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Jam: It is an extension of high school - Zazny
5:58PM 22/08/2005

BB: April, please go to the DR; Jam: God, she disgusts me NT - Zazny
5:58PM 22/08/2005

BB: April please go to the DR. James: God, she disgusts me. NT - Iris
5:58PM 22/08/2005

Iv, Mag, Beau, How in BY talking about each other - puck71
6:01PM 22/08/2005

Jan: Whoever goes this week will bring a tape so I can see myself on TV. So I can see how fat I look - Zazny
6:03PM 22/08/2005

James: I'm going to have Sarah make "america hates you... - heyace37
6:09PM 22/08/2005

rachel - i think america hates ivettte and maggie - strad
6:10PM 22/08/2005

James wants Sarah to make shirts that say 'America hates you, April.' to wear at the wrap party. R: No!!!!!!!!!!! - Zazny
6:10PM 22/08/2005

James, Jan and Rachel in GR talking about double evictions and Jan's HoH. (long) - Iris
6:11PM 22/08/2005

Rachel excitedly talks about how she discovered the GR NT - Zazny
6:12PM 22/08/2005

James says "I can't wait to see Kaysar" NT - memyselfandi
6:12PM 22/08/2005

R: I hate disappointing my friends and family - Zazny
6:13PM 22/08/2005

Jam: I wonder what the other firemen think about Eric - Zazny
6:17PM 22/08/2005

James: I wonder why they put Eric on the show? Janelle: Because he's an as*hole - knifey_spooney
6:18PM 22/08/2005

sirens in the background.. maggie says "i love that sound.. that sound is home to me" (nice) NT - bruhe
6:25PM 22/08/2005

BB: Ivette, please go to DR. Maggie: What's the deal with everyone going to the DR, is it about the veto? NT - Iris
6:26PM 22/08/2005

6:27PM 22/08/2005

LR on F1, dining room table on F2 and F4, April, Mag and Beau cooking on F3. NT - Iris
6:27PM 22/08/2005

April is asking Beau/Rachel if Matt will be there for after the show as a husband NT - memyselfandi
6:29PM 22/08/2005

April, Rach and Beau in Kitchen, April worries about Matt - Iris
6:31PM 22/08/2005
Maybe Matt is a figment of April's imagination. NT - Fetch
7:22PM 22/08/2005

Janelle and james in GR - Toni
6:32PM 22/08/2005

James to Janelle: With the power of veto you know that you and I really could run through this? You know that right? Jan nods NT - memyselfandi
6:34PM 22/08/2005

James plans for $$$ if he got it --- maybe he would propose to Sarah - memyselfandi
6:39PM 22/08/2005

B - "How do you [Howie] think you played the game compared to Rachel?" NT - ouxch
6:42PM 22/08/2005

Howie and Beau having a convo about everything and anything..Howie said Rachel is a stronger player than him NT - goJames
6:43PM 22/08/2005

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