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Topic #2293889
veronika - Just casual conversations folks about home, personal stuff 0 Replies #2293889 8:25PM 25/08/2005
We aren't probably going to hear anything juicy until they return to their respective corners (rooms).

Everyone is chatty and very civil as if it were week one.

Woah! Ivette tells Howie that he and Janie need to step up in the game because Rachel isn't there to cover for them any more! LOL!
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Topic #2293910
veronika - Iv tells them that its time for the disgusting food competition 1 Replies #2293910 8:28PM 25/08/2005
that they had it in both season 3 & 4 when it gone down to seven people. That now the food comps will be an individual challenge and each person will be responsible for winning for for each of the seven days of the week.
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Billy - they've already had this with Match Game. NT #2294057 8:42PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294056
Visaman - Ivette doesa rundown on all of the HOH challenges NT 1 Replies #2294056 8:42PM 25/08/2005
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Visaman - Ivette wishes that she had done better on the challenges. #2294082 8:44PM 25/08/2005
She is worried that she will be going home soon, and has not done anything to be proud of.
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Topic #2294079
mnj - ivette tells janelle she is good at the game 0 Replies #2294079 8:44PM 25/08/2005
I tells jan that if she were jan she could have left a few weeks ago and been happy because she had played the game so well.
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Topic #2294100
veronika - Maggie and Beau confronting James in kitchen 3 Replies #2294100 8:46PM 25/08/2005
about the Sovereigns saying she won two Hoh (hers and Howie's) and saying Maggie is the leader of the frienship

Now James is saying Iv told him that putting upKaysar and Howie/Rachel were Maggie's ideas.

Maggie says she isn't angry just suprised.
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dustyma - I thought he was saying Rach, Howie, Janelle said it was Maggie's idea to put him and Sarah up when Howie was HOH, and of #2294157 8:50PM 25/08/2005
course, it was Maggie who persuaded Howie to do it. Rach and Janelle were against it. Howie thought he was doing something for the good of the house that week and got screwed later for it. James just wants to stay in the house this week so he is trying to make Janelle the target
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veronika - this conversation is in reference to Janelle's comment (2 HoH) NT #2294106 8:47PM 25/08/2005
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Love - Correction: James comment. NT #2294234 8:59PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294122
veronika - Maggie wants to know why Jan would start stuff b4 noms - JM says maybe she wants to go home NT 0 Replies #2294122 8:48PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294149
mnj - James/Maggie convo about Janie 0 Replies #2294149 8:50PM 25/08/2005
Maggie upset that Janie told ivette it was Mags idea to put up James and Sara when Howie was HOH. James says this is Janelles way of stirring up the house again, because she wants to go. (ed note: james knows mags is going to want to go after him so he has to get her mind on evicting janie instead)
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Topic #2294171
veronika - Maggie talking to James Beau about Jennifer going 0 Replies #2294171 8:52PM 25/08/2005
that it was all personal and you cannot put personal over strategy (with real dramatic emphaisis here)
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Topic #2294197
ferretkiss - james spending about 10 minutes saying everything he can about janelle to get her evicted.... 2 Replies #2294197 8:55PM 25/08/2005
he is talking to beau and maggie in the kitchen. saying janelle is so athletic, she is a cheerleader, told maggie that janelle said that maggie started the evict james/sarah idea, says to maggie that janelle was just out there f*cking with you saying things, said janelle was going through rachels stuff, said she has seen and studied all the old BBs and knows all the questions. he might stop for a minute to talk about something else but then goes back to say more things about janelle.

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CanCon - He talked about Jenn being a cheerleader, and standing for 14 hrs. NT #2294389 9:18PM 25/08/2005
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zuzu - They were talking about Jen going thru Rachs stuff, not Jan. NT #2294228 8:59PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294201
mnj - F1 on Mag/Bo/James in Kitchen 0 Replies #2294201 8:55PM 25/08/2005
F2 wider angle view on kitchen, F3 empty dining room table, F4 empty living room.

Maggie saying April in DR. They are talking about what she may be saying in DR about winning HOH for the first time.
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Topic #2294220
mnj - Bo says Janie just a pretty face 0 Replies #2294220 8:58PM 25/08/2005
Bo/James/Maggie saying that they brought Janie and Ashlea in just because they were pretty, but that they both turned out to be competitors. Maggie says she was suprised that Ash was so smart.
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Topic #2294245
mnj - Bo says James fingers are "nubs" "disgusting" 0 Replies #2294245 9:00PM 25/08/2005
They talk about James shaking all the time and biting his nails.

Kitchen gets quiet...Maggie brings up losing the playing cards again!!
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Topic #2294266
Liquorlady - April coming out of DR-Nerds excited! NT 0 Replies #2294266 9:02PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294276
mnj - April coming out of DR?? 0 Replies #2294276 9:04PM 25/08/2005
Bo says Ap coming out because all the cams are turning towards her.

They call everyone in so they can go upstairs to look at HOH.

Taking a long time for Ap to come out of DR....
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Topic #2294291
Liquorlady - Sorry; false alarm; Beau said she was...still yacking in DR I guess NT 0 Replies #2294291 9:06PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294327
JAK420 - james glued to maggie jumpin boat again!!! NT 0 Replies #2294327 9:11PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294339
mnj - Maggie and James talk strategy 0 Replies #2294339 9:13PM 25/08/2005
Okay, well not really...They are sitting on the balcony in front of HOH, waiting for April to come out of DR. She's been in a long time it seems.

Bo comes up to join them after a loudly announced potty break.
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Topic #2294370
mnj - Small talk on balcony 0 Replies #2294370 9:16PM 25/08/2005
Again, Bo yells at James for picking his nails.

Maggie comments that as soon as they sit down, all the cameras zoom in on them and bb thinks "they're gonna talk". She says "sorry! not talkin!".

f2 goes to back yard
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Topic #2294461
applecrisp - Iv/Janie/Howie in BY discussing the history of POV NT 0 Replies #2294461 9:26PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294585
scoobydoo - April's HOH room is open 1 Replies #2294585 9:38PM 25/08/2005
Everyone comes in and starts screaming. April got Uggs and a bathrobe. Everyone is oohing and aahing over her picture of Matt. April keeps yelling she loves Matt. She got a Dave Matthews CD. Howie is laying down on the bed, joking that he will sleep beside April and protect her. April says he can sleep in the toilet. Howie says he'll sleep in the bathtub.
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gamegirl - Janelle being really chummy with April. Helping her try on her robe and gushing over her 'ughs' (slippers). NT #2294682 9:47PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294620
scoobydoo - James looks completely bored, sitting in April's room. NT 0 Replies #2294620 9:42PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294641
abbybb - How saying, "They sent all my stuff back. They know I'll never win again." 0 Replies #2294641 9:43PM 25/08/2005
Jam says, "Actually they sent it to your parents' place w/a receipt."
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Topic #2294661
abbybb - Beau humping How...again...and Jan and Iv on him too. NT 0 Replies #2294661 9:45PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2294663
scoobydoo - Now Ivette, Beau & Janelle are all bouncing on top of Howie 0 Replies #2294663 9:45PM 25/08/2005
yelling "do me, do me, do me"
James felt traumatized watching.
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Topic #2294695
scoobydoo - Howie talking with April alone in HOH room now NT 0 Replies #2294695 9:48PM 25/08/2005
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