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I holding on with only right hand , fixing hair , continues to hold one handed! NT - Vinman
8:45PM 13/09/2005

M back to galloping, J and I during full strides. NT - Vinman
8:46PM 13/09/2005

I definetly bothered by hair, pulls hair over ears.. back to 2 hands...constantly looks over her shoulder. NT - Vinman
8:47PM 13/09/2005

M switching hands, shakes tired hands seems gloves bether her, tried to pull left glove with teeth to adjust. NT - Vinman
8:48PM 13/09/2005

Dial increasing in speed again, all 3 struggling to keep up. NT - Vinman
8:49PM 13/09/2005

Ivette looks strong in this ...she is struggling the least NT - lovinjanie
8:53PM 13/09/2005

Ivette is continuing to mess with her long hair, at times wrapping them up . Mag doing gallop again . J and I wide strike. NT - Vinman
8:54PM 13/09/2005

Two hours have elapsed, no one eliminated yet though Maggie looks like she is about to lose her footing. NT - ktan
8:56PM 13/09/2005

Ivette looks the strongest though she seems to be focused the least - BigBooty
9:01PM 13/09/2005

dial has stopped again... fish NT - pokey_ally
9:02PM 13/09/2005

The wheel stopped NT - BigBooty
9:02PM 13/09/2005

Wheel has stopped; now FISH NT - Liquorlady
9:02PM 13/09/2005

Wheel moving; now Mags wants to talk NT - Liquorlady
9:04PM 13/09/2005

dial is turning again... small chit chat... M asked if they want to chat or concentrate... Iv and J are hot. NT - pokey_ally
9:05PM 13/09/2005

Yvette is doing a little hopping now too (like Maggie) NT - bakerladee
9:09PM 13/09/2005

Someone keeps yawning.. I think Ivette..(ed: could 3 days of crying be catching up?) NT - Diana
9:12PM 13/09/2005

Yvette really being brave (or stupid) holding on with one hand, hopping and playing around with her hair. NT - bakerladee
9:17PM 13/09/2005

Ivette looking unconfortable and hot. - BigBooty
9:23PM 13/09/2005

The only sounds are foot tapping (probably Mag's), heavy breathing (again, prob Mag's) and airplanes. Not one word is said when the wheel spins NT - nickinoodles
9:26PM 13/09/2005

Oh-h-h Maggie almost lost it! - jan1953
9:30PM 13/09/2005

M just took off sweatshirt... finally got hot... M just said she wants it to spin faster. Iv asked why. M said it would be fun NT - pokey_ally
9:30PM 13/09/2005

Dial just stopped again. M complaining about gloves. Dial now turning in other direction. NT - pokey_ally
9:31PM 13/09/2005

A little talking as it stops.... - nickinoodles
9:31PM 13/09/2005

Janelle says her hands are very slippery because they are sweating. NT - bakerladee
9:32PM 13/09/2005

They all seem to be suffering equally.... - nickinoodles
9:54PM 13/09/2005

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