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Feeds are up and the 3 HG are still standing on their spinning safe dial. NT - nojobny
7:03PM 13/09/2005

Feeds back everyone walking on a cirlce thing holding a key for combo to safe and part 1 of hoh NT - bbfaninaz
7:03PM 13/09/2005

Mag: It's going faster Iv/Jan: Yep NT - nojobny
7:04PM 13/09/2005

Maggie said it is going faster NT - bbfaninaz
7:05PM 13/09/2005

Maggie is breathing heavy every once in a while into her mic - memyselfandi
7:06PM 13/09/2005

Maggie says it's an honor to be next to them right now, they say the same back. NT - M3gabyt3
7:12PM 13/09/2005

These girls are FOCUSED! There is absolutely no talking going on. Everyone is just watching their feet. Mag is the only one who wore her - nojobny
7:14PM 13/09/2005
The last thing Janelle said before she got on is I forgot my gloves NT - bakerladee
7:17PM 13/09/2005

Iv's nose is dripping. She keeps sniffing then she wiped it with her hand. Now she's using her shoulder, rather than let go of her key NT - nojobny
7:16PM 13/09/2005

They all look like they are having a hard time getting a comfortable position on the key. The points look like they would prevent this. NT - bakerladee
7:20PM 13/09/2005

The dial will start to rotate to the left in about 3 hours or less. - The_Jesus_Squad
7:20PM 13/09/2005
When did they announce this? - puck71
7:23PM 13/09/2005

Janelle shook her left hand, ridges on key probably dig in a little NT - puck71
7:21PM 13/09/2005

Maggie is the only one who keeps wobbling like she is losing her balance. NT - bakerladee
7:22PM 13/09/2005

Maggie: Hey Jim? FISH... NT - Insomniac
7:26PM 13/09/2005

Feeds back, still no talking NT - puck71
7:27PM 13/09/2005

Maggie says "Hey Jim" and FISH. NT - M3gabyt3
7:27PM 13/09/2005

Maggie holding on with one hand at the very end. Looks dangerous - bakerladee
7:27PM 13/09/2005
Mag has gloves on - she has a better grip then the others. NT - jmfan
7:39PM 13/09/2005
All three had gloves available to them - Ivette decided against using hers, Janelle said she forgot to bring hers out. NT - Suzan
8:21AM 14/09/2005

Janelle is holding on to her key from the very top, while Iv & Mag hold it low. NT - SizzleRI
7:30PM 13/09/2005

They all exclaim when it speeds up again, then double their focus NT - puck71
7:33PM 13/09/2005

ivette is looking pretty sturdy... maggie and jan seem wobbly NT - aloha1961
7:33PM 13/09/2005

Maggie: Is it going faster? Janelle says Yes! NT - bakerladee
7:34PM 13/09/2005

Ivette seems to be taking longer strides, making her appear more stable NT - puck71
7:36PM 13/09/2005

Camera 4 keeps focusing on Maggies Pants - MamaKusa
7:36PM 13/09/2005

Maggie really looks like she is having a hard time NT - bakerladee
7:38PM 13/09/2005

mag really seems to be struggling. taking very fast, small steps. she waivered a little. NT - Elika
7:39PM 13/09/2005

It looks like they are speeding it up approx every 10 minutes. NT - bakerladee
7:39PM 13/09/2005

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