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dial STOPPED; JANE taking sweater offl says this sweater is so hot. NT - ferretkiss
7:56PM 13/09/2005

The Dial has now reversed direction! NT - Vinman
7:56PM 13/09/2005

Maggie is taking her gloves off NT - bakerladee
8:00PM 13/09/2005

Maggie is trying to get her gloves off... struggling... she gave up NT - pokey_ally
8:01PM 13/09/2005

Fish NT - nickinoodles
8:09PM 13/09/2005

Feeds back. No change, no conversation. All the girls are really concentrating. NT - Mareenie
8:10PM 13/09/2005

back from fish... all HGs still in competition NT - pokey_ally
8:11PM 13/09/2005

Maggie is really struggling to keep up on the dial a lot more than the other two. Cameraman keeps showing her feet. NT - Mareenie
8:21PM 13/09/2005

The dial has now increased in speed. NT - Vinman
8:21PM 13/09/2005

Dial seems to be speeding up. Nothing is being said. NT - Mareenie
8:22PM 13/09/2005

Janey leaned a little bit too foward and almost lost it! NT - Vinman
8:22PM 13/09/2005

Now dial is slowing way down. (sorry!) NT - Mareenie
8:23PM 13/09/2005

Maggie showing signs of struggle due to her short legs and shorter steps. NT - Vinman
8:24PM 13/09/2005

Someone mic is clicking on something - and is a good indicator when the dial speeds up NT - birdiebogie
8:25PM 13/09/2005
It's Maggie's mike! NT - bakerladee
8:28PM 13/09/2005

Ivette wiping the sweat from her head, seems to be the most relaxed..Maggie almost lost it a bit...girls still going. NT - Vinman
8:26PM 13/09/2005

All concentrating on their feet, no talking at all. Maggies hem seems to be slipping closer to the back of her heels, might trip her if it gets too - WendyPerson
8:30PM 13/09/2005

Janelle's long legs are definitely an advantage. She's taking one step to Maggie's two. Maggie's going to be worn out! NT - Mareenie
8:31PM 13/09/2005

Magg leaned forward a little too much, almost lost balance, but recovered quickly NT - amIsane
8:33PM 13/09/2005
Magg doing a little hopping motion as she steps NT - amIsane
8:35PM 13/09/2005

Yvette's hair seems to be bothering her, she keeps playing with it - bakerladee
8:33PM 13/09/2005

Janelle and Yvette are walking while Maggie is hopping! NT - bakerladee
8:35PM 13/09/2005

Ivette needs a tissue really bad - keeps sniffling. NT - augie
8:37PM 13/09/2005

The dial has stopped again. All HGs still on. NT - Timbo36
8:41PM 13/09/2005

the dial has stopped... and is now turning in the other direction NT - pokey_ally
8:41PM 13/09/2005

Dial has stopped, they all take advantage to fix clothes , hair etc!! NT - Vinman
8:41PM 13/09/2005

I ask M if the gloves are working for her. M asks both she thought they were going to bring their gloves. J replies " I forgot mine" NT - Vinman
8:43PM 13/09/2005

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