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Topic #2286165
memyselfandi - James asks Janelle how people thought he looked when he was with Eric 0 Replies #2286165 12:03AM 25/08/2005
James asked if he looked bad. Janelle tells him he just looked dumb, like a follower. James says it was just his strategy to hide behind the more vocal, Alpha-male and let him do all the talking and be a target.
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Topic #2286169
crymerci - James reveals his early strategy to Janie 0 Replies #2286169 12:04AM 25/08/2005
He says he told Eric that Janelle wanted the guys out.

Janie says she thought everyone was lame at first, couldn't think for themselves.

James says he was going to pick an alpha male and let him draw all the fire. But then he says he thought Eric would be physically stronger than he was. Both agree he sucked physically.

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Topic #2286177
crymerci - Jmes goes to close the door (wearing boxers) says "excuse me crossing in my draws" NT 0 Replies #2286177 12:06AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286187
SassyPrncess - Jani on April: She really doesn't make sense. It's like talking in circles to a small child. NT 0 Replies #2286187 12:08AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286193
crymerci - Jam and Jan talking about April. James asks what she's saying to Jan... 1 Replies #2286193 12:09AM 25/08/2005
Jan says April keeps asking what she thinks of James and who she'd nom if she won HoH. Jan says she didn't commit to anything but that it was personal now and "there's only 4 of you left over there. I might just go eeny meeny miney mo"

Jan and James agree that April sucks.

Jan: I don't trash talk her, I just point out her flaws. Basically all she does is she complains.

Jan tells Jam that April thinks there is a deal between Mag and Iv that doesn't include Ap or Bo.
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SassyPrncess - Jan added: She basically goes from group to group & complains. (LOL) NT #2286197 12:10AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286195
SassyPrncess - Janie: April thinks there is an alliance between Iv/Mag & Beau is left out. (James: She can't be that stupid!) NT 0 Replies #2286195 12:09AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286200
crymerci - Jam: It's nice with Jenny gone. Janie: Yeah, it's peaceful. NT 0 Replies #2286200 12:10AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286203
crymerci - How says he's fat and wearing his shirt the rest of the game. Jam: I always wear my shirt. How: you're ripped. Jam: Thanks honey! NT 0 Replies #2286203 12:12AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286225
SassyPrncess - James: Should we call her (April) Cowboy or Forrest? 0 Replies #2286225 12:14AM 25/08/2005
Janie: Forrest, because she talks in cirlces and doesn't say anything.

Before this, Howie & Janie were putting on horrible southern accents and saying "Janelle, I liiike you, Janeeellle."

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Topic #2286230
knifey_spooney - James, Howie and Janelle making fun of April .. comparing her to Cowboy 0 Replies #2286230 12:15AM 25/08/2005
They mock her accent. James says should we call her Cowboy or Forrest? Janelle says Forrest. They talk about how Cowboy made it second by doing nothing.

They keep imitating April saying "Ah like yooou Janeyyyllle"
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Topic #2286243
knifey_spooney - Janelle asks them how they think the game would have gone if they didn't figure out the secrets. 0 Replies #2286243 12:17AM 25/08/2005
James says that if we didn't figure out the clues, we would be so stupid we would need to be put down.

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Topic #2286255
knifey_spooney - James rehashing the Michael/Jennifer controversy 0 Replies #2286255 12:20AM 25/08/2005
He was basically saying how Jennifer and April made sh*t up about Michael because they knew that Jennifer was next on the block.

James says thats why he thinks April will not have a job when she gets out of BB, because she made those false allegations,and basically character assasinated several people in the house.
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Topic #2286262
SassyPrncess - James: We could have our own clothing line" America Hates the Nerd Herd." NT 0 Replies #2286262 12:22AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286268
memyselfandi - James tells S3 he referred to them plus Kaysar by demon names after Howie put up James-Sarah NT 0 Replies #2286268 12:24AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286271
knifey_spooney - James thinks that they could market an "America hates the nerd herd" clothing line. 0 Replies #2286271 12:25AM 25/08/2005
He thinks pinatas with their faces on would sell.

James says that when they (Howie and co.) nominated him, he called them all names of demons in the bible. He says they will see when they watch the tapes and wonder what on earth he was thinking. Howie and Rachel both say they regret those weeks.

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Topic #2286275
drummer_inblack - James and his demon names for How/Jan/Kay/Rac: 0 Replies #2286275 12:25AM 25/08/2005
James told the rest of the Sov. group that he referred to them using demon names in the DR. He said "And after Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, and another one (i can't remember which other one he used) stabbed me in the back..."
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Topic #2286279
memyselfandi - James says April and Jen trained at sniper school to be so sneaky. NT 0 Replies #2286279 12:26AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286281
SassyPrncess - James on April's recon abilties: That B*tch must've trained at a sniper school, cuz that b*tch is undetectable. NT 0 Replies #2286281 12:27AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286287
knifey_spooney - James lamenting that he got a prize of origami paper. 0 Replies #2286287 12:29AM 25/08/2005
Of all the cool prizes this season, I get f----ing origami paper!!

He tells Rachel to tell Julie "thanks for the f--ing origami" from him.
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Topic #2286295
memyselfandi - James is complaining after all the prizes everyone gets, he gets origami 0 Replies #2286295 12:31AM 25/08/2005
He tells Rachel to thank Julie for the f'in origami on Thursday. He says had it been anybody else they'd get 10,000 or a plane trip somewhere, but they wouldn't let him have it saying he can't walk off the show. James is saying he was always f'in grounded as a kid. That's why he knows how to do origami. He would make origami christmas ornaments. He was always home grounded. That's why he likes to read so much. He reads encyclopedias. He reads the great books. That's why he gets so into philosophy. He's read all of Edgar Allen Poe's stuff. Then they bring up Tell-Tale heart. And now scary story talk.
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Topic #2286300
Junior882 - James - I read all the philosophers...Edgar Allen Poe, ... 1 Replies #2286300 12:31AM 25/08/2005
Editors Note: Edgar Allen Poe was a poet...hmmm
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InTheCave - I heard that as more of a list: the philosophers, (comma) poe, something else... NT #2287549 9:11AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286317
goJames - h/james/jan/rach talking about scary houses,stories and some real live horror stories &amityville house NT 0 Replies #2286317 12:35AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286323
drummer_inblack - Rachel (to James): "Get your fingers out of your mouth." James: "Yes mom." (LOL) NT 0 Replies #2286323 12:38AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286329
knifey_spooney - James said he was grounded every weekend of his life when he was young. He says thats why he is so well read 0 Replies #2286329 12:39AM 25/08/2005
He always read philosory. He then mentions Edgar Allen Poe. The telltale heart. Rachel mentions Great Expectations. James has read it, but not seen the movie.

They talk about the Amityville Horror. Rachel talks about some creepy house.

James says a few people have lived in the house since, but no one has reported any hauntings like that. He says the story of the murder is true, the guy who killed his family.

Rachel mentions Dean Kootz, and James gets really excited, saying he had read all of his books, until he got sick of reading the same storyline all the time. He goes on about Twilight Eyes, how some people can see people who are demons with human shells etc.

Rachel thinks James should read Intensity, she couldn't put it down. Its aobut a guy who keeps this girl hostage in a soundproof basement.

James says he was his favorite author for so long. He is an amazing author, etc. Rachel said that they really terrify her. She really recommends Intensity. Now Rachel gets books on tape or CD because she is always on the go.

They talk about how they get books in sequester, or did in the pre-show sequester. James said he read three books, didn't watch DVDs etc.

Rachel says she can't imagine not being in the house, its almost surreal to think about.

James says that Rachel has alot of fans. Rachel says no! I didn't do anything! James says the whole state of Colorado loves her..Rachel says, well she is the only girl from Colorado.

James says that he is the only guy from Atlanta
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Topic #2286346
knifey_spooney - James notices that in some thing they saw today, their profession and ages were blurred out. .... 0 Replies #2286346 12:43AM 25/08/2005
Rachel says they are probably portraying her as a horse breeder. She told them that she has bred horses before, once or twice, and she thinks they will go with that for diversity or something.

Janelle says she didn't care what they put that she did.

James says he worked at Taco Bell in high school, they probably put that he is in the fast food industry.

James then says they blurred the ages because they wanted to hide Aprils real age of 38.
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