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apr: she went no and that means yes (talking about michael finger-b*nging janelle)... - ferretkiss
12:00AM 07/09/2005

April's long tirade about Janelle's unshaven crotch - ferretkiss
12:06AM 07/09/2005

Around the feeds: F1 Howie wandering around the house; F2 Janie sleeping in GR; F3 & F4 Nerd Herd in HOH NT - drummer_inblack
12:33AM 07/09/2005

F1: Howie's now in the kitchen making himself a roast beef sandwich; BB once again zooms in on the "Time To Get In Shape" Sign. NT - drummer_inblack
12:39AM 07/09/2005

ALERT: 1am BBT - Ivette tells nerd herd in HOH room she smokes weed with "Tush" - amynyc
1:16AM 07/09/2005

HOH room- on and off FISH while Ivette talks about travels with her gf NT - amynyc
1:17AM 07/09/2005

HOH room - Ivette talks about bidets again - amynyc
1:26AM 07/09/2005

BB: Maggie pls put on your microphone.... FISH all 4 feeds NT - amynyc
1:27AM 07/09/2005

Howie working out in BY, Janelle asleep in GR, Ivette listening to music in HOH bed NT - amynyc
1:31AM 07/09/2005

April just got in bed with Ivette (room is dark) and Maggie comes out of bathrm and... - amynyc
1:34AM 07/09/2005

HOH room: April and Maggie insist to Ivette it was really scary to see the cam man behind the glass NT - amynyc
1:35AM 07/09/2005

Ivette says they have curtains behind the windows and she sees them sometimes......then FISH NT - amynyc
1:36AM 07/09/2005

FISH all 4 cams, back for one sec (Howie now in gym), NH in bed... and FISH again NT - amynyc
1:41AM 07/09/2005

Howie in BR - about to shower, NH in bed. April and Maggie asking Ivette about bidets again (April - it's not normal) NT - amynyc
1:46AM 07/09/2005

Maggie and April telling Ivette to turn down the music on headphones and tell them more stories about Cuban culture - amynyc
1:51AM 07/09/2005

Howie in shower, NH rambling on in HOH bed, Janie asleep in GR NT - amynyc
1:53AM 07/09/2005

NH planning what they will cook tomorrow, who will slice what, who will cook what, blah, blah, blah NT - amynyc
1:55AM 07/09/2005

Howie farts in shower - "Oh, sorry BB". He is walking back and forth between the 2 shower areas and you can see his white butt in the clear glass NT - amynyc
1:58AM 07/09/2005

Howie keeps flashing his butt in the clear glass part of shower door...just blew his nose into his hand (ew!) NT - amynyc
2:03AM 07/09/2005

Howie out of shower, gets shorts off counter, back to shower, farts again - "sorry BB" NT - amynyc
2:06AM 07/09/2005

Howie put shorts on in shower stall, puts mike on, primps a bit in BR NT - amynyc
2:08AM 07/09/2005

NH still awake and STILL watching the spy cam - Maggie says Howie still has his light saber...April discusses her period is coming soon... - amynyc
2:17AM 07/09/2005

All HG's asleep (NH in HOH bed, Howie and Janie in GR beds) NT - amynyc
2:30AM 07/09/2005

Not sure if Howie ever fell asleep yet - he has been tossing & turning like crazy for over 35 minutes now. He just yawned again. NT - amynyc
3:06AM 07/09/2005

Howie IS finally sleeping, all hg's sleeping NT - amynyc
3:45AM 07/09/2005

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