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Topic #2114438
amIsane - Iv knows Apr is upstairs in HOH. Beau goes to check it out and see where Magg is NT 0 Replies #2114438 12:21PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114439
Quench - They were checking where ppl are - Ivette said April is in the HOH 0 Replies #2114439 12:21PM 08/08/2005
Maggie is in the Gym
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Topic #2114458
Quench - April now out of HOH (just in time) Beau now in HOH talking about exercising with Howie NT 0 Replies #2114458 12:23PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114472
gymborebel - IV in Gold Room now with James and Sarah NT 1 Replies #2114472 12:24PM 08/08/2005
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gymborebel - Beau now in there too NT #2114478 12:24PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114507
Toni - Maggie and Jenn workin g out. jenn tells maggie about plan to vote out ivette. NT 0 Replies #2114507 12:26PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114513
Anonymous - Mag and Jenn in workout room 0 Replies #2114513 12:27PM 08/08/2005
working out on machines.

Jennifer: "... because who is stronger.... (something missed because machines are so loud)... Ivette and James are stronger."

Maggie says nothing but continues to jog.
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Topic #2114531
Quench - Ivette now in GR talking to Sarah and James. "sarah sarah sarah " 0 Replies #2114531 12:28PM 08/08/2005
Beau comes in as well

James saying to Ivette now you know how Janelle felt going up with Michael and Kaysar with Ashlea

Ivette saying she asked to be put up as the pawn

Sarah says do you think that Beau or Jen or April or Maggie would let you leave.

Ivette - I don't know. - I have to go to the DR

Sarah we have been playing defense all this time. We haven't had a chance to play offense

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Topic #2114535
gymborebel - Beau and IV both in DR NT 0 Replies #2114535 12:28PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114574
amIsane - Iv and Beau tell their suspicions to Jam/Sar in GR 0 Replies #2114574 12:31PM 08/08/2005
Iv asks Sar and Jam if they ever had a weird feeling come over them. Alludes to the fact that Sar if not the one being targeted for eviction. Jam says do you really think that Sar and I are really that good actors that we have kept ourselves in GR and Sar not eating?
Iv is a bit upset. Jam asks why they put Iv in his place and if she volunteered and Iv says yes because everyone else was freaking out and she says fine, she will.
Iv and Beau goes to Diary room together(or gonna try too)
After they leave James and Sar agree that "friendship" would not turn on Ivette and Beau.(ed. lol)
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Topic #2114577
Zazny - Sarah and James predict 6-1 vote against her NT 0 Replies #2114577 12:32PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114583
carly - j/s Sarah speculates that maybe plan all along was to get rid of Ivette but H didn't tell them so they'd 0 Replies #2114583 12:32PM 08/08/2005
react naturally to being put up.
James doesn't think so, says he thinks the vote will be 6-1 Sarah out.
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Topic #2114689
Anonymous - April telling everyone in backyard that I & B are in... 0 Replies #2114689 12:44PM 08/08/2005
GR talking to James and Sarah (they are in DR). Now Howie is saying they are making it look so obvious ( I's so-called alliance w/ James). LOL
wait til Howie finds out the truth.....
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Topic #2114703
amIsane - April's gonna spy 0 Replies #2114703 12:45PM 08/08/2005
How tells Jan and Ap outside abt Beau coming upstairs(How knew it was a bit odd, the reason Beau came up to HOH)
They also know about Iv and beau disappearing into GR w/Jam and Sar. They are wondering where Iv and Beau are right now. Ap decides she is going to go into Rainbow rm and "organize " her stuff to do a bit of spying to find out where Iv/Beau are.
How to Ap "Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open"
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Topic #2114709
Sunflake - Jenn told April not to say anything to Maggie (evicting Ivette), she'll take care of it. April agreed. NT 0 Replies #2114709 12:46PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114721
amIsane - Jenn tell Ap she told Magg 0 Replies #2114721 12:47PM 08/08/2005
Jenn comes into RainRm and they believe something is going on(Iv/Bea?Jam?Sar) and Jenn says "Yea" and tells Ap she told Magg, Ap says she would rather leave that up to Jenn.
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Topic #2114812
pittsburgh24 - Earlier Jen with Maggie - Jen says about H says I'd rather have people in front of my face than stabbin me in my back cause I don't 0 Replies #2114812 12:56PM 08/08/2005
know where they are coming from. We have already opened up James so much we know where he is coming from. S we know where she is coming from. S's not a threat. We know who she's voting for. Then said something about Ivette we don't know where she's coming from (RP reloaded and I lost the rest) Maggie didn't say a word during this discussion.
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Topic #2114830
amIsane - Jenn and Rach in the BR 0 Replies #2114830 12:58PM 08/08/2005
Jenn explains to Rach the convo in the HOH last night. Rach asks what she think sabout it. Jenn says she does want to do it, but she is a bit suspicious that the How group(Rach/Jan?Rach) are maybe just trying to pick them(Friendship grp) off. Rach just looks at her and does not say a word.
A few secs. later Jenn continues . She says what was weird about Ivette is that Iv "worships" Cappy and loved him, but Ivette still cares about James even though he was behind Er eviction. She says that she mentioned to Magg about it in WO rm and Magg said to Jenn "Well, you and Ap slept in the GR last night, should I be suspicious of that?"
Jenn to Magg said "Well that was the first time, Iv does it all the time, always talking to James"
Rach says she does not want Magg to know and Jenn says she and Apr do not want Magg to be suspicious and suprised about getting Iv out thurs. Rach says she would rather wait until after votes to tell Magg.
Jenn says she will talk to Magg later after Magg out of workout rm because Magg is hard of hearing.
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Topic #2114844
Zazny - Jen: Rachel pulled me aside, and I'm getting suspicious because nobody's ever pulled me aside for strategy 4 Replies #2114844 12:58PM 08/08/2005
In workout room as Maggie is running

A: They think you're smarter than me
J: It makes me suspicious for why they'd want to talk to me
A: HOwie told her that it was you and I talking to him last night
J: Doesn't mean anything. I had a good reason [to be suspicious] and now I can't think of it.
A: Rachel's in shock. They just told her. [I sent her to you]
J: As many good reasons I have for going through this plan, this could be a plan to get rid of us slowly.
A: But, Ivette's thrown up so many red flags.
J: Talk to your people. Why talk to me?
A: We know more about Ivette than they do. They don't know. They are going to come to us and ask us. They don't hang around her enough.
J: Rachel is sketchy about telling Maggie. I know Maggie can't hear us right now. She thinks her and Maggie are really close. I thought what makes you think that, and she said Eric, but I said we were sketchy that Ivette was listening to Eric's decisions, but not Maggie's, and Sarah came in and I walked away. It will look a whole lot less supicious to tell her now than to tell her afterwards. If Ivette is out and Eric's in...
A: She has been the best to us. There is no reason why we should not tell her. We don't have to tell them that we tell her, do you know what I'm saying.
J: We have to include her in on everything and it will look weird if you me and her are talking for hours

Beau comes in, and they try to look unsuspicious
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Sunflake - and they're having this conversation in the gym in front of Maggie who's running. NT #2114862 12:59PM 08/08/2005
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Anonymous - possible they are doing this for maggie to hear? unless its too noisy in there #2114914 1:02PM 08/08/2005
anyhow...April just said if we tell Maggie we cant tell S4 about it(bad idea)
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Anonymous - working out in weightroom maggie, jennifer #2114947 1:04PM 08/08/2005
* wondering why they would stratigize with maggie around?* april and jennifer i mean
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Mltv - Jen says to april "Maggie can not hear us right now" NT #2114879 1:00PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2114937
amIsane - Ap and Jenn. Jenn is suspicious of Rach talk 0 Replies #2114937 1:03PM 08/08/2005
Jenn is susp. of Rach and their talk. Jenn says it was sketchy. Why would they care what Jenn thinks Jenn says several times no one ever comes to talk to her about strategy. She says Rach did not want to say anything to Magg. Their convo(Jenn and Rach) had to stop because Sarah came in BR. Jenn and April decide to tell Magg(Magg in the room with them on treadmill, but can not hear them)but not to tell the others(How, Rach/Jan)they talked to Magg about it. Jenn is very uncertain abt. the plan to get Ivette out, that the S6 tricking them, to pick them off. Ap trying to convince Jenn it is a good plan and the right thing to do.
Be came in and Ap asks him where he has been, he says DR.
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Topic #2114985
amIsane - Beau standing in the WOR(workout rm) 0 Replies #2114985 1:06PM 08/08/2005
Magg still on treadmill. He is just standing there in deep thought. Magg"What are you doing?"
Beau "Just thinking. I want to talk to you, but I want to wait until you are done"
Magg "Yea, wait"
Feeds switch to How and Ivette outside
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Topic #2114997
amIsane - Iv seems to have mentioned to How her nervousness 1 Replies #2114997 1:08PM 08/08/2005
How seems to have reassured her she is ok, and Ivette seems to feel better. She says when you are up on the block, people talking makes you nervous and How says yea, it is like that with everyone.
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amIsane - Iv "It is just that everyone speads like cockroaches makes you think. I think even Beau feels like that" #2115050 1:13PM 08/08/2005
(I believe she was talking after the Veto meeting) Beau has come out and sitting with them.
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Topic #2115066
amIsane - Iv "Plus you can not get rid of me, I came up with the plan"(she joked) :0!!! NT 0 Replies #2115066 1:15PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115095
amIsane - Iv going to eat How "Thanks Ivettey, thanks Beau Beau" 0 Replies #2115095 1:19PM 08/08/2005
Bea says he is nervous, you know your partner going up on the block
How "I am done for the week, my job is done. Everyone can stop kissing my @ss"(laugh)
Beau says if it was him, he wouldnt be so nervous, but Iv, he is.
How says he understands and you can never know
Beau says this house changes on a dime
How says who knows Jam could have him(How) on the block next week. You never know what is going to happen in this house.
They game is week to week, per How
How "HOH has had a target on their head the last couple of week. The HOH has not done well..."
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Topic #2115122
amIsane - How and Jenn 0 Replies #2115122 1:22PM 08/08/2005
Jenn was bent over doing laundry and How see's her. (she has on a bikini bottom LOL)
How walks over(as he drool's all over himself)

How"Oh, Your little butt, I love it. Your little pooper. "
More nasty sexual remarks.

BB "How, please put on your microphone"
How "Sorry BB"
How tells Jenn about a Russian girl her was with(he was talking on stubble on Jenn legs)and 2 days later he was picking hair out of his teeth(from her legs LOL) Jenn grosses out.
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Topic #2115134
CruiseCritic - F1-Howie looking into the house from patio door/F2 Howie now with Rach at washing machine/F3 Jan and Beau 0 Replies #2115134 1:24PM 08/08/2005
and now all is changed with April in the kitchen and Ivette on F2 sitting on her bed reading. Howie and Rach chatting - feeds going in and out

Rachel and Howie said this will work out good for all of us.
Rach just went in house and H said "bye Ray-Ray"
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