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More Rap party discussion with the FS.. But we hear mumbles from Ivette. - Mikkie
12:01AM 12/09/2005

Returned from Fish -- Janelle has completed her shower and is combing out her wet hair in her HOH bathroom - Mikkie
12:09AM 12/09/2005

DING (for yes) when April says when they are bored so are BB (cameramen).. Bb guys are still - Mikkie
12:11AM 12/09/2005

Well, Janelle apparently had only rinsed her hair.. coz right now they are showing an airial view of Janie in the bathtub!! NT - Mikkie
12:14AM 12/09/2005

MAggie is looking in the windows where the cameramen are.. ASking them to do things.. - Mikkie
12:20AM 12/09/2005
Sporadic BB announcements~ - SleeplessOnLI
12:50AM 12/09/2005

BB is obviously bored and playing with the HG's NT - Taelyn
12:21AM 12/09/2005

Maggie appears to be mirroring Jane Goodall's gorilla experimental behavior and searching and picking for... - jedicheetah
1:00AM 12/09/2005

April being nice and hugging Janie in kitchen .. talks about her when she jumps in bed with Maggie ... - Jabbasan
1:28AM 12/09/2005

April attempt to talk to Maggie, once again about the whole I/A incident, but Maggie is not interested... - Taffy
1:41AM 12/09/2005

GR talk.. M/A: April at it again! rehashing same story for Maggie for the millionth time! - TVfan
1:57AM 12/09/2005

April still yacking at Maggie in GR - TVfan
2:20AM 12/09/2005

Maggie just said that she is "sweating my balls off". NT - mikesgirl
2:26AM 12/09/2005

April - "I'm gonna pee then go to bed" NT - Insomniac
2:53AM 12/09/2005

All asleep NT - billw84
3:49AM 12/09/2005

all girls are sleeping NT - lyssababy30
7:10AM 12/09/2005

Right now everyone is still in bed - pooh5983
7:48AM 12/09/2005

All still asleep. Janie in HoH, Iv in bunkroom, looks like Mag and Ap are both in GR? NT - crymerci
9:22AM 12/09/2005

Fish .. Perhaps BB is finally going to wake them ??? NT - Kahhli
9:53AM 12/09/2005

FISH - maybe wakeup call NT - iheartrealitytv
9:54AM 12/09/2005

Ive up, Jan still in bed in HOH NT - iheartrealitytv
10:05AM 12/09/2005

Maggie and April laying in bed in GR talking. - JessicaRabbit
10:27AM 12/09/2005

Maggie and April still in bed (in Dark) in GR - cuddling, Mag has her arm across April - amynyc
10:30AM 12/09/2005

FISH - BB probably telling them to get the heck out of bed NT - amynyc
10:31AM 12/09/2005

Fish again. A bit earlier, BB said "I said it's time to get up for the day" twice. NT - Sluggo
10:32AM 12/09/2005

Back from fish. Mag and April still in bed spooning. BB says "the bedrm lights must remain on during the day" Mag responds "c*ck suckers!!" NT - amynyc
10:37AM 12/09/2005
Mag and Ape are still in BR w/lights off NT - iheartrealitytv
10:38AM 12/09/2005

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