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april asked the others to let her feed the fish tomorrow a.m. NT - kaysar_and_janie
6:32PM 12/09/2005
While April was feeding the fish Janelle got up on a stool next to her and said I want to - Suzan
6:52PM 12/09/2005

maggie and ivette are talking about the game, strategizing about the last hoh comp. janie still at fish tank. NT - kaysar_and_janie
6:37PM 12/09/2005
ivette and maggie talk about bb measuring them and how far up they can reach. think it's for the hoh comp. NT - kaysar_and_janie
6:41PM 12/09/2005

ivette says janie told her she (janie) is bad at endurance. maggie says she's lying. NT - kaysar_and_janie
6:42PM 12/09/2005

maggie says janie won't tell april what the last comp may be, bc janie won't want april telling them. - kaysar_and_janie
6:48PM 12/09/2005

ivette to maggie: "you've got to ask god for all the strength you can. i'm asking him for all the strength." - kaysar_and_janie
6:52PM 12/09/2005
Before that Maggie also said that she didn't think she would be good at endurance comp. NT - MizJet
7:23PM 12/09/2005

Maggie just came out of the barracks and yells "Hey April", April doesn't hear her because she's up in the HOH bathtub! NT - Suzan
6:54PM 12/09/2005
janie and april are doing pedicures while sitting on the edge of the tub. using the stuff from janie's mom. NT - kaysar_and_janie
6:57PM 12/09/2005

IV and MAGGIE (includies something about ivettes decision tomrrow - may not be surely april evicted) - ferretkiss
6:57PM 12/09/2005

april talking to janelle while scrubbing the toilet. - serac
7:05PM 12/09/2005

Apr: i feel like ive had some much fun the last few days, i wish i would have just... - ferretkiss
7:16PM 12/09/2005

LOL - Ivette declaring to Maggie that she ( Ivette ) has really pretty feet. Then a close-up of her toes .. ICK! NT - Jabbasan
7:28PM 12/09/2005

April & Janie in HOH bathroom making small talk... - Blaque03
7:29PM 12/09/2005

More April/Janie small talk... - Blaque03
7:37PM 12/09/2005

April & Janie talking about Howie... - Blaque03
7:38PM 12/09/2005

A few minutes ago, Ivette talks to Maggie about April leaving... - BB6Addict
7:38PM 12/09/2005

J&A talking about doing other reality shows... - Blaque03
7:44PM 12/09/2005

ivette wants to know if her dad picked up in business then fish again. NT - serac
7:50PM 12/09/2005

Stupid FISH keep coming and going... NT - Blaque03
7:51PM 12/09/2005

Had fish for awhile, feeds come back to J and A in HOH bathroom floor and I hear: - Timbo36
7:52PM 12/09/2005

feeds were changed to livingroom with no one in. NT - serac
7:52PM 12/09/2005

janelle and april talking about how julie will say just get up and vote. NT - serac
7:53PM 12/09/2005

april says janelle was thye stronger player but they liked him and she remembers no one crying. - serac
7:57PM 12/09/2005

Feeds back... J&A laying on HOH bathroom floor... - Blaque03
7:57PM 12/09/2005

April referring to Ivette - Blaque03
7:59PM 12/09/2005

Janelle tells April that she is a very good player, April says "Thank You" NT - Blaque03
7:59PM 12/09/2005
because Janie said she made it as far as Amy (BB3) and Nakomis (BB5) NT - L34F
8:01PM 12/09/2005

april says should I apologize to ivette for how I felt? - serac
8:01PM 12/09/2005

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