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April back to talking about the HOH comp and that it will be a minimum of 9 hours. Says it will be really intense. Says Janelle said do you think I - pittsburgh24
12:08AM 13/09/2005

Maggie saying that things she saw about Michael disturbed her. Knows that he pecked her on the back of her neck and she told him about it. - pittsburgh24
12:32AM 13/09/2005

Everyone sleeping now NT - dustyma
1:10AM 13/09/2005

Not everyone is sleeping! - JanieDoll82
1:13AM 13/09/2005

April wants Maggie to promise her... - CbsBlows
1:28AM 13/09/2005

The Chatter has stopped, all House Guests quiet and sleeping except for April stroking her hair with her fingers every so often NT. - CbsBlows
1:37AM 13/09/2005

All asleep NT - billw84
3:26AM 13/09/2005

Everyone is sleeping - pooh5983
7:08AM 13/09/2005

Ap, Mag, and Ivette still sleeping. I think Jan is too, but has covers pulled over her head if so. NT - crymerci
9:37AM 13/09/2005
Ok, can see Janelle's head now. She's sleeping too. NT - crymerci
9:38AM 13/09/2005

Ivette is getting up. NT - neysa54
10:28AM 13/09/2005

Ivette in kitchen...the storage room got something ..then went to BR. NT - neysa54
10:30AM 13/09/2005

Looks like Ivette is fixing something to eat....sneezes several times...Bless you Ivette... NT - neysa54
10:38AM 13/09/2005

Ivette went and woke up April..couldnt understand what she said..April now feeding fish. NT - neysa54
10:42AM 13/09/2005
Ivette said: April you wanted to feed the fish. Then said it is almost 10:30. NT - Panda4
10:46AM 13/09/2005

April sitting in front of fish tank just staring at it... now she went to get coffee and back staring at fish. NT - neysa54
10:47AM 13/09/2005

April at fish tank drinking coffee..Ivette at dining table drinking coffee...really quite. NT - neysa54
10:49AM 13/09/2005

April put chair back at table sit coffee cup down ..went to BR. NT - neysa54
10:50AM 13/09/2005

Ivette just sitting at table staring in space.. NT - neysa54
10:51AM 13/09/2005

Maggie and Janelle still in bed. NT - neysa54
10:52AM 13/09/2005

Maggie is up. NT - neysa54
10:54AM 13/09/2005

Maggie talking about something..guess dreams about being scared..then fish...now April talking about having good dreams. NT - neysa54
10:56AM 13/09/2005

m/i/a talking about dreams NT - dabbaby
10:59AM 13/09/2005

Looks like maybe Ivette talking some to April... NT - neysa54
11:00AM 13/09/2005

April speculating what the HoH comp might be, something Fear Factor style, laying down confined with a bunch of bees NT - ostra
11:00AM 13/09/2005

janie us up NT - dabbaby
11:01AM 13/09/2005

Janelle is up now..brushing her teeth. NT - neysa54
11:01AM 13/09/2005

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