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Topic #2064637
Caribou - April - Janelle didn't bring ***** for cigarettes so she's not a smoker. Ivette says Janelle eats ice cream and cake ALL DAY. Now they bash 1 Replies #2064637 12:03AM 03/08/2005
what S5 eats all day and if they exercise or not.

April believes Sarah is not over her ex-b/f.

Completely out of the blue, Ivette starts bashing Rachel again, how she's uptight etc. Maggie tells them they don't know what it feels like being on the block and Rachel hasn't even been up, what will she do then? We are going to die!
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Anonymous - Iv: she had 3 bowls of ice cream today.. Mag: so did I NT #2064898 12:55AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064644
Zazny - K/H/Jan strategize vs. James 0 Replies #2064644 12:06AM 03/08/2005
H: If he puts me and Maggie up it'll screw up the votes
J: Why would he put you [Howie] and Maggie up?
H: Who knows what he's thinking, he's a loose cannon.
J: We'd still help get you off
K: How?
J: With veto.
K: He's not smart, do you guys think he's smart
H: He's not smart, he's a tough competitor.
J: We need to win [consecutive] HOH's or we're *****
H: If we end up getting James out of the house, then we can have her get the rest of our problem out of the house: Sarah.

Howie leaves for the WC
J: We wanted James gone then he came to us and offered us Eric. My opinion on James changes every ***** week.
K: It's his fault.

long pause
K: Such idiots. The game, the detail. We showed him with good faith that he could work with us and it wasn't enough. He's an idiot. He thought too far ahead and he tried to screw us over. It was selfish. It's his selfishness that will get him kicked out of this game.
J: Then there'll be only one straight guy left in the house!
J: I think Howie will make it to the end
K: I think so too
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Topic #2064647
Caribou - Ivette - my pet peeves are people who think they're better than other people, people... (on and on list) 0 Replies #2064647 12:06AM 03/08/2005
Jennifer proving how juvenile and catty she is, recounting a story of Jenn walking out into the kitchen area pretending she had blonde hair all of a sudden. She had Janelle's brush and it was covered in blonde hair so Jenn took one or something and put it in her hair. Jenn did this in front of everyone to make fun of Janelle.

Now they all plan that when Janelle is about to be evicted (not this week, just whenever it happens) they are all going to tell her all her faults - leaving clothes around, her fake blonde hair etc. Maggie says no one but herself has learned anything while in this house. Beau says we don't mean ***** to Janelle so it won't matter what we say.

April says to Ivette to play James if he gets HOH and find out what he's gonna do.
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Topic #2064656
Caribou - April tells Maggie that if James gets HOH he'll be putting up April and Maggie. Says James told Beau that. NT 0 Replies #2064656 12:08AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064681
Caribou - HOH talking about next HOH comp again. Ages of HGs, who said what, occupations etc. NT 1 Replies #2064681 12:12AM 03/08/2005
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Caribou - Maggie didn't believe Kaysar was Graphic Designer (lol). They said he def. is because he admitted it. NT #2064688 12:13AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064696
Caribou - Beau wants to get HOH this week. Next week, all agree that if it's endurance they'll throw it so Ivette so can get it, once it's down to just them. NT 0 Replies #2064696 12:15AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064713
Caribou - april plans to pump rachel for info tomorrow about why she was crying. "I'll be really consoling and stuff to find out" NT 0 Replies #2064713 12:18AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064747
Zazny - Why Janelle's here, more James nervousing, what to do with Sarah 0 Replies #2064747 12:23AM 03/08/2005
K: Why are you here
J: To win the money
K: Any other reasons
J: To prove to myself I can make it to the end
K: The one thing about this game is confidence. Because everything here will break you down without confidence.
J: I have confidence, right?
K: The reason why they'd throw money at you to choose
J: Is if you don't have confidence...it's so tempting.
K: Why do you think the money is a factor? It will tear you apart and cause people to backstab. It will make you forego your values.

Howie rejoins
H: If James took me out of this game, I'd be fine, but not when he's supposed to be on my side.

They think he will throw HOH or he would have to declare war.
J: He'd have to have Sarah win
K: Then what, they have to go back and forth winning HOH's?
H: Sarah will never win one
K: It's not logical
H: As much as he's teeter-tottering, he wants Maggie out of this game more than anybody.
K: This morning he woke me up before he went to DR and to ask for the FBI hat.
J: Why?
K: I wonder what he said. Probably something for me and that I'm on my way out and how he's happy that he's in charge now.
J: He's not in charge
H: I don't know what this guy is thinking. He's a loose-cannon. He's like Anakin going back and forth between the dark side and the force.
J: Why would he do that, it's a dumb move
K: Because he doubted himself. He could have won that veto and the team would have stuck together and supported him.

J: He's gonna try to get her to win the money
K: He has no faith in her
H: I don't either
J: She's not a threat
K: Don't make any promises, just focus on James.
...if they get HOH I told them to put up Sarah and James.

K: If they get rid of James and they get HOH again, tell them to remove Sarah. [But different situations will require different strategies].
J: And if we get HOH [after they got rid of James], they will make us get rid of Sarah, but we say no
K: Say that's not part of the deal. Keep her as you need her, but you may need to dump her at some point.
J: But do not bring her to the final four because all those girls like her
H: They do?
J: I don't care what they say, they like her.

H: If there is a Big Brother God with my bad back, he won't make it physical
J: I think it will be mental
H: Dammit
J: We can do it Howie
H: What happened to the physical competitions
K: You signed up for the wrong reality show
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Topic #2064774
Zazny - If Howie wins HOH, he puts up 2 of "them" 0 Replies #2064774 12:26AM 03/08/2005
so he is not suspicious, then save one of them at veto.

Howie says he'll come right after us if it doesn't work.

H: They'll be nice to me again. April will bring me a glass of water, Ivette's making me breakfast...doesn't matter to me honey, you'll still go up.

J: He's like Marvin last year. He was against the whole house. He was up like five times.
H: Was he the best player in the game? Better than Jase?
J nods like duh
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Topic #2064827
Caribou - Kaysar - april to be point of contact with Janelle, between the 2 groups, no other talking between groups NT 0 Replies #2064827 12:32AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064838
Caribou - Kaysar, Howie and janelle on grass in BY eating nachos with sauce and talking about plans for game NT 1 Replies #2064838 12:34AM 03/08/2005
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Caribou - They can't talk in GR now because of james/sarah always being there NT #2064841 12:35AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064860
Zazny - H: She's an embarassment to Big Brother 6 0 Replies #2064860 12:40AM 03/08/2005
They're talking about.... APRIL
J: She's never smoked but she needs the patch!

Howie mumbles something about I, I think
K: We're all losing our patience

H: There's no pride at stake any more, shut your ***** mouth. Don't be singing any of that Crappy ***** at me.

K: You have to be nice to them, they're going to be voting.

H: At the sequester house....

K: You're sending them to the sequester house

H: Not one person will vote for James [ed: so keep him, dingy!]

BB: "Stop That!"

J: Who!?

H: We can't talk about sequester house? What I was saying they won't be together. One will but both won't.
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Topic #2064879
Zazny - K: Just vote me out 0 Replies #2064879 12:47AM 03/08/2005
J: Don't you want just one vote
K: no
J: Why
K: It doesn't make a difference

Howie's telling how Maggie put him on the spot with Janelle around and asked him "who are you voting for?"

Howie and Jan really want to give him a vote.

K: My feelings won't get hurt, I don't need this vote. It's about what I did here.
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Topic #2064927
Caribou - ALERT: James knows the jig is up apparently. He and Sarah whispering in bed in GR. 2 Replies #2064927 1:04AM 03/08/2005
Sarah said: "They will want to take us both out, both sides, so we HAVE to win HOH." The James said..."WE HAVE TOO."

(ed.note. Thanks to Summer for catching this!)

Convo continues with them planning who etc. But it's practically impossible to hear due to ocean-like feedback. (hoping somebody gets it) Anyway, they're very calm as they whisper and don't seem freaked or upset, that I can tell at least.
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Anonymous - He said something about getting HOH and then start making deals #2064965 1:13AM 03/08/2005
It was difficult to hear though
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Starlady - what he said was, esentially, "if we don't get it, then we start making deals" NT #2064986 1:18AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2064932
Zazny - I: It's the same sex you guys have, why do you think we're weirdos! (Adult) 0 Replies #2064932 1:05AM 03/08/2005
Ivette and Beau hold the Gay Sex Class for Maggie, April, and Jen and describe their sex lives.

A says if she was a gay guy she would bang guys, but not be banged.

B has had sex with 3 guys and is a bottom.

I: He's the bitch.
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Topic #2065017
Caribou - Kaysar, Howie, Janelle in bathroom grooming, game chat. Kaysar finally gets Janelle's attention (verbatim) 0 Replies #2065017 1:26AM 03/08/2005
Janelle asks Kaysar to watch from home, says he will. She asks what live feeds are about and they say just watching the house, that's all it is. Janelle is cleaning her toes as they chat.

Kaysar - guess i'm just going to go back home and it's gonna be life as usual
Janelle - which is?
Kaysar - well before I left i was working on something ....biz transaction
Janelle - how big?
Kaysar - cant' say. let's just say it's worth more than the total prize money would be
Janelle - is it total profit for you?
Kaysar - pretty much
janelle - wow! so you're like rich
Kaysar - well we'll see. i really dont' care about the money
Janelle - yea
Kaysar - i really didn't i was just trying to prove something
janelle - i bet your family is so proud of you
Howie agrees
Kaysar - tried my best and that's what counts
Janelle - i think you did awesome. only reason you're leaving is because you're the best
Howie agrees
kaysar - thanks guys
Howie - and because you gave your whole damn strategy to everybody
They all chuckle
Janelle - yea, no kidding
Howie - you don't do that in the first quarter, you do that in the 4th quarter
Kaysar - the only thing i did was give away how smart i am.
Howie - right
Kaysar - they don't know how to use that strategy
Howie - right
Kaysar - it's ok. i'll learn from this mistake
Janelle - what do you think the mistake was? it can't be being too smart. it's not your fault
Kaysar - giving away...like the step by step exactly what i did and how it happened. but it wouldn't have changed anything because eric still went home during my hoh, james still was on the block because he betrayed them, it wouldn't have changed anything. just what's meant to be will be
Janelle - it's their fault cuz if they had told us we could have told them
Kaysar - it would have bought me another week
Janelle - you would still be here this week and win with us
(talking about James backstabbing the other team and now them, that's ultimately what caused Kaysar to be stuck going home)
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Topic #2065026
Zazny - Did Beau cut our hair with your babushka clippers!? (Adult) 1 Replies #2065026 1:28AM 03/08/2005
These are the clippers that Howie shaves all his body hair with

H: Yes
They have a laughing fit
K: You don't have Gonorreah do you?
H: No.
J: Why do you joke about that?
H: It's funny.
K: I feel a lot closer to you for some reason
H: These have been everywhere on my body
K: Your nutsack and your a-hole...
H: Oh god this is awesome
K: I feel so violated

H: I'm clean. The only thing you might have is urine, sperm, or fecal matter
K: I have 2 years of Howie's ass crust on my neck.

K: Howie stay in the shower! He's coming out of the shower naked!
This cracks K and H up
K: I'm gonna throw up.
H: That's awesome
K: Yeah for you!

J: Poor James, he's such a clean freak too!
H: Not anymore, he's not
K: The worst thing is, he took a shower before his haircut and not after. He just rinsed his hair, so now he's sleeping with ass in it. This is the equivilent of spreading your butt and rubbing it on us.
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Hypnotoad - Kaysar "atleast i didnt get the full haircut huh?" Janelle "Poor James" NT #2065029 1:29AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2065035
Caribou - Kaysar asked Howie about his STDs 0 Replies #2065035 1:30AM 03/08/2005
Howie says no he's never had any really. Nothing in remission. He's never had an STD.

Kaysar feels a bit better but not much because Howie NEVER cleans his clippers and uses them everywhere...and Beau used them to cut all the guys' hair today.

Kaysar feels much closer to Howie now he says.
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Topic #2065048
Caribou - Kaysar looking for rubbing alcohol to sterilize his neck after Howie's clippers have been on him today 0 Replies #2065048 1:34AM 03/08/2005
HOwie laughing and saying "I didn't even think about it! I'm sorry I'm sorry!"

Howie starts saying "my back my back" and janelle finishes it with "my pussy and my crack" and Kaysar stops dead and makes an ewww face and tells her not to say that. Janelle - but it's a song! it's a song!
Kaysar says please don't talk like that.
Janelle - Ivette does
Kaysar says she's disgusting though. You want to be like her?
Janelle says no and I'm sorry.
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Topic #2065075
Caribou - Howie walked out of the shower naked for a minute and both janelle (outside shower giving herself a pedicure) and Kaysar yell at him 0 Replies #2065075 1:43AM 03/08/2005
Kaysar - Howie! My mom is going to see your naked butt next to my face
Howie - oh come on, everybody's got a butt

Kaysar - I was just about to say I was going to change you (and you chose that moment to walk out of the shower naked)

Every few minutes Howie and janelle do the "Oh Janie" "Oh Howie" thing - funny.

Kaysar - she's the cutest girl i've ever seen. oh janie
Janelle - oh kaysar!
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Topic #2065084
Caribou - Janelle farts and kaysar looks at her with awe and wonder .. and disgust. He can't believe it. She cracks up. NT 1 Replies #2065084 1:46AM 03/08/2005
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blurry - Kayser said "this is a nightmare" NT #2065091 1:48AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2065086
pformgarts - Janelle just farted in front of Kay & Howie NT 0 Replies #2065086 1:47AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2065106
Caribou - Kaysar - i'm going to hear that in my sleep (referring to Oh Howie, Oh Janie those two say) NT 0 Replies #2065106 1:56AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2065125
Caribou - Kaysar - Even if I don't go to law school i'll continue my education. Maybe an MBA NT 0 Replies #2065125 2:03AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2065146
Caribou - Kaysar just told Janelle she looked like a penguin in her robe. Janelle gave him hell for bugging her & other women there about their weight NT 0 Replies #2065146 2:10AM 03/08/2005
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