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April telling IV that once she loses a partner the game will change for her NT - veronika
3:42PM 22/08/2005

April and Iv talking about Rach and Howie in HOH room - Iris
3:42PM 22/08/2005

April says BB said every show will be live voting from now on NT - veronika
3:47PM 22/08/2005

April: I am the remnants of Jen, lingering around. LOL! NT - veronika
3:49PM 22/08/2005

Rachel Seriously Doubts - valentine
3:57PM 22/08/2005

Rachel Looks Smashing Today - valentine
3:59PM 22/08/2005

Rachel: If I Go This Week, - valentine
4:02PM 22/08/2005

Now a Riff About the Imaginary Neighbors - valentine
4:10PM 22/08/2005

Howie Finds a New View - valentine
4:12PM 22/08/2005

Ivette: "There are too few people in this world that I like, and for some strange reason, I like you." NT - drummer_inblack
4:23PM 22/08/2005

Howie has a blonde moment - drummer_inblack
4:25PM 22/08/2005

Now a Riff on Howie's Raw Deal - valentine
4:29PM 22/08/2005

Ivette, To Beau: You've Never Been to a Bath House for Gay Boys? - valentine
4:32PM 22/08/2005

Ivette is Lonely and Misses Her GF - valentine
4:36PM 22/08/2005

Rachel: mommy mommy why is the janie doll so lazy. - Toni
4:37PM 22/08/2005

Janelle Shuffles Into the Kitchen - valentine
4:38PM 22/08/2005

Howie might streak for votes... NT - sunshyncat
4:44PM 22/08/2005

Ivette and Beau asking howie to streat around the backyard. - Toni
4:45PM 22/08/2005

Beau and Ivette trying to talk Howie into streaking across the yard. - Outcast
4:46PM 22/08/2005
There Were Quite a Few Negotiating Points From Howie - valentine
4:52PM 22/08/2005
He said he'd streak on Friday, if he stayed on Thursday. NT - drummer_inblack
4:48PM 22/08/2005

Howie: "Rachel's the only one in this game that I can get a 100% truthful answer from. Isn't that right?" Maggie: "Rachel's the only one." NT - drummer_inblack
4:52PM 22/08/2005

Janelle- Would be nice to fit into something other then my stretch pants. NT - Toni
4:58PM 22/08/2005

Howie said he was on elimi-date in Florida NT - goJames
5:07PM 22/08/2005
Next post is about Rodger Lodge. Roger Lodge is the host of Blind Date, not Elimi-date. (???) NT - nojobny
5:33PM 22/08/2005

Howie: That Guy, Roger Lodge, - valentine
5:09PM 22/08/2005

Howie has been entertaining Ivette, Maggie, Beau (and later April) for the last two hours - memyselfandi
5:10PM 22/08/2005

Iv wants to do Amazing Race w/ E. M says he would never leave his family. Howie admits he will keep applying for reality shows. NT - Mirage
5:14PM 22/08/2005

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