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Feeds back, apparently nothing happened...will keep ya posted. NT - Timbo36
3:49PM 12/09/2005

Evilette bitching in the BY: It sucks, it all sucks! to M NT - Timbo36
3:50PM 12/09/2005

We're back from fish and Ivette is asking Maggie how many feet are in a mile. Maggie - Suzan
3:50PM 12/09/2005

Ivette walking laps around BY, Maggie in lounge chair, Janie alone at dining table - puck71
3:51PM 12/09/2005

Janelle no longer on the feeds. Feeds 1 & 2 of the backyard with Maggie and Ivette, 3 & 4 are kitchen/living room. Lots of silence in the BY NT - Suzan
3:52PM 12/09/2005

Ivette is now laying in the lounger next to Maggie and they are going over the questions, quizzing each other. - Suzan
4:05PM 12/09/2005
Ivette still looks depressed you mean. NT - MizJet
4:12PM 12/09/2005

I and M in BY quizzing each other NT - Woolly
4:05PM 12/09/2005

april, ivette and maggie in backyard now. - serac
4:20PM 12/09/2005

maggie and april were just starting to talk and fish..... NT - serac
4:21PM 12/09/2005

april called bb bastards but says just playing. - serac
4:23PM 12/09/2005

ivette is back outside, told maggie its 4:30. - serac
4:25PM 12/09/2005

maggie says she talks to everyone while in the bath. - serac
4:29PM 12/09/2005

Janelle has joined them in the yard. - serac
4:30PM 12/09/2005

BB tells Janelle to put on mic. NT - serac
4:31PM 12/09/2005

april wonders if she'll be nervous talking to julie tomorrow. - serac
4:40PM 12/09/2005

Ivette has talked occassionally about the conversation about plasma tvs. - serac
4:43PM 12/09/2005
she was joking they have been joking because they want the tv and trip... NT - aloha1961
4:43PM 12/09/2005
the talk was about aprils plasma tv not janelles. NT - serac
4:46PM 12/09/2005

April says I hate this place. - serac
4:44PM 12/09/2005

HG Pictures have changed to Janie's day at 2.5 men, everyone looking.............. NT - Rhea
4:46PM 12/09/2005

hg looking at pics of janelles day out on 2 1/2 men set. - serac
4:47PM 12/09/2005

april and maggie saying how much fun that must have been. NT - serac
4:48PM 12/09/2005

maggie says she wants to see that show, it looks funny. - serac
4:51PM 12/09/2005

janelle says look at that pic with the zit on my head! NT - serac
4:52PM 12/09/2005

janelle still looking at pics. - serac
4:56PM 12/09/2005

Janelle says our last meal together and laughs. NT - serac
4:57PM 12/09/2005

I went to BY; A/M/J making nachos for dinner NT - pokey_ally
4:57PM 12/09/2005

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