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Topic #2111099
BHnoah - Now they are thinking that Ivette and James know each other outside of the house 0 Replies #2111099 3:27AM 08/08/2005
And then April telling Howie and Janelle how Ivette last week was trying to get Kaysar out over james last week
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Topic #2111102
buffalojill - april/jen/Janelle/howie continue talking and start counting how many votes they have NT 0 Replies #2111102 3:28AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111105
BHnoah - Howie: How many votes do we have 3(A,J &jannie) and rachel 4 let's do it NT 0 Replies #2111105 3:28AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111125
buffalojill - they are trying to convince april, april scared maggie might come after her NT 0 Replies #2111125 3:31AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111247
BHnoah - H: You can keep better track of James & Sarah, Ivette you never know where she is at-- She's gotta go NT 0 Replies #2111247 3:50AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111269
smileycute - The plan is to take out Ivette now, and next week to nominate James and Sarah again. 0 Replies #2111269 3:54AM 08/08/2005
Howie said James is dangerous and have to be taken out. But Ivette is trecherous, she is the one that keeps the house divided all these time
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Topic #2111350
carly - The pairs split up - Jen and April now having second thoughts about evicting Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2111350 4:09AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111355
augie - Paranoid A&J talk in the bathroom - Jen thinks Howie & Jan took to the voting of I out way too quickly and won't be swayed. They are 0 Replies #2111355 4:10AM 08/08/2005
questioning why that is and maybe that was the plan all along.
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Topic #2111361
augie - Jenn wants to know why H&J were so adamant in voting I off. April being wishy-washy as usual going back and forth 0 Replies #2111361 4:12AM 08/08/2005
with maybe this, maybe that. Jenn tells April not to go
to Maggie because she will feel that they turned
against her.
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Topic #2111367
valentine - Janelle and Howie Lounge in the HOH Suite 0 Replies #2111367 4:13AM 08/08/2005
like an old married couple.

They are talking game, Howie stretched out on top of the covers and Janie partially covered.

Howie is telling her that she is one of the strongest players in the house, without question.

Janelle: Oh, Thank you Howie. You know I love you!

Howie: I love you too, Janie.

Meanwhile April and Jenn whisper furiously in the corner of the bathroom.

In the HOH, sounds like there's been a change of plans. I think Howie wants Ivette out--he says that everyone is onto James and Sarah and will take them out as soon as possible.

Ed Note: I haven't read any recent updates, so I'm sorry if this is old news.
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Topic #2111384
smileycute - Jenn: We always know where Sarah stands, that is she is only playing and thinking for James. 0 Replies #2111384 4:17AM 08/08/2005
And James said having Sarah in the house makes him less effective, so that's good, we'll keep Sarah
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Topic #2111411
valentine - April: I Always Play Dumb......Always!! 0 Replies #2111411 4:23AM 08/08/2005
after Jenn brings up that her team now knows that she is smart.

In the HOH, Howie said he was going to take a shower, but has been standing around talking to Janelle, procrastinating with their ususal banter.

Howie: Oh boy Janie!!!

Janie: Oh boy Howie!!! You're so big and strong!!

In the BR:

Jenn: Do you feel close with Maggie, like on a personal level?

April: Uh huh.

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Topic #2111413
smileycute - Jenn: all I want is to be sequestered and if we make it to the final that is great 0 Replies #2111413 4:24AM 08/08/2005
but we'll talk about it later. At least this will buy us next week.
April: what if they put us up as a pair next week?
Jenn: I will probably be gone, not you, you have been friends with everyone, friends fight and get back.
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Topic #2111431
valentine - And the Friendship Splinters 0 Replies #2111431 4:28AM 08/08/2005
as Jenn and April say they can't trust Maggie.

April: You have to understand that the ONLY people, and I mean the ONLY people we can trust here are each other.

April feels that she and Jenn have the ability to look at each other and tell what the other is thinking about a particular situation.

April: Maggie...she can do that, too. She can look at you and tell what you're thinking.
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Topic #2111434
smileycute - April is contemplating discussing this with Maggie. And Jenn does not seem to agree. She ask 0 Replies #2111434 4:30AM 08/08/2005
April if April thinks Maggie is close to her as a friend. April is not really saying yes or no, but Jenn said that Maggie actually tell her things that make her think she is the closest to Maggie than anyone else in this house. Jenn said Maggie is the closest to Eric, but now that Eric is gone she is taking Jennifer, althoug no one would as close as she is with Eric.
April saying Jenn and her only have each other to trust in this house. So they sort of agree that Maggie is playing the game and will not trust them 100% and they know this and in turn will not trust Maggie 100% either
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Topic #2111438
valentine - Janelle Moisturizes and Then Gets Back in the HOH Bed 0 Replies #2111438 4:31AM 08/08/2005
Howie is plowing through a white paper Pepperidge Farm cookie bag. At one point, his fist is in the bag and he gestures his hands around in it like a glove.

He's scooping up the cookie crumbs as he walks around the room.

In the BR, Jenn shaves her knees while she sits in the corner chairs. April wants the two of them to spend more time together. At the beginning, they made it a point to stay apart.
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Topic #2111453
valentine - We Almost Saw Brief Nudity 0 Replies #2111453 4:42AM 08/08/2005
Howie finally went into the BR to take his shower. He wanted to turn the light off so that Janelle could go to sleep in the dark, but he planned to shave so he asked Janelle if it was okay to turn the lights on.

Janelle: Of course, Howie!

The cameras flipped to him in the HOH BR, walking naked with only his hands covering his equipment. After a few seconds, both cameras switched to views of Janelle trying to get comfortable in the cushy HOH bed.

Now we see a high overhead shot of Howie showering.

Sarah sat up in the GR and moved over James before laying back down and settling back to sleep.

April and Jenn went to bed a little while ago.
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Topic #2112021
Chunga - All still asleep. NT 0 Replies #2112021 7:20AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112216
aahend - Still sleeping...Are we missing audio? NT 1 Replies #2112216 7:57AM 08/08/2005
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Anonymous - Audio #2112272 8:04AM 08/08/2005
i think so......................
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Topic #2112491
terrybelle - Rach up doing her morning routine NT 0 Replies #2112491 8:45AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112528
ihateeric - Rach on treadmill NT 1 Replies #2112528 8:50AM 08/08/2005
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Anonymous - Rachel disinfected the treadmill handhold before using. NT #2112960 9:48AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112630
ihateeric - Rach doing situps by gumball machine. Everyone else still asleep. NT 1 Replies #2112630 9:07AM 08/08/2005
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amIsane - Rach..went to SR to get the days supplies, washes dishes(as she grumps to herself) and now feeds fish NT #2112694 9:17AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112680
mountainmama - Rachel is now doing the dishes as usual. NT 0 Replies #2112680 9:16AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112773
ihateeric - Rach outside eating. NT 0 Replies #2112773 9:28AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2112776
rockabye - Rachel outside eating breakfast. Appears deep in thought. NT 0 Replies #2112776 9:28AM 08/08/2005
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