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Ive in barracks alone looking somber... again NT - Elika
5:39PM 13/09/2005

Jan: maybe I should rat my hair: Ape: no, your hair already looks like a rat touched it. - Elika
5:40PM 13/09/2005

Maggie cant poop April offered her and Janelle cheering for her they started a cheer and....FISH NT - Yesca
5:40PM 13/09/2005

Fishies! NT - Cali2Jax
5:40PM 13/09/2005

must have been fish, due to cheer NT - bbfaninaz
5:41PM 13/09/2005

ape to jan: i think you are infatuated with yourself, and your breasts. NT - Elika
5:42PM 13/09/2005

Janelle forgot her very important perfume so she can smell it herself NT - Yesca
5:43PM 13/09/2005

Houseguests getting ready for live show, should give us fish any minute NT - bbfaninaz
5:43PM 13/09/2005

Looks like Maggie is gonna cheat! She put something in her jacket to prevent something if it's raining??! NT - Cali2Jax
5:45PM 13/09/2005
Maggie is wearing the gloves for the comp, I don't think it's against the rules though (so not cheating) NT - puck71
7:10PM 13/09/2005
It's Gloves that she is put into her jacket pockets to hold on to something if it's raining. I replayed the feed. NT - Cali2Jax
5:46PM 13/09/2005
gloves NT - KatieBuckeye
5:45PM 13/09/2005

Ivette still sitting on the bed, unknoen if she is just trying to get April to feel bad for her, or if she is planning on doing a little dirty work NT - bbfaninaz
5:45PM 13/09/2005

fish... NT - Elika
5:47PM 13/09/2005

April and Maggie having discussion, then FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT - bbfaninaz
5:48PM 13/09/2005

Janelle asks if she should change her tampon now or when they call....or should I use 2 just in case? - Yesca
5:48PM 13/09/2005

April is freezing her butt off NT - Yesca
5:50PM 13/09/2005

Janelle is trying to open the safe NT - bbfaninaz
5:51PM 13/09/2005

Janelle playin with safe after stopping April from running to it NT - Yesca
5:51PM 13/09/2005

sitting in LR waiting for it to start NT - Yesca
5:51PM 13/09/2005

April wants to talk 1st...even whining, "I wanna go fiiirst" NT - Yesca
5:52PM 13/09/2005

Maggie would like if April sat down and her mic made a fart noise NT - Yesca
5:53PM 13/09/2005

April: I wonder who's gonna be evicted and Ivette looked up for a second NT - Yesca
5:53PM 13/09/2005

Janelle: We're ready - Yesca
5:54PM 13/09/2005

FISH - Yesca
5:56PM 13/09/2005

From live TV show... April evicted NT - Taffy
6:55PM 13/09/2005

Feeds back, HoH comp going on. NT - John_DK_
7:01PM 13/09/2005
HoH part 1 started at 6:55 p.m. PT. NT - Panda4
7:18PM 13/09/2005

Feeds back! Ivette on feed 3, thought those were Maggie's pants, sorry - puck71
7:01PM 13/09/2005
She's on feed 3. NT - John_DK_
7:02PM 13/09/2005

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