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Topic #2292239
scoobydoo - Yapril to Ivette (who hasn't won anything yet): Winning this makes you feel 0 Replies #2292239 6:28PM 25/08/2005
like you're contributing to the house. For a week, I felt like sh*t.
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Topic #2292299
SassyPrncess - James to Janie in GR: It's over. It's over. GAME OVER. NT 0 Replies #2292299 6:30PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292303
finknottle - Now James is in GR with JanHell and he says, "It's Over...." 0 Replies #2292303 6:30PM 25/08/2005
"....they have the numbers now"
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Topic #2292331
finknottle - Howie joins James and Janelle in the GR.... 0 Replies #2292331 6:32PM 25/08/2005
Howie is taking the blame saying he should have been evicted this week.
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Topic #2292351
scoobydoo - James, Howie & Janelle in GR 0 Replies #2292351 6:33PM 25/08/2005
Howie blames himself. Howie and Janelle fighting over who goes home this week. They both want to go home.
Howie keeps saying, "my fault"
Janelle keeps saying, "I wanna go home"
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Topic #2292375
notchbaby - J: to Iv I can't stand being this close and losing. Iv: Join the team, I know my mother's looking at me and .... NT 0 Replies #2292375 6:34PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292412
notchbaby - Whispering in groups in every room. April, Beau and Maggie in one, Howie, James and Jan in another, they disperse and then form a new group. NT 0 Replies #2292412 6:36PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292449
notchbaby - April is in GR with Howie and Jan talking about the competition and now her husband, they now care about her family NT 0 Replies #2292449 6:37PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292508
notchbaby - Howie asks April about her relationship 0 Replies #2292508 6:40PM 25/08/2005
H: how long have you been together. A: I think ten years in Oct. yeah, I was 21, yeah, ten years. H: why did you wait so long to get married? A: Well, I was twenty-five when I graduated college.
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Topic #2292537
notchbaby - April tells Howie and jan that she felt like she was just crowned Miss America. NT 0 Replies #2292537 6:41PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292559
just_meee - April just said "she is HOH not any one else" just her!!! NT 0 Replies #2292559 6:42PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292568
SassyPrncess - Janelle to April: I want to talk to you LAST. NT 0 Replies #2292568 6:43PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292577
dizzy - How/Jan/Apr in GR and Jan asked if she could go up to HoH and 0 Replies #2292577 6:43PM 25/08/2005
talk to April later and April said yes. Jan ask will you be there by yourself? April said yes, she said I'm HoH everyone on my team is not. She said she wasn't saying that to be on a power trip, but that she makes up her own mind. Then more chatter and Jan told her she wanted to talk to her last.
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Topic #2292633
Mrguytvblog - wow. maggie and april just came into GR asking howie and janelle to not ask james to play POV. NT 0 Replies #2292633 6:46PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292639
finknottle - Maggie, April, Howie and Janelle in GR and April is letting them in on the plan to backdoor James NT 0 Replies #2292639 6:47PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292666
scoobydoo - April, Janelle & Howie in GR 0 Replies #2292666 6:49PM 25/08/2005
April says she wants to put up Janelle & Howie and backdoor James. She keeps saying, "Trust me. Trust me" and asks them not to ask James to play for veto.
Janelle - then who do I ask?
April - One of us.
Janelle - How do I know you're going to use the veto to take us off then.
April - Trust me. Trust me. They listen to me.

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Topic #2292710
scoobydoo - April still adamant about backdooring James (in front of Janelle & Howie) 0 Replies #2292710 6:51PM 25/08/2005
april - When I won HOH, Maggie and I have been waiting for this (backdooring James).
April - Don't talk to Ivette or Beau. Don't talk to them. I can't put up Ivette and Beau (as pawns) because then James would know.
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Topic #2292763
scoobydoo - Janelle & Howie asking April about Kaysar deal 0 Replies #2292763 6:54PM 25/08/2005
April - It wasn't my decision. It wasn't Jennifer's. It was someone else.
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Topic #2292813
abbybb - Jan says, "I go home..not you." How says, "I f*cked up..." Jan, "Don't worry".. NT 0 Replies #2292813 6:57PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292833
abbybb - H/J trying to do the math and figuring if it's a tie, they have to rely on Apr to keep her word... NT 0 Replies #2292833 6:58PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292843
scoobydoo - After April leaves 2 Replies #2292843 6:59PM 25/08/2005
Janelle & Howie questioning. Janelle says she doesn't have a good feeling about this.
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hoarsewhisperer - Maggie came up just before April left and was eavesdropping outside GR....don't think she heard anything incriminating NT #2292868 7:00PM 25/08/2005
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John_DK_ - No, April told Mag 2 keep a look out for eavesdroppers. NT #2292910 7:02PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292851
notchbaby - Jan and Howie in bed GR Jan says I dont' know Howie I don't have a good feeling about this, H: We have nothing to lose NT 0 Replies #2292851 6:59PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2292927
notchbaby - I came in hearing April and Mag in BR talking, April says he would never vote for Ivette, but never believe anything Jan says. 0 Replies #2292927 7:04PM 25/08/2005
April says all I know is me and you aren't going home this week. Maggie whispers, we have to tell them, it's the friendship.
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Topic #2292974
ktan - April, How, Mag, Beau, and Jan in storage room which has been restocked, so there will be no food comp this week. NT 0 Replies #2292974 7:06PM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2293013
ouxch - All four feeds on Ivette and James playing chess in BY NT 0 Replies #2293013 7:09PM 25/08/2005
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