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Topic #2290039
joannie - FISH NT 0 Replies #2290039 3:55PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290053
joannie - Feeds back. Beau, April, and Ivette in the BR 0 Replies #2290053 3:56PM 25/08/2005
April telling Ivette she looks "so Pocohantas."
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Topic #2290098
joannie - Maggie whispering to Rachel while she curls her hair. 0 Replies #2290098 4:01PM 25/08/2005
M: "I think James is gonna win."
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Topic #2290101
Janie_Roxx - Rach and Mag still in BR.. Mag still curling her hair.. Everyone else running around getting ready NT 0 Replies #2290101 4:02PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290150
Janie_Roxx - James is wearing How's shirt, Mag is going to get dressed, Rach curling her own hair now NT 1 Replies #2290150 4:08PM 25/08/2005
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joannie - James says Howie's shirt smells like Right Guard. NT #2290177 4:11PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290168
joannie - Maggie grabs Ivette's butt as she walks by. 0 Replies #2290168 4:10PM 25/08/2005
M: "That is some seriously nice butt right there."
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Topic #2290202
JAK420 - hoh comp. is something with runnin up stairs and true amd false questions NT 0 Replies #2290202 4:13PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290203
joannie - Beau is styling Howie's hair. NT 0 Replies #2290203 4:13PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290237
joannie - FISH again. NT 0 Replies #2290237 4:15PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290348
Panda4 - H/R/Janie is exercise room practicing Q&A for the HoH comp. NT 0 Replies #2290348 4:31PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290385
valentine - Janelle Whispers Furiously in the Gym 0 Replies #2290385 4:37PM 25/08/2005
with Howie and Rachel. Now James comes in.

They are firing questions at each other about past competitions. Tonight's comp is a True or False event.

Janelle knows that the veto wasn't used 4 times. That it was used 4 times.

And on and on and on. She seems very motivated.

In the middle of this:

Howie: My balls are huge right now.

Rachel: Howie! For God's Sake!

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Topic #2290402
valentine - The Friendship Gathers in the LR 1 Replies #2290402 4:39PM 25/08/2005
April has been on the couch for a while now. She is wearing a bright flowered halter top. All the guys told her that it made her boobs look extra huge.

She said she gained weight since she's been in the house, and that Julie will think she's pregnant, with her huge boobs and fat stomach.

(This happened a little while ago.)

Now Beau says that when he goes into the HOH to talk to Julie, they are going to talk about hair and makeup.
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valentine - Oh, and April and Maggie #2290455 4:44PM 25/08/2005
talked how horrible it would be to find out you are pregnant in the house.

April has been married now for nine months, but she told her husband to always use "the jimmy" so she wouldn't get knocked up before getting on BB.

Maggie thinks the producers wouldn't have let her on the show if her blood test detected a baby.

April shared Too Much Information by mentioning the antibiotics she was on for her Urinary Tract Infection that might have messed up The Pill for her before she came in the house.
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Topic #2290424
valentine - Janelle and James are in the Gold Room, 0 Replies #2290424 4:41PM 25/08/2005
talking game.

She has on a beautiful green camisole and matching tiny skirt. She also sports stilletos and straight hair.

They are whispering some, and talking some.

James snaps his fingers and tells them to fight stress. It really seems like he wants them to win.
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Topic #2290492
valentine - Beau is Being Queeny 1 Replies #2290492 4:48PM 25/08/2005
and pretending to talk to Julie Chen in a sing-songy voice. He is very focused on his private chat with Julie and has mentioned it several times.

He is sporting white pants and a red shirt. Ivette is sitting all alone on one couch now, slouching in her skimpy top.

Rachel is the only other occupant of the living room, sitting in her green nominee chair.

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PinkPanther - Beau is nervous about his interview w/Julie, saying he will say Umm and Umm, umm NT #2290730 5:12PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290525
augie - While on sofa waiting, Maggie told Ivette that if it comes dow to a tie that she will let Ivette have it. This was a few minutes ago. NT 2 Replies #2290525 4:52PM 25/08/2005
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just_meee - She was looking at April when she said it and April said "Thank You" to her, I thought she was telling April she would let her have it. NT #2290550 4:54PM 25/08/2005
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PinkPanther - She was telling Ivette and Beau then Ape walks up and she told her the same thing NT #2290708 5:11PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2290905
Tweeds - Preshow Recap Thursday 8/25 0 Replies #2290905 5:25PM 25/08/2005

Rachel is up, making breakfast and starting her daily routine for possibly the last time. She gets dressed in lovely peach coloured shorts and a brown shirt. Rachel is packing up in preparation for tonights live episode. Ivette is working out, James and Janelle in the kitchen, James doing dishes and Janelle just sitting there trying to wake up. Fish, possibly for the wake up call.

The lights are on in the HoH now, spycam is focused on Janelle who is sitting on the couch in the LR. There are sounds of someone praying to the porcelein gods. HoH crew tidy up in the HoH room. Ivette is cleaning the kitchen. Beau and April come to help in the kitchen, and now from our fashion reporter, Notchbaby for an update.

"Thank you Tweedle, it appears that Ivette has on white capris and a black undershirt , Maggie has on firehouse shirt with jacket around waist, Beau has on dark pants and blue long sleeved pull over shirt. April has on jean shorts and white sleeveless tee. Rachel has pulled a huge gray sweat shirt on. Jan has on black sweats and purple shirt as she is on the treadmill, running like a deer." Thanks Notch, we appreciate your hard work and input. We will check in with you later in case there are any major wardrobe changes or wardrobe malfunctions.

Maggie places the chairs on the table as Ivette plans to vacuum the dining room. James is pitching an idea for a future Big Brother show, talk show hosts or hostesses, like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Sally Jessy and Rikki Lake. Sure James, maybe we can get Larry King, Jay Leno and Howard Stern to join in... oh wait, isn't that called "Surreal Life"? The Herd and Rachel chat about weight while Janelle continues her workout.

Fish for the second time today followed by Ivette talking about her dream in which April won the HoH. Rachel talks about being interested in moving to Texas. They are teasing each other about the spelling bee competition. Howie talks about veto competitions. Rachel asks him what he is going to wear today, he heads off to pack. April shows up with fuzzy slippers and adds rubber gloves to her outfit, complaining about the State of the Toilets. Howie says if he doesn't leave and isn't nominated he will clean the BR later.

James is convinced that Howie and Rachel are married, [Maggie is a cop and the check really is in the mail.] As they all primp and clean and prepare for the live show they seem to be getting along somewhat. Janelle is asking Beau for fashion advice and having him smell her perfume. They move on to discussing lip gloss. Janelle combs her hair while April cleans the toilet. Janelle says she has gained ten pounds.

Maggie asks Howie and Rachel, whichever one leaves, please take James. They found Jennifer's water shoes and Maggie asks they take them to her in sequester. Also they are giving Rachel/Howie messages to pass on to Jennifer. April and Beau are comparing themselves to Amy and Marcellas and Beau says once again he was supposed to be Marcellas x 10. Ivette and Janelle talk about Miami life as they both fuss with their hair in the bathroom. April and Rachel pack for Howie. Janelle tells Ivette about a former friend who was a boyfriend stealer and says she is retired from modeling about two years ago, Rachel says "Retired?".

Howie and Ivette start talking about game winners being recalled, then it goes to fish for about five minutes. Janelle doing her hair. Beau and James talking about origami. Maggie makes grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone who wants one. April tells James she had sex the other night, he asks with who, she says "myself". April is no longer "Master of her Domain".

Rachel and Howie discuss who is going home tonight. Rachel seems sure it will be her, but Howie is not so certain. Rachel tells Howie to watch for April to come to him, use that friendship but don't tell April anything. Rachel tells Howie to get rid of Ivette next if he gets HoH, nominate Ivette and Maggie, tell Ivette she is a pawn. James and Janelle join Rachel and Howie, they realize it is their last chance to talk ***** together.

The herd discuesses who is the most laid back person in the house, they think it is April and Howie, Beau says "April is the most laid back girl". Maggie says they have to be outside at 2:45 pm.

James thinks BB prefers the nerd herd over the S3 + James. James does origami. Janelle fusses with her hair in the GR. Rachel says she looks forward to leaving and going to paradise where there are movies and food and stuff.

2:47pm - Fish

April is wondering what true/false questions will be asked, so apparently the HoH will be true/false. Let's check in once more with our fashion reporter Notchbaby who tells us that "Rachel looks great in a black top and jeans. April has on a similar shirt as Rachel with black shorts." We also hear that "April is wearing a reddish top with a black skirt" we hear from Jalynne and Jak420 tells us that "Janelle is wearin the buxom green dress for live show". [I just want to take a moment to thank those who add a visual element to our updates, it is very much appreciated by those like myself with no feeds.]

James and Beau share an intimate moment as Beau rips the hairs out of James eyebrows. Last minutes preparations, massacre, lip gloss, hair and make up. Maggie helps Rachel curl her hair. Maggie grabs Ivette's butt as she walks by, saying "that is some seriously nice butt right there". Sounds like an expert opinion to me. James is wearing a shirt of Howie's and says it smells like right guard. Beau styles Howie's hair. Then Howie, Rachel and Janelle practice for the HoH competition in the gym. In the midst of this, Howie explains that his balls are huge right now.... [focus Howie, focus!]

Beau carries on a bit about his on-air interview with Ms. Julie Chen, he seems a bit nervous. The herd is gathered in the LR, chatting about HoH, Maggie says if it comes down to a tie, she will let Ivette have it. April talks about how much weight she has gained and that Julie may think she is pregnant, between her huge boobs and her fat stomach.

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Topic #2291663
scoobydoo - Yapril thanking God over and over again 0 Replies #2291663 6:05PM 25/08/2005
Yells out she wants gummy bears.
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Topic #2291796
SassyPrncess - April to all: Ya'll are more than welcome to come talk to me....... NT 1 Replies #2291796 6:11PM 25/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Earlier at sink, Maggie said something to April about James. (not sure what but heard his name) NT #2291849 6:13PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2291898
scoobydoo - Yapril so happy she can't stop talking 0 Replies #2291898 6:15PM 25/08/2005
Ivette gloats and says this is the first time one side has won back-to-back HOH competitions.
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Topic #2291911
scoobydoo - Yapril felt like Miss America when she won HOH NT 0 Replies #2291911 6:16PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2291963
abbybb - \Someone tells Apr Jen will be so proud to see she got HoH... 0 Replies #2291963 6:18PM 25/08/2005
Iv thinks she won't know.....they'll keep it from Rachel
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Topic #2291964
dizzy - Something was said about Marcellas and Beau said don't compare me to Marcellas... 0 Replies #2291964 6:18PM 25/08/2005
and Howies said You are cuter than Marcellas.
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Topic #2292064
abbybb - Apr saying she doesn't care about the power of HoH...she just wants the pictures... NT 0 Replies #2292064 6:22PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292171
scoobydoo - Yapril speculating she might get a dog toy of Pepperoni's NT 0 Replies #2292171 6:25PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292214
finknottle - JanHell Has Gone To Bed.... NT 1 Replies #2292214 6:27PM 25/08/2005
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John_DK_ - Think she was only changing outfit. NT #2292233 6:28PM 25/08/2005
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