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Apr told Iv that one thing she needs to learn about this game is.. - abbybb
11:09PM 22/08/2005

April: Howie, did you really apologize to Matt and Pepperoni in the DR? And don't f*&king lie to me - knifey_spooney
11:12PM 22/08/2005

"If i choose to evict Rachel are you going to verbally abuse me again" aks april to howie "probably not." NT - Mrguytvblog
11:16PM 22/08/2005

How saying Rach is a good player and she has every right to be there NT - abbybb
11:18PM 22/08/2005

Thanks Howie talking about Ray leaving her job and fish. NT - skywalkerone
11:18PM 22/08/2005

How's still in HoH talking his head off.... - dizzy
11:21PM 22/08/2005

April cant let it go saying to - skywalkerone
11:24PM 22/08/2005

Howie is going on about how much he loves Jenn, April asks, "Why did you vote her out?" Howie, "It was a group decision" LOL NT - Sunflake
11:27PM 22/08/2005

Howie kisses Ivette and says "Oh Ivettey is mad at me and wants me out of the HOH room" - Nemesis
11:28PM 22/08/2005

ivette is scowling as howie talks - strad
11:29PM 22/08/2005

Ivette is whispering to Beau and he tells her not to start arguing - Nemesis
11:33PM 22/08/2005

Howie joins Beau and Ivette in bed and Ivette says, "join us in the nerd bed" (ed: someone needs to get over it!!!) NT - Nemesis
11:34PM 22/08/2005

"howie, you like hanging out with the nerds?" ivette asks howie annoyed he refers to the friendship as the nerd herd. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:35PM 22/08/2005

the HG in the HOH are debating if the statue is the ESB or the Chrysler Bldg (it's the Chrysler) NT - nojobny
11:35PM 22/08/2005

Beau, Howie, Ivette in HOH bed, beau's hand moving under covers just below howie's stomach NT - Mrguytvblog
11:36PM 22/08/2005

"I think your cool squad needs you. they need the head cool guy. Mr. cool." says ivette who's trying to get howie out of HOH room NT - Mrguytvblog
11:37PM 22/08/2005

Ivette keeps trying to bait Howie with the "nerd" comment. - Sunflake
11:38PM 22/08/2005

Ivette telling Howie the "cool squad" needs him because he's the head cool guy NT - Nemesis
11:38PM 22/08/2005

"why don't you go shower." ivette tells howie in her failed attempts to get howie out of HOH NT - Mrguytvblog
11:39PM 22/08/2005

howie in bed btw ivette and beau - strad
11:40PM 22/08/2005

ivette asks again for howie to go shower. he won't leave thus upseting ivette. she stares at him now. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:42PM 22/08/2005

Ivette yells out from 2nd floor with HOH door open that howie is up with the nerds. she leaves door open to get howie out. NT - Mrguytvblog
11:46PM 22/08/2005

Howie leaves the HOH room and the sheep start bickering and analyzing the convo. - knifey_spooney
11:56PM 22/08/2005

The sheep are worried that Howie wants James to the end - knifey_spooney
11:57PM 22/08/2005

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