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Rachel and Janelle were having private convo of strategy... later April comes over/Janelle leaves - memyselfandi
5:16PM 22/08/2005
And then James sits down at BY table with Rachel/April... Janelle comes back NT - memyselfandi
5:17PM 22/08/2005

James to janelle " Maggie has had HOH twice when howie won" NT - bonoisgod
5:17PM 22/08/2005

Janelle busts out James in kitchen - veronika
5:18PM 22/08/2005

April is SQUEALING with delight hanging out with the cool kids - memyselfandi
5:25PM 22/08/2005

Janie and James in GR - veronika
5:34PM 22/08/2005

James telling Jan that Iv was asking if James should use veto and put up Jan NT - veronika
5:36PM 22/08/2005

James and Iv talk strategy in GR (kind of long) - Iris
5:37PM 22/08/2005
The above is James and Janelle talking about Ivette (not talking with Ivette). NT - moonchilde
6:18PM 22/08/2005

Iv, Mag, Beau, How in BY talking about Pressure Cooker - puck71
5:38PM 22/08/2005

RECAP of the day so far......... - Disneyisme
5:39PM 22/08/2005

James had said he was pissed at Howie & Rachel's veto speech - veronika
5:40PM 22/08/2005

Janelle goes to gold room to clean, James follows her to spin her to get Maggie first - memyselfandi
5:40PM 22/08/2005

Rachel interrupts convo and talks w/ James & Janie about sequster. - Iris
5:41PM 22/08/2005

Jam: Do something for me, Rachel....punch Jenny in the mouth. Throw her off the cliff. - Zazny
5:42PM 22/08/2005

James pickin on Howie with Jan/R. Talks about him having vaseline next to janelle's picture NT - Goddess200xxx
5:43PM 22/08/2005

James makes a comment about the veto comp attire - drummer_inblack
5:43PM 22/08/2005

James said he wanted to say at the POV ceremony he didn't use the veto because he didn't want Jan to have to pack again. They all laugh. NT - Iris
5:44PM 22/08/2005

James says the smallest HGs would fit in Jan's luggage NT - Zazny
5:44PM 22/08/2005

Kaysar revealed to Jan how they're being portrayed - Zazny
5:49PM 22/08/2005

Iv, Mag, How, Beau talking about Rachel and other random stuff - puck71
5:51PM 22/08/2005

James hopes BB didn't interview his mother for the show NT - memyselfandi
5:52PM 22/08/2005

James and Jan wonder who in their families would be interviewed - Zazny
5:52PM 22/08/2005

Jan says Kay says that a lot of people wanted to meet him, shake his hand, and compliment him. Then Fishes NT - Zazny
5:53PM 22/08/2005

Janelle telling them Kaysar said he was portrayed very good and Eric was portrayed really bad. - Iris
5:53PM 22/08/2005

James guesing April and Jen are portrayed as the type of people that hide behind other people. - Iris
5:57PM 22/08/2005

Rachel: Did Kay say anything about me? Jan: That you were protrayed good. Rachel: That's all that matters. NT - Iris
5:58PM 22/08/2005

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