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BB: "The bedroom lights must be on during the day." April: "C*cks*ckers!" - Sluggo
10:37AM 12/09/2005
Oops, was that Maggie? Sorry. NT - Sluggo
10:38AM 12/09/2005

Iv. in BY doing laundry, Janie in HOH bed w/lights on. Mag and April talking in bed - amynyc
10:39AM 12/09/2005

Mag and April up and in kitchen, get coffee and then go out to BY (Jan still in HOH bed) - LONG Mag and April convo - amynyc
10:59AM 12/09/2005

Mag and April try to figure out what next HOH comp will be - a memory thing or endurance. - amynyc
11:13AM 12/09/2005

11:15 am BBT - Cam 1 still has Janie sleeping in HOH bed (lights on) NT - amynyc
11:16AM 12/09/2005

April: I want to be on Entertainment tonight. Maggie: I think - lacycatherine
11:39AM 12/09/2005

Maggie singing ..fish NT - neysa54
11:40AM 12/09/2005

I think BB just called Janelle to the DR. NT - neysa54
12:03PM 12/09/2005

apl and mag outside. april said..."I can't help that I feel Ivette controlled me in this game...it is my own fault for letting her" NT - Jana
12:22PM 12/09/2005

April talking to Maggie telling her Ivette's girlfriend is going to hate her NT - Jana
12:23PM 12/09/2005

Apl - Ivette is not good at handling things..she yells, cusses...you can't talk to her. NT - Jana
12:24PM 12/09/2005

Apl -Ivette does not understand she is a very vocal person. People can not help but listen to her I made so many decisions based on want she wanted NT - Jana
12:26PM 12/09/2005

April: Ivette controlled me in this game...Practically next sentence... - cussler
12:33PM 12/09/2005

Black pic on the feeds, it says no signal... NT - John_DK_
12:35PM 12/09/2005

Feeds back NT - SassyPrncess
12:46PM 12/09/2005
And o/c we get fish... NT - John_DK_
12:47PM 12/09/2005

Fish on all feeds! NT - Maryellen
12:49PM 12/09/2005

Ivette just walked past the fish tank. NT - ShelBel
12:58PM 12/09/2005

A/M morning conversation in BY.... - Taffy
1:35PM 12/09/2005

feeds back up NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
2:16PM 12/09/2005

ivette laying in bed looking like she could kill someone.. NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
2:17PM 12/09/2005
Iv watching Maggie and April pack her suitcase, Janie walking laps in BY NT - ostra
2:18PM 12/09/2005

Janelle in BY walking laps... A talking to M about what to wear tomorrow and day after for interviews NT - pokey_ally
2:29PM 12/09/2005

Maggie and April making plans about what to wear and what they are gonna do later (shower, lay outside before lockdown etc.) Ivette saying nothing NT - ostra
2:29PM 12/09/2005

April angry that the LD is gonna be starting today at 6PM and last till tomorrow NT - ostra
2:33PM 12/09/2005

I to M Your all I have got in this house right now NT - Woolly
2:37PM 12/09/2005

M I don't want to talk about it right now. 2 great friends having a hard time is horrible to me NT - Woolly
2:38PM 12/09/2005

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