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James to Howie Ray Janie ....... - skywalkerone
9:52PM 22/08/2005

Back to Howie n James for a minute talking about - skywalkerone
10:03PM 22/08/2005

H & JAN talking on the bed about when she won hoh and how she really - skywalkerone
10:15PM 22/08/2005

FOE catty watching Rachel and Howie on HOH spycam - memyselfandi
10:21PM 22/08/2005

S3 1/2 in the kitchen looking for food james says im so f#ckin tired - skywalkerone
10:24PM 22/08/2005

How telling Rach want the FOE's said about Rach today.. - abbybb
10:31PM 22/08/2005

Rach calls them transparent, idiotic morons and feels she's better than them.. - abbybb
10:32PM 22/08/2005

Rach says, "If they leave me in the game w/ Jan, they're stupid strategically". How agrees NT - abbybb
10:33PM 22/08/2005

Ivette ranting in HOH room about talking behind everyone's back should be done in front of everyone's face - Mrguytvblog
10:36PM 22/08/2005

Iv: "I don't like to sh!t talk, sh!t that I want to tell you, I will tell you to your face" - Nemesis
10:38PM 22/08/2005

As nerd herd continues to trash talk (not to anyone's face), Maggies says how sorry she feels for Janelle's family. NT - Nemesis
10:41PM 22/08/2005

Maggie feels sorry for Janelle's family NT - memyselfandi
10:41PM 22/08/2005
Ivette says about Janelle's family, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" NT - Fable
10:42PM 22/08/2005
Maggie: What a great Mom, letting you know you're fat. NT - memyselfandi
10:41PM 22/08/2005

James just said that Maggie won't allow Iv to tell him how they're voting NT - abbybb
10:44PM 22/08/2005

Howie working Beau in the kitchen. He asked him to swear that he is staying and when he said yes, He put ice cream in his mouth and fed it to Beau - dustyma
10:46PM 22/08/2005

The nerds said they didn't see the ice cream kiss, so Beau went down again and made Howie do it again so they could see it. Lots of screaming from - dustyma
10:53PM 22/08/2005

Howie tounged kiss Beau downstairs and then chased him upstairs to get pants by Ivette + Beau NT - Mrguytvblog
10:53PM 22/08/2005
Maggie wasn't smiling until Ivette asked Howie to teach her how to be cool like Rachel or Janelle NT - Mrguytvblog
10:54PM 22/08/2005

"People are confusing the game with personal attacks" says Ivette NT - Mrguytvblog
10:56PM 22/08/2005
Maggie covered her face "oh god" when Ivette starts trashing Rachel to Howie in HOH NT - Mrguytvblog
10:57PM 22/08/2005

How giving the HoH lessons on how to be cool - abbybb
10:57PM 22/08/2005

As Ivette continues to say Rachel is a miserable f*cking aging woman" NT - Nemesis
10:58PM 22/08/2005

How is saying that Apr and jam are going to win the game b/c they're both wastes of HoHs. NT - abbybb
10:59PM 22/08/2005

Ivette demanding to Howie in HOH that to please start saying things to her face instead of behind doors. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:00PM 22/08/2005

Maggie covers her face again with Beau says he doesn't wear condoms and BEEPPPPPPP! to adult to write. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:01PM 22/08/2005

Ivette wants to here everything that has been said about her. She really seems to have an issue with being called a "nerd" NT - Nemesis
11:04PM 22/08/2005
April tells Ivette that one thing she needs to work on is getting passed things - Nemesis
11:07PM 22/08/2005

"how nerdy do you think i am" asks ivette. "what would make me a nerd?" - Mrguytvblog
11:05PM 22/08/2005

Howie admits to april in HOH that he apologized to matt and her dog in the DR. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:08PM 22/08/2005

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