niced to us. He's being nice to james because he cant make it obvious. what do we have to lose? im not in it to win at this point, im just trying to get by. i dont want james to start suspecting things.
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Topic #2061480
Disneyisme - In the HOH I came in when April said that Maggies shorts are perfect for dolphin training. Maggie 0 Replies #2061480 3:02PM 02/08/2005
says they aren't even hers. Ivette asked "what, you broght clothes in from other people?" Maggie says "No, they are my friend Jenn's..it was her wedding I am supposed to be planning..." April asks "did she have to sign something?" Maggie says "yes, she did and so she gave me those shorts and told me to wear them when I am thinking about her."
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Topic #2061485
ihateeric - April "We'll only be in here 2 more days.(HOH)" Jen "No, 9 more days. I want HOH" NT 0 Replies #2061485 3:02PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061487
Zazny - Beau is happy after leaving DR; M: I was smiling after I came out too; A wants to know why [They can't discuss DR] NT 0 Replies #2061487 3:02PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2061496
Disneyisme - Beau just entered HOH after being in the DR...April says "look at you..." 0 Replies #2061496 3:04PM 02/08/2005
Maggie says "I was smiling when I came out of the DR too...you'll see when you go in." April says "is it about the booger thing?" Beau says they can't talk about DR.
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Topic #2061528
Disneyisme - Jenn says "when will I get called into the DR? I want to be part of this.." Maggie says "Oh you are, more than you know." NT 0 Replies #2061528 3:06PM 02/08/2005
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