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April said to Rachel: Its 50/50 right now who is going home NT - cags
1:19PM 22/08/2005

Janelle and Howie discussing James' intentions - memyselfandi
1:19PM 22/08/2005

F3: Rach and April at pool, Ivette playing solitare at table. - peppervegas
1:19PM 22/08/2005

April: Becaus eof what Jennifer did we now look like the bad people NT - cags
1:20PM 22/08/2005

Rachel and April in the B/Y by the pool eating watermelon - Skipper
1:22PM 22/08/2005

Howie pees with the door open NT - Andi
1:24PM 22/08/2005

April and Rachel rehashing Kaysars 2nd eviction - peppervegas
1:26PM 22/08/2005

April/Rachel/Howie all at pool rehashing yesterdays POV comp and bowel movements prior to comp. NT - peppervegas
1:29PM 22/08/2005

ivette and james at the poolside table - strad
1:33PM 22/08/2005

More poolside convo.. - peppervegas
1:35PM 22/08/2005

BB: April .. Rachel... please put on your michrophones - peppervegas
1:38PM 22/08/2005
A friendly BB back at them: "Thank you." NT - drummer_inblack
1:40PM 22/08/2005

bb april and rey please put on u mic NT - virdee
1:39PM 22/08/2005

Since the updaters union refuses to pass this info, I will A to H/R by the pool "Howie, I chit 5 times before I came out for POV... - Liann
1:41PM 22/08/2005

April trying to talk strategy with Rachel - peppervegas
1:43PM 22/08/2005

April telling Rach that by them talking Ja will go back and tell Iv that he overheard her saying something. Ra says 'you think'? Ap says he did last - peppervegas
1:49PM 22/08/2005

April to Rachel: If someone is being nice to your face they are talking **** behind your back. - peppervegas
2:00PM 22/08/2005

April and Rach still talking about pool. F2 shows Ivette, James and Howie at table outsside... - peppervegas
2:04PM 22/08/2005

H/A/R discussing recent competitions where April has actually done better than Howie..... - InTheCave
2:20PM 22/08/2005

James just snuck up to the GR and thought Rach was in there.. - abbybb
2:36PM 22/08/2005

Jam & Jan both in GR...no talk at all between them. NT - abbybb
2:37PM 22/08/2005

Iv and Howie arguing about chess POV comp.. just signed on, don't know why they are discussing it. NT - Iris
2:41PM 22/08/2005
They were just discussing a bunch of competitions and this one came up after Ivette called it BS NT - puck71
2:46PM 22/08/2005

April: Bottom line, that event was planned for them to win. NT - Iris
2:41PM 22/08/2005

Discussing Pinata POV comp and how nobody got James out then - Iris
2:44PM 22/08/2005

How/Apr/Mag/Iv discussing past competitions - puck71
2:44PM 22/08/2005

F'ship in ktichen cooking Triscuits, Rach in BR doing her hair. Nothing happening. NT - Iris
2:50PM 22/08/2005

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