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Ivette starts to complain to M about April - joannie
2:38PM 12/09/2005

Maggie is in the shower. April is also in the bathroom. - joannie
2:42PM 12/09/2005

A and Jan playing volleyball NT - Woolly
2:46PM 12/09/2005

Janie done walking laps. Now she and April are playing volleyball. NT - joannie
2:46PM 12/09/2005

Ivette is alone at kitchen table eating. NT - joannie
2:47PM 12/09/2005

Maggie to DR please NT - Woolly
2:49PM 12/09/2005

Jan & A playing volleyball - Timbo36
2:53PM 12/09/2005

Fish again, not sure if blackouts are reason why feeds are coming in and out NT - bbfaninaz
2:55PM 12/09/2005

back again, quad camera has no sound again.feed 1 living room, feed 2 Ivette sitting at table feed 3 and 4 April and Janelle playing V.B. in B Y NT - bbfaninaz
2:56PM 12/09/2005

A: "What the frigginiggy? ....My boobs are sweating." NT - Timbo36
2:58PM 12/09/2005

J/A volleyball: We suck! We've been playing the same game for an hour! - Timbo36
3:01PM 12/09/2005

Volleyball winner is Jan 15-12 NT - Woolly
3:02PM 12/09/2005

Jan to A: I wish you were competing too, at least I have your suport; - Timbo36
3:05PM 12/09/2005

Janelle: "How can she [Ivette] say that I didn't have any friends in this house? - joannie
3:13PM 12/09/2005

April doing damage control .... - Kahhli
3:15PM 12/09/2005

Meanwhile, Ivette still sitting at the table alone. NT - joannie
3:16PM 12/09/2005

April filling Janelle in ... - Kahhli
3:19PM 12/09/2005

April now informs Janelle that she was able to see the moves she made in the last HOH Comp. - Kahhli
3:26PM 12/09/2005

BB: "April, please go to the DR." NT - joannie
3:29PM 12/09/2005

bb theme music then fish NT - Woolly
3:47PM 12/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie in the backyard - Suzan
3:48PM 12/09/2005

Something's happening... we could hear the BB theme music, then Ivette said "Hey!", then fish. NT - Sluggo
3:48PM 12/09/2005
They're back... I guess it was a glitch. NT - Sluggo
3:49PM 12/09/2005

I walking in BY and makes a cycle by the sliding glass door and say's "Hey!" I hear official BB music (just like House Calls) and we get fish NT - Timbo36
3:48PM 12/09/2005

Ivette doing laps in BY and whining to Mag - applecrisp
3:49PM 12/09/2005

Hear BB Music..then Ivette says Hey then fish now they are back to normal Ivette asks maggie how big a mile is ....mag doesn't know NT - lovinjanie
3:49PM 12/09/2005

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