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Topic #2120135
Suzan - Feeds 1 & 2 Kitchen and Dining room, 3 & 4 James and Sarah. Sarah trying to make 1 Replies #2120135 10:16PM 08/08/2005
James feel guilty for not using the veto on her. Says while she was sitting in the chair she thought for a second he might but since he didn't, then James say go ahead break up with me if you want to. S: No I don't want to.

Feeds switch to Beau telling the other 2 about what happened when he walked out to the hot tub and they told him they were talking about chess.

Beau suggesting they have a group meeting (whole house) to see what's going on. He's 60% sure April and Jenn have made a pack with "them".

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Suzan - Well maybe it's a meeting of just the five of them. Maggie saying they need to ask them if they are all #2120151 10:18PM 08/08/2005
still on the same page. Beau's off to get April and Jenn. Beau told Ivette not to be nasty to them (not his words but that was the jist)
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Topic #2120179
Suzan - Now Ivette things April just made a huge scene yesterday as a ploy to get her to put herself up so they could vote her out. Maggie telling her that's 0 Replies #2120179 10:21PM 08/08/2005
all speculation. I: you have to go with gut instinct Maggie saying she can't use her gut anymore she has to use what she sees because everyone is running around speculating different things.

Ivette wondering why A&Jen are spending so much time in HOH. Maggie telling her she can bring that up but it will probably cause an argument that will show them shady things about each other (I & A).

Ivette talking about them putting themselves in her shoes.

Maggie talking about people in the house are all reading different things and it's just speculation.

Ivette again about why they are in the HOH so much.

Ivette wants Maggie to promise that if she's voted off that she won't trust them for anything in the game.
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Topic #2120185
Suzan - Maggie & Ivette still alone in Bedroom waiting for Beau - Here they come 0 Replies #2120185 10:22PM 08/08/2005
Maggie says it's so funny we never infultrate the other group we give them their time to talk but yet they don't trust us.
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Topic #2120191
Suzan - Beau, Ivette, Maggie, Jennifer & April going into the Gold Room NT 1 Replies #2120191 10:22PM 08/08/2005
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Suzan - I'll keep up best I can #2120246 10:30PM 08/08/2005
I: who wants to start the meeting
B: I love you guys
A: who called the meeting
J: Okay I'll start
Jenn telling them that her and April were having a fight and that the DR knew and that's why they were talking so much today. Beau knows he came up and asked us. Jenn saying she went outside to eat her Banana split but Rachel and Janie ate most of it.
Maggie being told to put on her microphone - going out to get it.
Jenn: Yesterday when painting their shirts you two (I&A) got in a fight and I'm sorry for pputting my two cents in.
I: None of you know it yet but you don't know what it feels like to go on the hcopping block and not have your team support it. No one came up and say don't worry about it your taking one for the team, everyone scattered like cockroaches, went up to HOH A: I wen't to get my shoes.
Jen saying they didn't realize it until someone told them they had scattered.
I doesn't think Maggie should take it because she already knew what it felt like to be on the block, and no one came up to her to show thier support.
Maggie interjecting that no one came up to her and thanked her for doing it.
Ivette talking about how she's been just piecing things together and watching them stay together all day and she needs their votes to stay.
Ivette is bothered by what Jen said yesterday, she's not perfect,but she feels that she doesn't lie to anyone. Talking about her conv with April that no one saw and then Jenn made her comment yesterday and she didn't appreaciate it.
Maggie saying they are intrepreting things in different ways.
Jenn brings up how Ivette intrep. what happened with her and Michael when she wasn't in the room.
Maggie being the coach and talking about how they all have things that bother them. They knew that when one of them went on the block the others would try to break them up and today they were never together.

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Topic #2120203
ferretkiss - beau telling ivette that he is 90% sure that april and jen have made a pact with "them" (how/jan/rach) 1 Replies #2120203 10:24PM 08/08/2005
beau: you know when april doesnt look you in the eye.
iv: uh huh
iv: xxxxx
beau: you have to be nice aobut it, attitude i dont want. you have to be cool, dont get all hot and bothered.

maggie is in there too.

i think beau goes out to get apr and jen.
maggie whispering i cannot hear her.

iv: you know what imsaying.
mag: thats all speculation.
iv: youve got to go with gut maggie
mag: really because my gut got eric out of this game. im not using gut any more. im using what i can see. there is a lot of sh*t and speculation going on. there just shouldnt be any speculation.
iv: why when beau was out there did she not talk with him. why do they keep going to the hoh room.
mag: idont know.
iv: .... opposing team.
mag: you can bring thatup. its going to turn into an argument and you can bring up things that each other do is shady.
iv: what do i do that is shady.
mag: im not going to argue it, it is not my thing to argue.
there is not one person in the house who does things that cannot be interpreted as shady. right now you are frazzled and it affects how you interpret things.
iv: im on the choppig block.
mag: i understand that. im not trying to tell you you are wrong.
iv: i just want you to promise me if they get me out of this game ...
mag: you dont have to ask me that, you dont have to f*in ask me that...

april and jen are there now and "the meeting" starts.
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Cali2Jax - He originally said a high %, but then dropped it down to 60% NT #2120368 10:40PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120315
Suzan - More - Maggie saying they can find a way to talk, Ivette saying it's about hangin out 0 Replies #2120315 10:36PM 08/08/2005
Maggie saying it's about enjoying each others company. Jenn talking about the stress of the game - PB&J, no cigs and then saying you are fighting with my partner and then I get dragged into it and then your mad at me so I think Beaus made at me. Ivette talking about Beau defending everyone. Jenn saying she defends Ivette when she talking to April

I: I just feel like for the last two weeks, things get called out to me that everyone else does, and everyone made me feel like ***** and up into the point that I got nominated with James, (missed) I felt like I was being left alone

it sucks because we had something so nice at first, and even if April had gone on the block I would have gone up to her and told her she had my vote. Jenn saying you should know you have my vote, and Ivette says no not when everyone scooting like cockroach, no one coming up to talk to me, actions speak louder then words. Telling them they'd fell nervous too. Jenn saying we've not been on the block so we don't notice that. Maggie agrees Ivette is reading too much into it.

Ivette saying if April didn't want to go on the block she should have never volunteered and Maggie interjects we don't need to rehash that.

(phone call)
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Topic #2120337
Suzan - Beau - we're still on the same page right - I am, Ivette says a lot of damage has been 0 Replies #2120337 10:38PM 08/08/2005
done that probably can be fixed. I made a pact with the 5 of you and as long as I'm in this house that won't change. What happened happened and the scars are there she'd keep her promise.

Jenn apologizes and says they didn't realize they did it and they are sorry.

Maggie saying again everything changes when your on the block.
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Topic #2120345
ejj1955 - Jenn, April, Beau, Maggie, and Ivette in gold room together: 0 Replies #2120345 10:38PM 08/08/2005
Jenn starts by saying that she and April were arguing all day. Nothing to do with Beau or anybody, they love all of them.
BB: Maggie, please put on your microphone.
Everybody gets upset thinking she's going to be called to DR; sighs with relief when it's just the microphone.
Apologies for stupid stuff . . .
Ivette: I don't know if any of you knows what it's like to be on the chopping block and not have the support of your team. . . . Nobody said thanks for taking one for the team.
Jenn: we didn't realize it.
Iv: Maggie's already been on the block, I didn't want Beau to do it because I dragged him into the house . . . [April was stressed]

Everyone agrees that being on the block makes you suspicious.

Jenn: You are mad at April, I get dragged into it because I'm her partner.
I've been following you around the house all day . . .
Iv: I don't lie, I don't go around saying stuff that's not true . . .
[Note: she's denying doing exactly what A/Jenn accused her of to Howie/Jan last night!]

Maggie explains that they knew once one of them was on the block, they knew the other side would try to break them up.
Someone (Jenn) says, we don't have our own room now.

Iv: it's not about that, it's about hanging out together.
Iv: Beau and I have bonded because of the house, but we've bonded with other people, too. DoyouunderstandwhatImsaying?

Iv: for the last two weeks ... things get pointed out to me that everyone else does. Up until the point that I eliminated James, everyone doubted me.

Iv: April and I were close before, April and I are as far apart as Jan and I are.
Jenn: You should know you have our vote, we made that pact.
Iv: You see people who are supposed to have your back going up to the HOH room.
Iv: I was fine going up there [the block]
Jenn: I wanted to go up to Ivette, but I think she hates me now.
Maggie: that's something we don't need to rehash.

Maggie: we shouldn't even care what they're thinking, because we have te votes right here to make sure that doesn't happen.
Beau: I guess we're all on the same page, then.
Iv: I just know a lot of damage has been done, that probably can't be fixed, but I made a promise to the five of you, and that won't change.

Maggie turns out light for a minute.

Iv goes on and on about having made a promise.
Jenn apologizes.
Maggie giving the benefit of her experience in what it feels like to be on the block "everything changes."

April has said almost nothing in this meeting.

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Topic #2120369
Anonymous - A and J lying through their teeth NT 0 Replies #2120369 10:40PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120371
ejj1955 - April lying her a$$ off, "when I went to the HOH room it was just to get my shoes." NT 0 Replies #2120371 10:40PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120421
Anonymous - Maggot going on and on about the friendshit... NT 0 Replies #2120421 10:45PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120448
Suzan - Ivette saying the actions of everyone today making her question things. 0 Replies #2120448 10:48PM 08/08/2005
Ivette saying Beau was disappointed too. Maggie saying she didn't realize until she was done with the gym, where is everyone. saying she forgot how it felt and it's all of their faults for not saying anything.

April has not said one word and now someone asks if she's okay, and she said she's just listening. But that she made a promoise and that she'll keep it. Saying she went to the HOH for her shoes and she didn't think about it.

Ivette and April are not talking to each other.

Maggie - All they want right now is to break us up.

Jenn explaining again why she slept in the GR (April wanted to sleep with her and she wasn't going to do it in a single bed).

Maggie saying we all have things that make us look suspicious. Maggie referring to her and James talking about spaghetti and that could be taken wrong. Things are magnified when you are worried.

A: ONe thing I did not appreciate is that we've always said dont' go to the other team come to us first. The reason I went to the DR was not because Jenn and I had words, it was the whole smoking thing. And Ivette had already run to the backyard saying put me up, put me up. Don't do that in front of our enemies, don't do it in front of everyone, come to us first (talking about yesterday).

Maggie the life coach explainig to April why Ivette did it the way she did.

April saying their (hers and Ivette's) versions of the conversation are totally different, they can't get the same story straight. Saying she got accused for not trusting and for venting. Saying she was getting herself prepared to go up there because James would talk smack about her.

April wanting to know how Howie found out.

M: what kills me is this is what they want. Yea you guys had an argument yesterday, we're gonna argue, living in the house together, we all have a friendship but we are going to see things differnetly in the game. ARe we willing to deal with that conflict and still be in the game together.

April asking Ivette about talking about the fight and Ivette saying she's still not ready to talk about it, but she continues to tell April about her not liking April yelling.

Ivette (who doesn't want to talk about it) telling April she has a lot of other issues going on right now. April saying I didn't say you should go up instead of me. Maggie saying that's where the intrepreation goes on, you both are seeing it two seperate ways.

Ivette wants to hear Aprils version so she can see how she sees it. Magggie says it doesn't matter.

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Topic #2120449
ferretkiss - some of the "meeting" 0 Replies #2120449 10:48PM 08/08/2005
apr: one thing weve always said is dont go to the other team if we have problems, and i went to the other team about the smoking thing,and iv was like put me up because aprilis stressing, and number 1 dont do that in front of the other team, and number 2......, and number 3..........
mag: she was doing it out of compassion.... (tries to help them understand each other.)
apr: one problem is we cant get the conversation straight, i know what i said and she knows what she said, and we cannot get it straight.

april saying yesterday she was stressing because she was getting ready to go up on the block.
iv says i asked you, what are you doubting us?
iv says i doubted you guys because of the action that you guys did after the veto ceremony.
apr: how did james know what happened between you and i.
iv: howie.
mag: im glad we are finally talking about this. this is what they want. (goes on about the friendship.)

ivette says she is not ready to talk about it right now.
april is really mad at her.
iv says she knew april was not ready to go up on the block.
apr says she did not say iv should go up instead of me.
beau and iv try to help them get together.
iv wants to know exactly what april thinks she said.
mag and jen and beau tell them they cannot do that.


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Topic #2120451
Suzan - Romper room now trying to get the kids to stop their fight and kiss and make up NT 0 Replies #2120451 10:48PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120457
BHnoah - Ivette about April & I fight last night about April going up/Ivette and why she volunteered 0 Replies #2120457 10:48PM 08/08/2005
Ivette said "I knew you couldn't handle it"
April"Thank you"
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Topic #2120509
Suzan - Ivette and April are hashing out the details and their voices are getting louder, Maggie shushes them. 0 Replies #2120509 10:52PM 08/08/2005
Ivette (who doesn't want to talk about it) bringing up points from the original fight, April's voice is getting louder, back to interpreation

I: what makes me really sad is that you and I had somehting so beautiful
A: but you won't let it go, also telling Ivette it won't go away unless she tells Ivette she's right

M: You are willing to change your opinion on what you heard
A: she wants me to agree with it
A: our stories cross when you say that I wished you go up on the block
You thought it was best for me to go up because james would rally around her and she didn't want to hear that mf's *****

They are disagreeing on what they said about james, who suggested ivette goes up, and who's right
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Topic #2120549
Suzan - Ivette telling the group again she'd keep her promise as long at the five of them 0 Replies #2120549 10:55PM 08/08/2005
were together they'd stay that way. April not saying a word. Beau wanting to know if they will still be giving each other the dirty looks.
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Topic #2120623
Suzan - Ivette is sitting on the bed with a very pouting face. April telling her side again. Ivette telling April that she has changed a lot and it's very 0 Replies #2120623 10:59PM 08/08/2005
hard to have conversations with her because she can flip in one second and then in another.

A telling Ivette she changed when Eric left, that they both changed at the same time.

Ivette saying she done her best but she had a hard time when she left and has asked for support with that

Maggie brings up that April has asked for support with quitting smoking.

April telling Ivette she's been changed for longer then just the last few days.

I saying she doesn't like being doubted by her group for hanging out with James but no one was singled out for talking to Kaysar.
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Topic #2120644
Suzan - They're going over points of when they've questioned each other during the game NT 0 Replies #2120644 11:00PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120658
Suzan - April: Ivette I would have never voted for you to be evicted, that was never thought of NT 0 Replies #2120658 11:01PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120707
Suzan - James and Sarah are on their way to the GR, Maggie turns out the lights and see's Sarah, now she's trying to come in NT 1 Replies #2120707 11:03PM 08/08/2005
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Suzan - Sarah opens the door and they ask if they can have 5 seconds NT #2120710 11:04PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120715
ejj1955 - April claiming she was willing to go on the block: [Long] 0 Replies #2120715 11:05PM 08/08/2005
says when she went to the DR it was because of the smoking thing, but she came out and Ivette had gone in the BY and announced that she (Ap) was stressing and volunteering to go on the block.
Ap says she'd appreciate it if people would come to her, not make announcements about her in front of the whole house.

Maggie talks about all of them trying to function as a team despite conflicts.

Ap: I did not say that to you, that's the problem. I did not say, it's better if you go up.
Iv wants to argue the point; Maggie says they are seeing it from different angles, can't win if they aren't playing the same game.

Iv: they don't want me to say what I feel, but it's really hard for me not to say what I feel. It bothers me that . . . (April won't admit what she said.)
Ap: You heard it one way, I said it another way.
Maggie: There's your version, her version, and the truth.

Ap brings up the thing about Jenn not saying Michael hit the wall.
Maggie, that's over and done with.
Ap: fine, let this be over and done with.

Ap: I know what I said. . . All I'm saying is that we can interpet things differently.
Iv: It makes me really sad that you and I had something so beautiful.
Ap: Let it go, Ivette. The only way it's going to end is if I say you are right.
Mag: So you're willing to change your opinion of what was heard? (to Ivette)

Iv: you said you thought it was best if I go up, because that motherf*cker is going to come up against me.
Iv: Did you not say that you didn't want to listen to him [James] all week?
Ap: It doesn't matter, that doesn't mean I didn't want to be up there.

Maggie tries to get them to agree to disagree.

Iv repeats that she made a promise and will keep it, to keep the five of them together.

They aren't reading each other's minds anymore (when were they??).

Jenn: things aren't being resolved. It's not ever going to be resolved.

Ivette is being quiet, arms crossed, looking pissed as April continues to say it's just a matter of different interpretations.

(OMG!) Ap: you can watch the tapes.

Iv: I don't think you realize that you have changed a lot. It is very hard to have conversations with you.
Ap: You have honestly changed a lot since Eric has left.

Ap: One thing bad about me is that I say things I probably shouldn't say (LOL!).
Iv: I get really upset because no-one else is being attacked the way I am about the James situation.
Ap: That was just me doing that? I don't think that was just me.

Beau: (blah, blah, whatever)

Ap: You said you aren't going to tell us everything James says, that right there puts a question mark.

Jenn remembers a day when Iv said that.
Maggie the den mother: That's why we all need to regroup.

Iv: It just really upsets me the way April and I have been fighting.
Ap notes that the two of them are more vocal about being annoyed with each other than the others in the room. (ha ha)

Ap: what you want me to do is tell you that what you're saying is right. I'm not going to do that.
Ivette rehashing last week, not knowing what Kaysar was up to, not knowing that James was supposed to be going home.

Someone is at the door . . .Sarah. They tell her to push hard, then unlcok the door. Sarah goes out again.

Ap starts going over the same territory again, I'm posting.
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Topic #2120738
Suzan - They are rehashing what they thought about different things during the game, who said what, who trusted 0 Replies #2120738 11:07PM 08/08/2005
who, whether or not Kaysar could be trusted (he couldn't), things they've seen that looks suspicious.

Beau wanting them to agree that they'll remain a group even when things looks shady.

(I'm out)
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Topic #2120768
Anonymous - Beau is asking for a group hug over and over and Ivette won't let the stuff go! NT 0 Replies #2120768 11:09PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2120778
Anonymous - Maggie says game is set up so they continuously question each other NT 0 Replies #2120778 11:10PM 08/08/2005
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