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Topic #2069352
valentine - Kaysar Explains More About His Meat 0 Replies #2069352 6:43PM 03/08/2005
Kaysar: I don't eat it like you guys. I just put it in the George Foreman and that's it. That's it.

He also tells them that he avoids soda, because of the caffeine.

Jenn is doing dishes and Kaysar is standing behind her.

(I guess that's kind of like helping.)
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Topic #2069368
valentine - James and Sarah Start Their Sonny and Cher Routine 0 Replies #2069368 6:46PM 03/08/2005
by bickering in the kitchen area.

James: There are no kisses for you until I beat you in chess.

Jenn: If he was my boyfriend I would never play chess with him.

James makes her repeat this. There is general discussion about the way James plays and how he doesn't have any mercy for Sarah.

James: You can't teach anybody anything by just letting them beat you!

Sarah: But you don't even teach me anything!!! You just play!!
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Topic #2069383
valentine - Ivette: Attention, Banana Eaters!!! 0 Replies #2069383 6:48PM 03/08/2005
Ivette: Banana Eaters, can you please leave a banana for Ivette?

She says that she likes to eat them when they are deep yellow with little brown spots, but they are always all gone while they are still green.

Maggie is adament that there are "like, 20 bananas in the storage room."

This seems to please Ivette, coming from Queen Maggie.

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Topic #2069424
ihateeric - James and Sarah on who to nominate 0 Replies #2069424 6:58PM 03/08/2005
S: Did you talk strategy to I?
J: She keeps saying there are other people to put up instead of me. I told her I cant do anything til we get rid of Maggie. She says if she gets HOH she'll put up Howie or Janelle. If I compete I'll take off Janelle and they can put off Rachel. vote Howie off.
I told her after I get rid of Maggie I'd nominate Howie and Rachel.
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Topic #2069426
valentine - Howie and Janelle Flirt in the Gold Room 0 Replies #2069426 6:59PM 03/08/2005
Howie: Oh, Janelle! You're such a good reader! Do you have a diary at home?

Janelle nods. She's lounging on her GR bed holding open Beau's Bible.

Howie: You really do?

Janelle says she usually writes down her hopes and dreams, and however things are going in her life.

Howie: Do you get real sad Janie?

Janelle nods: Yeah.

BB: Janelle, Please go to the DR!

Janelle: Oh no, I look like hell.

She runs to the mirror and takes down her twisted bun. Apparently she has deep conditioner in her hair tonight at a beauty treatment.

She put on lipstick and tells Howie how cute he is.

Janelle: Oh Howie, I'll miss you!!.............I'm such a dork.
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Topic #2069450
valentine - Aha. I Think We Know James' Original Partner's Name. 0 Replies #2069450 7:02PM 03/08/2005
They are sitting in the round lounge chair talking about the game, and how they need to win HOH.

Sarah: Oh, this is insane!!

James: We have to make another week.

Sarah: Yeah, we have to. Neither one of us can afford to go home alone.

James: Well, I wouldn't want to. I would go to Miami if it happened. And stay with Brandon. And maybe even Brendon, if we'll ever be friends again.

James says Ivette is ready to go home. He says she is breaking down more every day.
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Topic #2069465
valentine - James Sees Kaysar Across the Yard 0 Replies #2069465 7:04PM 03/08/2005
and starts singing that famous "What Up Kaysar" song under his breath.

James: I'll miss him. I wish he was staying.

Sarah: Me too. I don't want him to leave. It's too bad we didn't do anything to change it.

James: Do you think we could have?

Sarah: Yes.
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Topic #2069468
ihateeric - sarah : We have to make it one more week because...More strategy 0 Replies #2069468 7:04PM 03/08/2005
we can't go home by ourselves.

S: I'm not going to have anything coming out of here.

J: You're gonna win first place.

S: We can't count on that, obviously. Is Ivette understanding?

J: She's breaking down she doesnt want to be here.

S: We need to keep her here.

J: Maggie knows this is her last week. Once we get that damn HOH...

S: I wasn't thinking our secret would ever get out.

J: What up Kaysar. I wish he could say

S: Me too. We should have made it work out.

J: There's no way to make it work.

S: You don't think we could have talked to...

J: There's no way they are on the side of HOH.

S: No, howie and rachel. And then talk to Ivette and say Ivette here is your chance.

J: We should have thought about it. We didnt have enough time. I wonder if Maggie used to be a cop or is a cop.

S: I was giving her a hard time this morning.

J: About the dolphin trainer thing.

Ivette returns.

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Topic #2069494
ihateeric - Ivette: I don't want HOH this week. I want it the following week. NT 0 Replies #2069494 7:07PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069507
valentine - Quick Camera Shift to Kaysar and Janelle 0 Replies #2069507 7:09PM 03/08/2005
laying on Janelle's bed in the GR.

Kaysar is talking strategy to her, and is upset that "he" ruined it.

Janelle is messing with her hair, which now looks more natural.

They are murmering very softly. It's their last night together in the house.
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Topic #2069527
fgjadfg - Janelle and Kaysar talking about James and Sarah 0 Replies #2069527 7:12PM 03/08/2005
Jan: I hate him...I hate them both f**king losers
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Topic #2069709
valentine - Drug Talk 1 Replies #2069709 7:41PM 03/08/2005
Jenn and Beau are sitting in the hammock, facing each other. They were talking about all of the different ways to ingest pot.

Beau said he would never eat pot brownies, because when you ingest it is inside your organs, instead of just going to his head. He laughs and says that is probably worse after all.

Jenn asks a lot of questions about inhaling, and what Clinton meant when he said he didn't inhale. She is implying that she has never done it, even thought there were lots of pot heads and heroin deaths at her high school.

Beau would never do heroin. He says he's only been high, "like, 10 times ever".

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valentine - Oh, And Beau Kept Farting #2069748 7:46PM 03/08/2005
and saying "Damn halibut" every time. Jenn giggles.
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Topic #2069731
valentine - Jennifer is Going Off About Topher Grace 0 Replies #2069731 7:44PM 03/08/2005
and saying that she is in love with him. If Beau ever introduced them, she would be so happy for life.

A little while ago, Beau told a story about being out with Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, and Ashton Kutcher, and we got the FISH. The feeds kept going out and coming back until Beau finished his story.

Jenn told him that just before she came to BB, she was out wasted with her friends and she met Chris Penn. (Sean's brother).

Beau didn't know who he was, so she explained that he was in Footloose and some recent bad comedies I forgot the name of. Sorry.
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Topic #2069746
tttmt - James, howie, sarah and rachel in by 0 Replies #2069746 7:46PM 03/08/2005
James: I plan on getting hoh every other week then I can get all the tunes I want
Sarah: What?
Rachel: rolls her eyes
James: that way I only get nominated every other week

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Topic #2069776
ihateeric - Sarah trying to convince Rach and Howie to send Maggie home and then focus on Jen/April NT 0 Replies #2069776 7:49PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069792
valentine - James in the Round Lounge Talking Strategy 0 Replies #2069792 7:52PM 03/08/2005
with Sarah, Rachel and Howie.

They discussed the possibility of an evicted HG coming back in the house. James thinks Janelle would be in a very good position if that happened, because she was very close to Ashlea, Janelle and Kaysar.

James: She could do very well!
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Topic #2069803
ihateeric - Sarah wants Ivette and April to hide under the bed when they are put up against each other... 0 Replies #2069803 7:54PM 03/08/2005
because they wont believe the other would sell them out.

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Topic #2069820
ihateeric - Rach: When Kaysar leaves, we have to go WHAT UP KAYSAR..also 0 Replies #2069820 7:57PM 03/08/2005
if one of them win HOH they have to sing the song.
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Topic #2069905
hoarsewhisperer - HOH people- April, Beau, Maggie, Ivette and Jen 1 Replies #2069905 8:09PM 03/08/2005
Camping out in HOH ...the masterminds are again discussing stragically who get's HOH after Kaysar is gone.

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hoarsewhisperer - Beau is flatulant, lets a big one! NT #2069928 8:11PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069933
sockruhtese - HOH Group Gives Props to Kaysar 0 Replies #2069933 8:12PM 03/08/2005
THey all say they are going to hug Kaysar when he leaves. They say they like the way he's going out (listening to them run their mouths) and they are cool with him now.

Maggie again subtly gives props to Janelle for never kissing her butt.
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Topic #2069956
hoarsewhisperer - Sarah says she get's carded NOW as opposed to when she was under 21 and used her sisters ID NT 0 Replies #2069956 8:15PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2069981
Mareenie - Sarah & Howie talking about Chicago suburbs and schools. 2 Replies #2069981 8:18PM 03/08/2005
Howie said he went to Adlai Stevenson high school, but doesn't know who he was. (ed. note: he was governor in Illinois in the early 50's)
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Maelstrom - stevenson was also the Democratic candidate for president in 1952 and 1956 as well as #2071796 4:20AM 04/08/2005
Ambassador to the United Nations under JFK
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avichaiyl - Sarah also said she was from Berwyn and went to Morton West #2070182 8:44PM 03/08/2005
Howie lived in Buffalo Grove. Sarah seems to know the area better ...as they are listing highschools.. than Howie, but Sarah is from SW suburbs and Howie is from NW suburbs.
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Topic #2070080
sockruhtese - Jennifer continues to ignore Kaysar 0 Replies #2070080 8:30PM 03/08/2005
In Bathroom, Kaysar and Ivette discuss how races look alike. Kaysar moves over to Jennifer playfully and she continues looking straight, like he's not there. So he goes off with Beau.
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Topic #2070113
sockruhtese - Kaysar and James will miss each other 0 Replies #2070113 8:35PM 03/08/2005
Kaysar says he'll tell Julie Howie says hi. He also says he'll give a shoutout to Sarah and he'll say he'll miss the deep convos with James.

THen James and Kaysar discuss the pros/cons of privatizing social security.
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Topic #2070114
Fetch - Sarah: Hey Kaysar, when you're gone could I put my key in your hole? NT 0 Replies #2070114 8:35PM 03/08/2005
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